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I care deeply about every woman who comes to my site. I want to see God’s healing and abundant spiritual life for each one. There are some helpful resources available on my various sites:


1. On my blogs, you can search my home page for key words to help you find posts about specific topics. There is also a list of categories of posts on the right hand column of my blog where you can search for posts by topic.

If you don’t know Jesus, please check out this post.


The Peaceful Wifeis available on Amazon and many other outlets.

“The Peaceful Mom” is also available and is great for any woman in any stage of life to help us discover how to have real peace with God, with others, and with ourselves.

3. To strengthen your own walk with Christ, be sure you are spending a solid amount of time in the Bible and in prayer each day. This is the most important thing! No human advice could ever compare to what God offers us in Christ, in the Spirit, in His Word, and in our own private prayer time of seeking Him first.

4. Some solid pastors whose sermons will nourish and feed your soul:

5. If you are having severe issues in your life or marriage, please reach out to a trusted pastor, godly mentoring wife, a Christian counselor, or reach out to the counselors available for free at Focus on the Family at this link. Or at www.biblicalcounseling.com.

Most of all, we all need to hear God’s voice and promoting clearly for ourselves. His wisdom and our willingness to apply Jesus and the cross to our lives are the most critical things. He knows exactly what each of us needs in each specific situation.

Much love to you! I pray you will receive all that Jesus has provided for you. 🙂