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April Cassidy


I care deeply about every woman who comes to my site. I want to see God’s healing and abundant spiritual life for each one. There are some helpful resources available on my various sites:

** I am not able to do personal counseling or mentoring. The demand is too great – and there is not enough time in the day. Plus, I don’t have all of the wisdom that everyone needs in every possible scenario. But I do believe that God does! Please check out the additional information and resources at the bottom of this page.


If you are interested in submitting a story about what God is doing in your life for me to share anonymously on the blog, or you are interested in contacting me to book me to speak at your women’s group event, please fill out the form below.


  • For Married and Single Women Preparing for Marriage
    • Understanding the differences between men and women.
    • Understanding the destructive messages we have learned about masculinity/femininity in our culture.
    • Communicating more effectively with our men.
    • Disrespect – things that tend to repel men.
    • Respect – how to treat our men with genuine honor that pleases the Lord.
    • How to see God do big things in our lives and relationships.
    • Ways we inadvertently tend to idolize ourselves, our men, marriage, etc… and how to tear out the idols from our lives.
    • How the Lordship of Christ dramatically impacts the way we treat others in our marriages/families/relationships.
    • Approaching conflict with our men in a respectful, godly way.
    • Healthy vs unhealthy relationships.
    • What biblical submission in marriage is and what it is not (i.e.: it is not slavery, an invitation to abuse, women are not seconds class citizens).
    • Respecting ourselves (thinking rightly of ourselves according to scripture).
  • For Single Women
    • Red flags in dating relationships.
    • How to prepare to be a godly wife.
    • Godly dating/courtship.
    • Being a peaceful girlfriend.
    • Handling dating, engagement, and the wedding ceremony peacefully.
    • Choosing a godly man.
    • Dealing with the idols of dating, engagement, marriage, children, family, weddings, rings, etc…
  • For Moms
    • Putting our oxygen masks on first spiritually.
    • Keeping an eternal perspective.
    • Modeling respect for our children in our relationships and to our children.
    • Entrusting our children to God.
    • Correcting skewed beliefs.
    • Loving my children “too much.”
    • Avoiding some common mistakes – playing the martyr, control, guilt trips, loving with strings attached, etc…
  • Peaceful Womanhood – for all women from teens on up
    • Rejecting the world’s lies about womanhood.
    • Holding up the mirror of God’s Word to do a heart check.
    • Body image issues.
    • Bitterness/unforgiveness/resentment/forgiveness.
    • People pleasing/Playing the martyr/Guilt tripping.
    • Gossip.
    • Receiving God’s truth and His design for my femininity.
    • Godly femininity.
    • Dressing, thinking, acting, and speaking with modesty.
    • Harnessing my emotions and dealing with hormones (PMS, pregnancy, peri-menopause).
    • Purifying our words.
    • Taking our thoughts captive for Christ.
    • Dealing with conflict.
    • Choosing friends wisely.
    • Developing my feminine influence.
    • Growing in Christ.
    • Developing a strong prayer life.
    • How to stop controlling others.
    • How to stop worrying.
    • Counting trials as joy.
    • Dealing with insecurity as women.
    • Finding our security in Christ alone.

If there are other topics that are not listed, I can create a custom topic for your group.


Right now, God is calling me to focus primarily on public ministry on my blogs, my Facebook pages, and my Youtube channel, “April Cassidy.” This consumes about 20-25 hours per week of my time. And I need to be sure to leave time for God, my family, my part-time pharmacy job, and my chores. 🙂 You are welcome to connect with me in these public places. <3

1. On my blogs, you can search my home page for key words to help you find posts about specific topics. There is also a list of categories of posts on the right hand column of my blog where you can search for posts by topic.

If you don’t know Jesus, please check out this post.

I also invite you to discover the Spiritual Healing That Is Available to Each of Us in Christ.

And –  Seven Keys to Finding Real Peace.

2. My first book, “The Peaceful Wife – Living in Submission to Christ As Lord” is available on Amazon and many other outlets. 

My second book, “The Peaceful Mom – Building a Healthy Foundation with Christ As Lord,” will be released in late March 2018.

3. To strengthen your own walk with Christ, be sure you are spending a solid amount of time in the Bible and in prayer each day. This is the most important thing!

4. Also, to strengthen your walk with Christ, I would highly recommend a few books:

5. If porn is an issue in your marriage, please check out the resources available at

6. Some solid pastors whose sermons will nourish and feed your soul:

David Platt (Secret Church sermon series are also available on Youtube)

John Piper

Francis Chan

Wayne Grudem (a theology professor at Phoenix Seminary)

7. If you are having severe issues in your life or marriage, please reach out to a trusted pastor, godly mentoring wife, a Christian counselor, or reach out to the counselors available for free at Focus on the Family at this link. Or at

Or check out Nina Roesner’s eCourse Becoming a Woman of Strength and Dignity. God is using her course to bring much spiritual healing to hurting wives and to hurting marriages. It is a private forum where you can receive encouragement from other women who have been through some very difficult situations in their marriages and who have found healing in Jesus.

Most of all, we all need to hear God’s voice and promoting clearly for ourselves. His wisdom is the most critical thing. He knows exactly what each of us needs in each specific situation.
Much love to you! I pray you will receive all that Jesus has provided for you. 🙂


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