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Rejoice in Suffering

Could there be a more unpalatable idea to us than this?  We don’t WANT to suffer – EVER!  And we certainly cannot begin to fathom REJOICING in suffering!  We only want comfort, ease, health and material wealth.  And we have plenty of preachers who are glad to tell us that it’s God’s will for us… Continue reading Rejoice in Suffering

Why Won’t My Husband Just Love Me???

If you are a wife who is feeling lonely and unloved – I feel your pain VERY DEEPLY! I pursued my husband for 15 years in our marriage and wanted his love SO MUCH! I was lonely, frustrated, angry, and felt extremely unloved at times. Most wives are in such horrible pain and we only see… Continue reading Why Won’t My Husband Just Love Me???

You Cannot Go on Feelings

  From my dear friend and fellow traveler on this road of submitting completely to God and learning to respect and submit to our husbands. BEAUTIFUL post! From www.hisworkofheart.wordpress.com

If You Are Getting Stuck

The times I have gotten stuck on my journey to obey God’s Word as a wife and to totally submit to Him in my entire life, including my marriage and to learn His design for me to respect and submit to my husband – there is usually one or more of the following going on:… Continue reading If You Are Getting Stuck