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"My Assumptions Created Problems in Our Marriage!"

From a reader, THANK YOU for sharing!!!!  I SO totally relate to her mindset, and I did the EXACT same thing in the past!  I LOVE what this wife has learned and the way she shares it is so relatable.  I know this post will bless MANY, MANY other wives!  Great job!!!!! ——————————————————- I have […]

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God and My Husband AMAZE Me!

Those of you who have read my story know that I used to be a pretty controlling, disrespectful and dominating wife for the first 15 years or so of our marriage.  I didn’t do it maliciously.  I wanted to be a godly wife.  I actually believed I WAS being the BEST Christian wife.  I didn’t […]

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The PAINFUL Email Issue

Here is an issue that comes up A LOT! Many wives email me and are VERY, VERY upset because they email their husbands but then sometimes their husbands don’t email them back.  Then the wives feel SO unloved and hurt.  They believe that if their husbands loved them,  they would ALWAYS immediately write a loving […]

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Why Are Many of Us So Unprepared to Be Godly Wives? – Part 1

Here are comments from two Christian men that I believe deserve our time,  attention and some prayerful consideration.  Then I have some observations about why I believe Christian women are  often so unprepared for biblical marriage and some warning signs that there may be trouble ahead before a woman enters marriage that I will be sharing […]

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