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Healthy VS. Unhealthy Relationships

  Where are people not permitted to say what they need, how they feel, or what they think? – those who are literally slaves or who are in concentration camps. – those in extremely oppressive countries with totalitarian regimes. – those who are in abusive or dysfunctional relationships/families. Here are some hallmarks of abusive/dysfunctional personal […]

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“I Don’t Know How to React…..”

From my wonderful friend, Kayla (at,  who has been on this journey with me now since Sept of 2012.  She is the one who wrote the now-famous post on my site, “My Demon.”   Today’s post is amazing.   But for the wives who are struggling – this may be hard to read. Please keep […]

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“My Husband Forgot Our Anniversary” – from the Archives

This is an email I received from a sweet wife that I think really showcases a classic misunderstanding between husbands and wives.   So, with her permission, I’m going to share her email and then think about some possible respectful and husband-honoring, Christ-honoring ways to tackle this issue.  I’m REALLY thankful that she brought up […]

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Something that Christian Men Wish We Knew about Them

This is a guest post from (my other blog) this week for the SINGLE ladies.  It is a single Christian man’s response to a question I asked him after Tuesday’s post (Why Asking About His “Five Year Plan” Can Backfire).  I believe that the way we treat our men reflects the same level of respect […]

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Receiving Your Husband’s Generosity Graciously

I learned a LOT about being a wonderful recipient of my husband’s attention, compliments, efforts and gifts from Laura Doyle’s “The Surrendered Wife” and from her book, “Things Will Get as Good as You Can Stand – When You Learn that it is Better to Receive than to Give!” RECEIVING AND FEMININITY Receiving well is […]

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