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Encouragement for Those Who Are "in the Trenches"

    1. SPIRITUAL HEALING TAKES TIME This journey is a process. There are stages. If there is major woundedness in an individual or in a marriage, it often takes a long time to heal. Expect that it will be many months or maybe even a year or years before anything close to “total healing” […]

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The Beginning of a Wife’s Journey

 From Peacefulwife: I believe that wives need to hear other wives’ stories from every stage along this road of learning to be a godly wife, what it means to respect our husbands, what it means to biblically submit to our husbands, what it looks like in a variety of situations – and how God works […]

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The Respect Dare, Day 2 – Childhood Scars

We are continuing on with Day 2 of The Respect Dare by Nina Roesner.  You are welcome to purchase the book and join us.  But if that is not possible, not to worry!!!  You may follow my blog and join us this way, also.  I believe you will still be greatly blessed. 🙂 CHILDHOOD We […]

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A Wife’s New “Problem”

This is an email from a wife I have been corresponding with for many months.  God has changed her heart and her perspective dramatically – and He is healing this marriage.  What God is doing in this wife and husband and marriage is so beautiful, I asked her if she might let me share! Please […]

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How Long before He Feels the Effects of the Changes?

This is a post my friend, Kayla, wrote when she was just starting to learn about respect and biblical submission.  I totally relate to how she was feeling at this time.  She was kind enough tonight to answer her own questions at the bottom now that it has been about 5 months! Thanks for sharing, […]

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