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“I Really Want HIM to Change, Too!” – GraceAlone

We are continuing to follow GraceAlone as she works through the first few steps of her journey. This is day 2 of our correspondence. (Post 1, Post 2 today’s is post 3, Post 4)  If you want to see how she is growing and be more up to date, you can check out some comments she left […]

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My Struggles Today – Part 2 (of Has This Journey Gotten Easier for Me?)

Yesterday, I posted part 1 of this series. And I am EXTREMELY thankful for Kayla’s post two days ago. I always learn so much from her. God uses her and all of the other wives here (and husbands, too) to sharpen me. I love sharing the stories and different perspectives of as many wives as I […]

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Am I Really Justified?

Well, my husband did X, so – it’s ok if I do Y. Some fictional examples: My husband cussed me out, so I yelled and screamed and told him he is the worst father on the planet in front of our kids and told them they don’t have to listen to their dad anymore. My […]

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Dying to Self – by The Good Wife

This is a guest post by my precious sister in Christ at  She is documenting her journey to become a godly wife.  I am sure many wives are going to relate to her struggles and be blessed by what God is doing in her heart! —————— Slowly it’s getting easier. I noticed it while […]

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