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Dealing with a Difficult Mother-in-Law

Photo by Ghost Presenter on Unsplash Let’s talk about this important subject together, my precious sisters. God has wisdom, healing, and direction for us even as we deal with very tough relationships. God’s design for families: Children are under the parents’ authority when they are young, but then they are no longer under their authority […]

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How Can I Seriously Count Painful Times As Joy?

I was planning to write this post a few hours before my father-in-law suddenly died August 4th. It is the sequel to my post from last week about Is Real Joy Possible for Me?  I am honored to share these precious spiritual treasures with you – as it so happens – from the midst of […]

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6 Reasons NOT to Criticize Your In-Laws

Photo Credit – Flickr Before we get into the issue of why not to criticize our in-laws, let’s define criticism. When I am speaking about criticism in this post, I am talking about: having a critical, judgmental, negative, condemning spirit toward others that cannot be pleased. insulting other people. fault-finding. gossipping. having a negative attitude. […]

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Control Girls and Family Christmas – by Shannon Popkin

A guest post by author Shannon Popkin: I’d like to call a pre-Christmas huddle. Calling all the women in the family please. Can we huddle up for a moment? I’m calling this meeting because I think there are some hurting women among us. There are some mothers of adult children and mother-in-laws who feel unloved […]

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Being a Peaceful In-Law

In-law relationships are some of the most notoriously difficult relationships – but we can have healthy relationships with our in-laws and we can have healthy relationships with our own parents, siblings, and adult children “as far as it depends on” us (Rom. 12:18). We don’t have to engage in toxic relationship dynamics and dysfunction. We […]

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