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How to Avoid Becoming a Controlling/Disrespectful Wife

A newlywed posed this question to me, “How can I avoid becoming a controlling/disrespectful wife?” Goodness, this topic could be a book in and of itself. I have many posts about respect that will be helpful. Spiritual Authority  – God’s design structure for spiritual authority in our lives in marriage, business, government and the church […]

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A Wife Sees Her Husband in a Totally New Light

From a dear sister in Christ who has given me permission to share (I have not included everything I wrote to her in this post). I appreciate her allowing me to share her story! EMAIL #1 I have been following your blog for about 2 weeks and reading and praying and TRYING so hard…I am […]

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The Dominant Wife-Passive Husband Combo — A Perfect Recipe for Disaster

  This is my profile pic as the PeacefulwifePhilippines. It captures my (ex) dominant personality and my husband’s passive personality. Although at the time of this pictorial with Brown Sugar Photography, I was already a surrendered wife. 🙂 I thinkDong was just acting here. Emote! Hehe. Wednesdays are going to be Nikka days here at Peacefulwife […]

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