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The Visit

This is Part 2 from “The Beginning of a Wife’s Journey.” This wife’s husband has been separated from her for some time.   He comes to visit their son, and visits her as well.  Last week they had a visit that was unlike any other in the past.  What an inspiration!!!!  THANK YOU to this […]

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Our Identity in Christ – THIS Is My Security!

Ladies, Two days ago, we looked at insecurity in the post “Trying to Find Security in All the Wrong Places.” Yesterday, we looked at “The Roots of Insecurity, ‘Low Self Esteem,’ Sinful Jealousy and the Desire to Control” Quite honestly – what I am addressing in these several posts could easily be a book or two.  We […]

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Roots of Insecurity, Low Self Esteem, Sinful Jealousy and Desire to Control

Yesterday, we looked at how we as women desire security in our lives and in our relationships so desperately.  But we often look for it in all the wrong places instead of finding our security in Christ alone. I believe that the deep roots of a woman’s insecurity in her marriage, her “low self esteem,” her desire […]

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