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a pic I took of a "wedding cake topper at Wal-mart

A “Drill Sergeant” Approach VS. a Godly Feminine Approach

A “Humorous Wedding Cake Topper” at Wal-Mart. Definitely not the picture of godly femininity we are going for! And not humorous at all, in my view. Warning: Please do not attempt any of the things I talk about on my blog without the Holy Spirit’s counsel. John 16:14: “and He will give you a Counselor […]

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BlessedOut Shares a Bit of Her Journey

A precious sister in the Lord, BlessedOut, has allowed me to share her response to a woman who commented on one of my posts: One of the things you said made me curious: “…then we can go about having (men) understand that it’s much more about their perceptions than actually being disrespected…” I have been […]

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Ambition and Being “Driven” Can Be Good – If…

Nothing is wrong with a woman being ambitious and driven – provided that she is ambitious and driven in obeying God, submitting to Him and living in His power for His glory. If a woman is ambitious and driven to do things HER way, not God’s way and disobeys God’s commands for her as a […]

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Husbands Share Their Masculine Perspectives with Us

I asked the men some questions earlier this week and want to share some of the responses I have received. I want to share all of them!!!  But some, I want to reserve for my book. 🙂 I’m so thankful for the husbands who are willing to share a masculine perspective on these important issues. […]

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Fear Fuels Our “Need” to Control

FEAR is a major part of our motivation to grab for control as women. We are afraid we won’t be loved. We are afraid we aren’t secure in the relationship. We are afraid we will be rejected. We are afraid we aren’t good enough. We are afraid we aren’t beautiful enough. We are afraid of […]

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If I Biblically Submit to My Husband, I Might Become Helpless! What if My Husband Dies?!?

  At my uncle’s burial — Loyola Marikina, February 2014 From my sister in the Lord and friend, Nikka.  You can find this post in its entirety at “If I submit to my husband and rely on him to provide for our family, I might not be equipped to handle our family’s needs when […]

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