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  Today’s guest post is from  Thank you to this wife for such a beautiful and practical description of how we can trust our husbands and God in our marriage.  I LOVE IT! Trust is… putting your hope and belief and confidence in another person’s ability or a personal quality of theirs. Trust is […]

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Be Still

As a woman, my mind is always thinking and there are ideas whirling and multiple things I’m remembering to do and concentrate on.  But I used to try to carry the burden of figuring out a lot more things than I really need to.  I was constantly expending so much mental and emotional energy that […]

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Prayer for 2012

Lord, Thank You for this precious new year- a time of renewal and a time to think about our priorities and habits, our strengths and weaknesses. Lay our hearts open before Your Spirit. Probe each dark corner of our souls with the piercing light of Your Word. Reveal every sin to us, Lord! Let each […]

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