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The Dirty Garage Epiphany

  From a wife who has experienced great difficulties in her marriage and has continued to abide in Christ: You know, I was cleaning out our garage today (part of me working on my own habits), and it taught me some lessons. One was on that question that always pops up… “How do I respect […]

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“I’ll Show Him!” – Why Revenge Kills Relationships

ADMIN NOTE: I appear to have the flu or something similar. My temperature was 103.1 yesterday. I will get to the comments when I am feeling up to it. 🙂 ———- Some wives decide that when nagging, attempts to control, criticizing, lecturing, demanding, negativity, disrespect, etc… don’t work – that it is time to resort […]

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“Do I Have the Right to Punish My Husband?”

First, let’s define “punish” so that we are all on the same page. Merriam Webster defines “punish” as: transitive verb 1 a : to impose a penalty on for a fault, offense, or violation b : to inflict a penalty for the commission of (an offense) in retribution or retaliation 2 a : to deal […]

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Screaming on the Inside

From a precious sister in Christ, Terrie: This picture was in my newsfeed this morning, intended as humor, but it struck a chord with me. Maybe it strikes a chord with you, too. As believers, we are expected to react to the tragedies and trials in our lives according to the Word of our God, […]

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“What On Earth Do I Do Now???”

Sometimes we encounter problems in marriage.  That is inevitable.  At times: We will be sinned against We will be hurt We will feel unloved We will feel lonely We will feel overwhelmed We will face DIFFICULT circumstances We will feel misunderstood We will be exhausted, sleep-deprived, physically/emotionally/spiritually drained Things will seem impossible to fix It […]

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