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Nikka’s 3rd Heartbreaking Interview with Her Husband

An Interview With My Husband — 3rd Interview Controlling Nikka with my sad husband Dong – Dec 2009 From my dear friend, Nikka.  Check out her blog at  Nikka and I both write from the perspective of wives who used to be controlling and domineering, Type A personalities with passive husbands.  If that is not your […]

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My Husband Won’t Lead in Our Marriage – Part 1

Administrative Note: I am taking an email vacation through January 6th.  You are welcome to comment on posts, but please hold emails for me until January 7th.  I appreciate your patience and understanding! 🙂 “I’M THE SPIRITUALLY MATURE ONE, I HAVE TO LEAD” It is a VERY tough position to be in to want to […]

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