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How God Has Led Me Through Greg – and BOOK NEWS!!!!!!!

  This is a follow up to the post earlier this week “My Husband Doesn’t Have a Calling from God, How Can I Follow Him?” When I dreamed about being a Christian missionary as a teenager, there was no internet. I could never have imagined that God would use me and my future life story […]

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If I Biblically Submit to My Husband, I Might Become Helpless! What if My Husband Dies?!?

  At my uncle’s burial — Loyola Marikina, February 2014 From my sister in the Lord and friend, Nikka.  You can find this post in its entirety at “If I submit to my husband and rely on him to provide for our family, I might not be equipped to handle our family’s needs when […]

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Joyful Submission and a Boat

This is an email from a wife I first “met” online last July.  God has been doing a HUGE work in her heart!  I know you will be richly blessed by reading her story. I haven’t shared something yet that has been stirring in our house…..its been another example of me laying down my “rights” […]

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Each Wife's Journey is a One-of-a-Kind

One reason I write this blog is because I had a HARD time finding resources to learn about respect, godly femininity and biblical submission when I began my own journey 4 years ago.  And when I did find resources, they often didn’t have many practical examples, or they had practical examples, but they weren’t from […]

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