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If you are interested in:

  1. Submitting a story about what God is doing in your life for me to share with our sisters on the blog,
  2. Sharing feedback about what God has done for you through this ministry with me privately,
  3. Sharing about a problem on the site or a post,
  4. Sharing a general topic you’d like for me to consider for a post,

Please fill out the form below.

Please note, I am not able to individually mentor women or to respond to specific personal problems. Thanks so much for understanding. I do have some resources below that may be a blessing.



I care deeply about every woman who comes to my site. I want to see God’s healing and abundant spiritual life for each one. There are some helpful resources available on my various sites:


1. On my blogs, you can search my home page for key words to help you find posts about specific topics. There is also a list of categories of posts on the right hand column of my blog where you can search for posts by topic.

If you don’t know Jesus, please check out this post.

I also invite you to discover:

2. My first book, “The Peaceful Wife – Living in Submission to Christ As Lord” is available on Amazon and many other outlets. 

My second book, “The Peaceful Mom – Building a Healthy Foundation with Christ As Lord,” is also available on the same outlets as of March, 2018..

3. To strengthen your own walk with Christ, be sure you are spending a solid amount of time in the Bible and in prayer each day. This is the most important thing! No human advice could ever compare to what God offers us in Christ, in the Spirit, in His Word, and in our own private prayer time of seeking Him first. There is no substitute for each of us seeking the Lord first and yielding ourselves to Him completely, spending serious time in His Word and in prayer.

4. Also, to strengthen your walk with Christ, I would highly recommend a few books:

5. If porn is an issue in your marriage, please check out the resources available at

6. Some solid pastors whose sermons will nourish and feed your soul:

David Platt (Secret Church sermon series are also available on Youtube)

John Piper

Wayne Grudem (a theology professor at Phoenix Seminary)

7. If you are having severe issues in your life or marriage, please reach out to a trusted pastor, godly mentoring wife, a Christian counselor, or reach out to the counselors available for free at Focus on the Family at this link. Or at

Or check out Nina Roesner’s eCourse Becoming a Woman of Strength and Dignity. God is using her course to bring much spiritual healing to hurting wives and to hurting marriages. It is a private forum where you can receive encouragement from other women who have been through some very difficult situations in their marriages and who have found healing in Jesus.

Most of all, we all need to hear God’s voice and promoting clearly for ourselves. His wisdom and our willingness to apply Jesus and the cross to our lives are the most critical things. He knows exactly what each of us needs in each specific situation.
Much love to you! I pray you will receive all that Jesus has provided for you. 🙂


4 thoughts to “Contact Me”

  1. Ernie Gaida,
    Thank you for sharing with me. I appreciate the encouragement. God has sure done a LOT of work in my life over the past 9.5 years on all of this. I’m sure that listening to God’s voice is often a part of the thinking process!

    1. Thanks for your response. I feel the need to explain how I got to the understanding that a good man, a man of God is actually trying to listen to God and mostly not reviewing the facts of his problem even though he may be reviewing facts.
      Everyone knows about the story of a husband and wife traveling together and the husband gets lost and starts his struggle to find his way. The wife observing this go on for a while finally just rolls down the window and simply just asks someone directions.
      This story is sold as how men are stuck in a mental box and women have a simple solution… just ask.
      Loving the truth and wanting to fully understand what was really going on… I waited for that situation to actually happen to me… when it did I found myself irritated at my wife’s multiple suggestions (I did not act on my irritation and I did follow her advise).
      Days later I was still wondering why had I become irritated… I realized that I was still struggling to refind my inner guide that normally worked so well.
      It took a few years more to realize this inner guide was actually a still small vioce and that many problems that I dealt with successfully as a man where coming from God these answers that came in this way worked better than expected and where filled with grace (clearly not from me)
      Women are wired up to ask for help from people, men are wired up to reach deep inside themselves. Most men don’t know that they are asking God yet are and deal with other men in the correct way and that is to let the other man struggle for his answer unless directly asked for help by him.
      Worldly women will start to chatter trying to help in the way they would want it.
      You as a Godly women have watched yourself struggle with giving your man the space he needed.
      God has designed men and women to work well together but only if a women will respect and submit to her man in a Godly way.
      Thank you for your hard work, your peaceful work is much needed and I’m sure you are saving many lives from the worldly path down to destruction.

      1. Ernie Gaida,
        Thank you for sharing your story. I long for every husband (and wife) to seek the Lord’s guidance on decisions. And yes, sometimes, even though we may have good intentions as wives, we can get in the way of our husband being able to hear the Lord’s voice if we are not careful. We want to be helpful. But if we don’t understand how our particular husband thinks and processes things, sometimes what seems helpful to us doesn’t feel so helpful to our men. There is much to learn on both sides in marriage. It is humbling! And, I believe, these differences help us realize our dependence on the Lord’s help and wisdom.

        My prayer is that the Lord might heal many, many lives and marriages for His glory!

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