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The Walls Are Beginning to Crack

An email from a wife – thank you for your willingness to allow me to share your story!!!  I know many wives will be SO VERY BLESSED by reading this post! It’s been about 8 or 9 months since I discovered and started truly respecting my husband, and there is much healing that still needs […]

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What Guys Think about the Importance of Modesty

I deeply appreciate the willingness of these Christian single guys to talk about this issue so candidly and clearly with us.  This is a critically important issue for our brothers in Christ.  They need our prayers, our understanding, our support, cooperation and consideration. GUY #1: It’s funny, the members of my church (soldiers) must be […]

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Why the “Rapid Fire” Method of Talking Doesn’t Work with Our Men.

My husband actually asked me to write this post and it is an honor to write about this topic! Greg and I have been talking about how differently men and women process, speak and think during conversations. What I am about to share with you is REALLY FOREIGN to our female minds – but it […]

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A Wife Decides to Meet Her Husband’s Greatest Masculine Needs

An email from a wife who has been focusing on learning to be a godly, respectful wife who honors her husband’s leadership.  Thank you to this wife for allowing me to share her story!  I LOVE seeing the way God works in many different wives’ hearts and seeing all the lightbulb moments.  I pray that […]

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Something that Christian Men Wish We Knew about Them

This is a guest post from (my other blog) this week for the SINGLE ladies.  It is a single Christian man’s response to a question I asked him after Tuesday’s post (Why Asking About His “Five Year Plan” Can Backfire).  I believe that the way we treat our men reflects the same level of respect […]

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