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Spiritual Authority Class Notes

These are part of my class notes from a class at our church on The Pre-eminance of the Doctrine of Spiritual Authority, that Rev. H. Weaver  has allowed me to share. Please click here for the notes in their entirety. He addresses husbands and wives here. This is a fantastic foundation for us all to understand […]

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Respecting Our Husbands’ Prayers – From the Archives

I was at a prayer meeting in my area one time.  Many people prayed out loud individually.  One man in particular prayed such a passionate, godly, Spirit-filled, powerful, humble, broken prayer.  I could completely feel  and hear the presence of God in him.  Afterwards, I thanked him for praying when we were all leaving.  He thanked […]

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What Was I Thinking???

My real husband and myself last May on our anniversary One of my readers, a single Christian guy, commented on this comment of mine – my words are in blue.  I thought his question was a good one.  Here is my attempt to describe what on earth I was thinking those first 15 years of […]

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The Blessing of Having a Husband Who Won't Pray with His Wife

WHAT??!!!   Did you read that right?  Surely, I’ve GOT to be kidding! Let me start by saying: I believe that husbands SHOULD pray with their wives.  I believe it is their God-given responsibility to do so  – if they are believers in Christ.  I believe husbands will be accountable to God for their spiritual […]

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Are We Deceived about How to Find God's Will?

This is a comment I received from a husband on a post I did about Finding God’s Will.  I think he is onto something really important.  And he graciously allowed me to share his comments with you. Reading your post turned a lightbulb on for me. I think I now actually have a much better […]

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Being a Good Follower

If you tend to be a controlling, contentious, “always right,” resentful, disrespectful wife – like I used to be – learning to follow your husband can be a big challenge.  You may not think he is leading at all, or that he can’t lead or won’t lead.  Or you may not like the way he […]

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