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April Cassidy

If you are interested in submitting a story about what God is doing in your life for me to share anonymously on the blog, or you are interested in contacting me to book me to speak at your women’s group event, please fill out the form below. My husband, Greg, will receive your email.




I long to be able to individually correspond with everyone who wants to email with me. Years ago, when the blog was much smaller, email was one of my favorite parts of ministry online – that one-on-one interaction. I miss being able to do this so much. But right now, God is calling me to focus primarily on public ministry on my blogs, my Facebook pages, and my Youtube channel, “April Cassidy.”

I care deeply about every woman (and man) who comes to my site. I want to see God’s healing for each one. There are some helpful resources available on my blogs (, and my Youtube channel, “April Cassidy.”

1. On my blogs, you can search my home page for key words to help you find posts about specific topics. There is also a list of categories of posts on the right hand column of my blog where you can search for posts by topic. You may also search for “important posts.”

2. My book is now available The Peaceful Wife – Living in Submission to Christ As Lord. (Here is the link to Amazon) 

3. To strengthen your own walk with Christ, be sure you are spending a solid amount of time in the Bible and in prayer each day. This is the most important thing!

4. Also, to strengthen your walk with Christ, I would highly recommend a few books:

5. If porn is an issue, please check out the resources available at

6. Some solid pastors whose sermons will nourish and feed your soul:

David Platt (Secret Church sermon series are also available on Youtube)

John Piper

Francis Chan

Wayne Grudem

7. If you are having severe issues in your life or marriage, please reach out to a trusted pastor, godly mentoring wife, a Christian counselor, or reach out to the counselors available for free at Focus on the Family at this link.

8. If you are in an abusive relationship, please check out these resources:  is not a Christian site – but may be helpful if you are in a severely abusive relationship  is a Christian site, please be sure to weigh everything anyone says against Scripture (including myself) has Christian resources for emotionally/spiritually abusive relationships, but again, please weigh everything any human author or counselor shares against the Bible.

I hope to hear from you on my blogs or Youtube channel and will be glad to seek to point you to Christ in any way I can.
Much love to you!


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