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Husbands May Not Force Their Wives into Biblical Submission

Sometimes violent, ungodly husbands attempt to twist my words and the Bible to justify their sin and abuse against their wives. That is NEVER ok with me and I NEVER condone any kind of abuse or sin against anyone – neither does God! God holds people accountable and punishes those who abuse their positions of authority that […]

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She Submitted to Her Husband Without Knowing Christ Yet

I am so thankful for this precious sister in Christ who was willing to allow me to share her story after she read my post earlier “Am I Giving Marriage Advice to Non-Christians?” Especially if you are not yet a believer in Christ, I hope you will read her story! I don’t know that every wife’s […]

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Am I Giving “Marriage Advice” to Non-Christians?

My purpose is to teach biblical principles about marriage (and living for Jesus Christ) to women who have given their lives to Jesus as both Savior and Lord. The only wisdom I have comes from Scripture. God’s wisdom is “foolishness” to the world. It goes completely against what is politically correct, what is intuitive to […]

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Some Husbands Share Their Perspectives – PART 1

Here are some questions I asked the gentlemen readers a few weeks ago: 1. What are some things that you would like to ask your wife to do for you that you believe would make your marriage stronger? 2. What are some practical things wives can do in general that would make their husbands feel […]

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