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1. Most of my basic posts about disrespect, respect and biblical submission are at the top of my home page.  Those are good places to start learning about how to become a godly Christian wife who pleases Christ and blesses her husband.  I know that the things I talk about will probably sound foreign at first, even to many Christian women.  We have strayed so far as a culture in recent generations from God’s Word and His design for us as women and wives that we don’t even realize that even those of us who believe we are strong Christians are often not living according to God’s commands for us.  Many of us have never seen a wife respect her husband or honor his leadership.  Many of us have never seen a godly man leading his family in a loving way.  

All I ask is that you compare what I say to God’s Word – the Bible – and open your heart to whatever He wants to say to you.  You are the one who will reap the benefits and blessings of God when you obey Him and live a life that pleases Him and are full of His power. 🙂

2. I also have a search bar on my home page and you can search almost any topic imaginable about godly femininity, following Christ and becoming a godly wife.

3. You can also look at the right hand column on my home page and find categories and click on those that interest you.

4. You can scroll through the Blog Timeline at the top of my homepage and find a chronological listing of post titles.

5. I have a YouTube channel,  “April Cassidy,” if you learn better by listening/watching than by reading.  Sometimes it is helpful to hear examples of a disrespectful vs. respectful tone of voice and to see disrespectful vs. respectful facial expressions and body language.

I believe this is the calling God has given me – to share the treasures of heaven that He has shown me that radically transformed my life and my marriage (and hundreds of other women’s lives and marriages) for the better.  I can’t keep God’s wisdom, design and healing power to myself.

You are welcome to leave comments for me to address on any post.

How I pray that you might seek to love Jesus Christ with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and experience the peace, joy and spiritual riches of heaven that He generously gives to all who completely devote themselves to Him.

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