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Fear Fuels Our “Need” to Control

  FEAR is a major part of our motivation to grab for control as women. We are afraid we won’t be loved. We are afraid we aren’t secure in the relationship. We are afraid we will be rejected. We are afraid we aren’t good enough. We are afraid we aren’t beautiful enough. We are afraid […]

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Anxiety Swept Over Me

Greg and April – December 2013 Upon deciding that I must stop the emailing portion of my ministry to wives last week, I experienced intense anxiety for a few days – unlike any I have felt in a LONG, LONG time. I so don’t miss that awful, horrible feeling! I used to live with that […]

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My Worry Insults My Husband

Fear fuels worry. Fear motivates me to try to control other people and God. Fear cannot cause peace. Fear does not know how BIG God is or see God clearly. Fear leaves God and His sovereignty out of the picture. Fear causes me to doubt God and be a “double minded” person who is blown and […]

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The Key to Peace

Having a solid understanding of where my responsibilities end and where God’s sovereignty begins is a HUGE key to peace that I was missing for many years. THE WAY I USED TO LIVE I ultimately trusted myself, not God. I said I trusted Christ. I thought that I was living by faith – but in […]

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