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I Am Responsible for My Emotions

    NOTE – I FOUND THE LOST COMMENTS! THEY WERE IN MY SPAM FOLDER!!!!!!! I think I have recovered all of them from the past two weeks now. HOORAY! ——————– For many years, I expected Greg to be responsible for my emotions. I expected him to “make me happy.” I expected him to “fix […]

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The Idol of Happiness

We tend to think that “idolatry” means someone bowing down to a statue and praying to it in a shrine. It’s really easy to dismiss that practice as not even remotely a temptation to us today in our culture and to discount everything the Bible says about idolatry as being irrelevant to us. Big mistake! […]

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Ways Husbands Lead that Wives Often Don’t Notice – From the Archives

A REMINDER: I write from the slant of a wife who was dominating, Type A personality, take-charge, controlling, overly responsible, overly “helpful” and prideful with a passive husband. If you tend to be too quiet or have a very dominant husband, my slant may not be the angle you need because you are going to […]

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I would like to issue you a little challenge this week, my friends! Whenever you go in the room where your husband is – please smile at him. Not to change him. Not to get any specific results from him. Just to bless him. Stay close to God.  Be in His Word daily.  Lay your […]

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Contentment During the Christmas Season

Administrative note: I am on an email vacation through January 6th.  You are welcome to comment on posts, but please kindly hold emails for me until January 7th.  Thank you and Merry Christmas!   This time of year can seem to exacerbate loneliness and maybe even tempt many of people into depression.  (Depression this time […]

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The Respect Dare, Day 18 – A Guest Post from Nina Roesner!!!!!!!

Pic from Ladies, I am so excited about today’s post!  Nina Roesner, the author of The Respect Dare, has very graciously written this one just for each of you.  I am thrilled to be able to share her words that – to me – are such a powerful expression of the main themes of […]

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