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"Placing My Higher Sexual Appetite under God’s Control" – a guest post

I appreciate both wives today sharing their stories about this difficult topic. So thankful for all that God is doing in our midst! Whether I am the higher drive spouse or the lower drive spouse at the time – God calls me to learn to be more selfless, giving, patient, respectful, and understanding. He can […]

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Missing Each Other’s Signals

Sometimes, a wife may feel rejected by her husband sexually, when in reality, her husband just didn’t pick up on her signals and had no idea she even felt rejected, or that she was trying to initiate intimacy.  This can also happen in reverse, as well. Maybe, it could be a wise idea to have […]

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When He Starts to Miss You

This post is for wives who were being controlling and trying to force their husbands to be with them, say certain things to them and who were trying to initiate physical intimacy and were getting rejected a good bit – and have tried to correct these things by backing away some and giving their husbands […]

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A Precious Example

Here is an email from a husband who has had an amazing marriage with his wife that spans many decades (40+ years, I believe).  He and his wife got the love and respect stuff right from the beginning.  This is how marriage is supposed to be.  They are such a beautiful example for us to […]

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