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April Cassidy 

I’m so excited that you are here! I hope to get to know you and to find out about your life and what is going on with you. It’s such an honor for me to get to be on this journey to become a more godly wife with you. We can learn from each other as we seek Christ together.

This blog is a resource I sure wish I had years ago when God first opened my eyes to see that I had a lot to learn about becoming a godly woman and wife. My prayer is that God might allow me to place the dots a bit closer for those coming behind me than they were for me. I want this to be a place where women are encouraged, prayed for, loved, cherished, respected, and transformed by the power of Christ and the truth of the Bible.


The Peaceful Wife blog is primarily about each of us learning to become strong disciples of Christ.

It is about us being willing to allow God to help us shine the Light of His Word into our own hearts and lives so that we might receive His power and healing to get rid of anything that is toxic in our souls and minds. Then we can be open to receive all of the good that He desires to pour into our lives as we let His Spirit fill us, change us, and make us new.

This isn’t a self-help blog, but rather, it is about allowing God to do the miracles He wants to do in each of us so that we might know Him more, experience His presence every moment, put Him far above everything else in our hearts, and that we might shine brightly for His glory.

Generally, you can expect new posts on Mondays except for during the summer and maybe Christmas vacation when I may take a break for a few weeks. I write most of the posts, but sometimes I share stories of other women about what God is showing them and how they are growing spiritually and in their marriages. Occasionally, I may share one of my Youtube videos.

On my sites, I seek to foster a loving, respectful, gentle atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and we can hash through real life struggles and problems together. My goal is always that we might look to Jesus for answers and for the perspective and power we need. As we find personal healing in Christ, He is able to give us the wisdom we need to navigate our unique challenges. I long for each of us to be very sensitive to His Spirit and His prompting and that we might live in the center of His will.

If you would like to know how you can have a relationship with Jesus, please read here.


My first book is available, The Peaceful Wife – Living in Submission to Christ As Lord.

You may find it at Amazon, Christian Books, Barnes and Nobles, and many other book stores and outlets.

One thing I like about the book is that it puts everything about the beginning of this journey into a very organized format and walks you through the process in steps. It’s the closest thing, in my view, to having me right there personally mentoring you. Some topics that are covered are things like:

  • My story and how God “woke me up” in December of 2008
  • The missing piece of the puzzle in so many marriages
  • The Lordship of Christ is a critical first step
  • A self evaluation
  • God’s beautiful design for marriage, for masculinity, and femininity including a discussion on what submission is and is not
  • My husband shares his heart about how he felt before my journey and in the first few years
  • Recognizing disrespect
  • Practical steps to learn how to speak respect to our husbands
  • Communicating our desires respectfully to our husbands
  • Respecting our husbands during conflict
  • Other wives share their stories and wisdom from their journeys on this road

I designed parts of the book so that you can go back to parts of it as a reference when you are praying for ideas about how to handle various situations even after you have finished the book.

(To read the endorsements by Shaunti Feldhahn and Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, please click here.)

My second book, “The Peaceful Mom – Building a Healthy Foundation with Christ As Lord” is scheduled to release March 27, 2018!

This book is a wonderful resource for moms of any age, even moms with grown children will benefit from it. It is designed for married or single moms and it is not a parenting book as much as a book to help moms be empowered to live godly examples for their children themselves. We’ll cover important topics like:

  • Examining the throne of my heart
  • Putting my oxygen mask on first spiritually
  • Correcting skewed beliefs
  • Taking responsibility for my character
  • Finding victory over my negative emotions
  • Modeling respect in all areas of life
  • Can I love my children too much? (Idolizing my children)
  • Trusting God’s will for my children
  • Seeing through the lens of eternity
  • Avoiding some common mistakes
  • Counting trials as joy
  • Living out forgiveness, mercy, and grace in our own lives

The book has endorsements from Nina Roesner, author of The Respect Dare, and Shannon Popkin, author of “Control Girl.”


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You are welcome to contact me on my blogs, on my Facebook pages, or on Youtube. I also have a contact page here on this blog in the tabs at the top of my home page for those who are interested in submitting their stories for me to possibly share as guest posts or for those who are interested in contacting me about speaking engagements for women’s groups and events. At this time, I am not able to do private mentoring due to time constraints, sadly – thanks so much for understanding.