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The Painting "Test"

        A guest post from a reader – I so appreciate her allowing me to share her story: I just want to encourage everyone here on this journey to stick with it.  I started on this whole journey about three years ago and I recognize all these feelings and the days of […]

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A Wife’s and Daughter’s Submission and a Violin

From a sister in Christ. Thank you so much, Free Indeed, for sharing your story! It is SO inspiring! Wonderful post! Just the facts, ma’am! This stuff is so important!! Since you asked, I’ll share a recent obedience/submission story: A few weeks ago, our family was at a garage sale and our daughter (8) found […]

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Respecting Our Husbands as Fathers – Part 1

Here is one Christian husband’s response to this post earlier in the week: Thank you for this post. Your advice is spot on! The thing that I want from my wife is input and cooperation, not demands, domination, manipulation or deception. The former draw me to her, the latter drive me away from her. I […]

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How a Fellow Wife and Her Husband Decided to Handle their Finances

From a Fellow Wife.  There is no specific “right way” for a godly couple to handle money issues. I love to give lots of different couple’s approaches so that wives can prayerfully consider different options and seek God’s wisdom for their own marriage and maybe have some ideas about how to respectfully approach the issue with their […]

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