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The Peaceful Wife blog, the Peaceful Single Girl Blog, and my Youtube channel, “April Cassidy,” are totally free. You are welcome to use all of these things at any time with no strings attached.  I am humbled and beyond thankful to God for the opportunity to share the spiritual treasures He has shared with me. I want every woman (and man) to get to experience the abundant life Christ died to provide for us and to learn to live for Him to the fullest possible extent.

There is no pressure or obligation whatsoever to donate monetarily to this ministry.

If you would like to share a financial gift to help offset my operating costs and to help me continue to reach women for Christ, you may do so by clicking on the “donate” button below. (The link will redirect you to Paypal.)

Donations to my ministry do not qualify for tax-exemption status at this time.




Thank you very much for being part of this ministry! More than anything, please pray that God might empower Greg and myself to be obedient and faithful to Him and to the Body of Christ.

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