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25 Ways to Respect Myself

For a godly woman, respect goes in every direction: respect for God (the highest level of respect) respect for our new self in Christ as stewards of the life with which God has gifted us respect for others (men, women, and children) respect for my husband in particular respect for God-given authority (bosses, teachers, pastors, […]

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Are You Just, Um, Well…..Better Than Him?

ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE: I am ALMOST caught up with my email load from last week’s big technological mess. Thanks for your patience! ——————– Today’s post is from my dear friend and sister in Christ, Kayla, at THIS IS A MUST READ, LADIES! ——————– I’ve seen quite a few bloggers take on the call to write […]

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A Husband Talks about Our Body Image and Attraction

A Christian husband explains about men, attraction and imperfect wives – and answers some tough questions.  GREAT STUFF here, ladies!  Be greatly encouraged!  I can’t say that he speaks for ALL husbands.  But I think he speaks for many of them. HOW OUR SELF IMAGE AFFECTS OUR HUSBANDS We (men) are fixers and we hate […]

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“I Thought I WAS Being Respectful! What Happened??”

Here is an email from a wife  and my response.  My focus here is not on what the husband could or should have done differently (Yes, there is plenty of room for improvement on his side).  I am writing for women, so I am only going to address what the wife could have done differently. […]

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One Wife's Obedience to God Radically Changed Her Marriage

An email from a wife: As for my husband, he is happier than ever! He is constantly saying how he is the luckiest man alive. He texts me sweet nothings from work. He is so sweet at home. It’s like, while I refused to submit (to honor his God-given leadership), we were locked in this […]

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I Want Some Affirmation from My Husband!

There are predictable phases that wives go through as they begin to learn to be godly wives and begin to identify disrespectful and controlling behavior and start to replace that with respectful and biblically submissive behavior that honors God.  Nina Roesner, author of The Respect Dare, shares the way the process usually goes – I […]

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