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A Wife Shares the Blessings of Biblical Submission and Respecting Her Husband

From a sister in Christ: Excellent video, sweet sister! I’ve been reading through your blog because of this video and I must say, you’re much needed. So many women yearn for the truly harmonious marriage, but are unwilling (or unaware) to submit to the Lord in everything. In an age where women have fought so […]

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A Wife’s Path to Peace

A wife’s response to  “But I’m right!  I’m the better leader.  I should be in charge.” A SISTER IN THE LORD: Wow. I saw myself (thankfully how I used to be) in your post. I, too, saw myself as always right and the better person in my marriage. The fact that my husband and I […]

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Dying to Self – by The Good Wife

This is a guest post by my precious sister in Christ at  She is documenting her journey to become a godly wife.  I am sure many wives are going to relate to her struggles and be blessed by what God is doing in her heart! —————— Slowly it’s getting easier. I noticed it while […]

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