A Wife Shares a Victory


I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing what God is doing in people and in marriages.  I just never get tired of that!  This precious wife is allowing me to share her story – and I think it may be an encouragement to many.  

Hi April,
You and your team have prayed for me and my husband and our marriage several times.  The Lord had opened my own eyes to my disrespect and bad attitude; perhaps it has been about 2 months now.  The Lord has really been working on me and very gently showing me my own sin and giving me the ability to be different.  I had asked Him also for more of the fruits of the Spirit, specifically gentleness.  He is so faithful and good!….

The other day my husband asked to speak to me privately  about something important. 

He told me that he has noticed a huge change in me and how much he appreciates it.  He said that I no longer argue with him, that I even keep my mouth shut when he is grumpy with me, that I am not mean to him or angry. He said that this has taken a tremendous amount of stress off of him and he really is happy.  He said that prior to this he felt like our marriage would be confined to him no longer really liking me, loving me still because he is suppose to but not being happy nor wanting to be around me much. This all brought me to tears and I shared how the Lord has been working on me. 


Isn’t it amazing how when just one spouse begins to obey God and seek Him first – it makes it easier for the other spouse to obey God and love/respect, too?

We aren’t guaranteed that when we obey God as wives, our husbands will change.  Many of them will – some may not.  My motive is really important here.  My motive to learn to respect and submit to my husband MUST be my love and reverence for Jesus and my desire to live with Him as my Lord.  That is the motive that honors God.  I trust Him with the outcome and the timing. If I am trying to learn to respect my husband to change him or make him love me more – it’s not going to work!


If you would like my prayer team and me to pray for you – Leave me a comment.   Ladies, if you have issues you would like to talk about with me, you may also email me at that address.  Wednesdays are a special day of prayer for us, but you may leave a request any time.  I can’t fix people’s problems – but we have a God who is mighty to save, a strong tower and the sovereign King of kings and Lord of lords – and we can lift your needs to Him!

For men in need of godly counsel, I would recommend checking out Brent Riggs’ blog.  He is a Christian author, preacher, teacher and blogger and he takes questions.  I have been very impressed with his biblical counsel.  You can find him at www.brentriggs.com.  


If you are a husband and would like to share what respect and submission mean to you or how difficult it is to love your wife when you feel disrespected and like she is trying to control you – you may    share in the comments.

If you are a wife and would like to share your journey into becoming a godly wife and learning respect and biblical submission, I’d love to hear from you, too!  I can use your story anonymously if you prefer. 

I believe wives benefit greatly from hearing the stories of other wives and also the perspectives of other husbands – I think it helps to hear lots of different stories of different marriages and ways God works.  Thank you for sharing your hearts!



Jesus Is the Love of My Life Now!  How to Make Jesus LORD!

A REAL Helpmeet Suitable for Him

half man's face

Sometimes we wives think we are helping our husbands when we are actually trying to control him like we talked about yesterday (check here if you missed it!).

That was one of my biggest mistakes.  I REALLY believed I was being helpful – but my husband saw me as being prideful (always “right”) and controlling.  I seriously thought I did know best all the time.  I genuinely believed I made better decisions than he did and that I had to be in charge because my husband “wouldn’t” lead.  Not good!  I had no idea that my husband just needed more time than I did to decide things and that he didn’t show emotions the same way I did and that he had a masculine perspective and approached life differently from the way I did.  I thought that if he didn’t act, think, talk and feel just like me – he was wrong, and I must need to take over.  Ironically, and thankfully – I was so very wrong about him!

It is true that God designed women to complete men and complement them – to be a helper to them.  It is true that God said it was not good for man to be alone.  That was the only part of the creation story in Genesis where God said anything was not good.  Woman was the crowning jewel of all of creation.

A wife deeply yearns to meet some important needs in her husband’s life – that is one of our basic needs as wives.  She wants to know she is valued and precious and cherished by him.  She wants to know that she is touching his soul and meeting his needs in ways that no other woman or person possibly could.

SOME GREAT WAYS TO HELP OUR MEN THAT REALLY FEELS LIKE HELP TO MOST MEN (this is not an exhaustive list!  What is most important is what matters most to YOUR husband.  It could be a neat conversation to start with him some time, respectfully – and be open to anything he has to say and willing to do things differently if he would appreciate that.)

– Give him the gift of leadership in your marriage and home.  Any leader will fail if no one will follow him. Learn to be an enthusiastic, encouraging, cheerful, supportive follower of your husband.  God will use your support, admiration and cooperation with his leadership to help mold your man into a godly man and into a hero!  But it has to be done God’s way – not our way.

Allow him space and time to think and process his ideas like a man.  Understand and study the way he thinks and the way the male brain works and what real masculinity is and embrace it instead of trying to make him become more feminine.  Men are different from women.  That does not mean they are “bad.”  Those differences are actually very important and God can use them for great good if we can look at the strengths our husbands have and appreciate the way God designed them instead of trying to make them think and feel like we do. (Some great resources for this are Shaunti Feldhahn’s book “For Women Only” and Dr. Walt Larimore M.D.’s book, “His Brain, Her Brain.”)

– Be as available to him physically as possible.  Gary Thomas in “Sacred Influence” describes how oxytocin, the “bonding hormone” (that women have such high levels of that make them so relationship oriented and helps them bond with their babies and sexual partner) only increases significantly for men AFTER physical intimacy with their wives.  They truly need a physical connection to be open emotionally.  And the one flesh relationship does things emotionally and spiritually for our husbands that we truly cannot begin to fathom or define as women.  Gary Thomas also describes that “sex is a glue that holds marriage together” – designed by God.  By ministering to our husbands physically, we can help keep them feeling bonded to us and by extension to our children.  We can also help ward off sexual temptation which happens to be the biggest temptation for most men and is extremely destructive to marriages and families and children.  We are NOT responsible for our husbands’ behavior or sin.  But we are responsible for our own behavior towards our husbands and to be available to our husbands sexually (I Corinthians 7:5)

– We directly affect and instill positive or negative attitudes into our children about our husbands and their father.  We can give our husbands the gift of our children’s affection and love by the way we speak of their Daddy and to their Daddy.

Support his decisions as a dad in front of the children.  If there is something he is doing that is truly awful – respectfully approach him in private if at all possible.  Stand united with him as a parent – that is SUCH A GIFT to your children!  More damaging than the occasional too strict or too lenient decision of a dad – is a mom who undermines the dad’s authority in the family and teaches children that submitting to God-given authority is optional.

Keep the house reasonable straight whenever possible.

Honor the schedule your husband prefers whenever you can.

– We can help our husbands demonstrate the love of Christ to us by making their job as pleasant as possible and not being demanding, in a bad mood most of the time, negative, pouting, chronically angry.  We can work on our own spiritual growth and pray for God to make us women of joy, peace, kindness, love, mercy, grace, thoughtfulness, respect, humility and faithfulness.

– We can guard our hearts against temptation and keep our focus on God and our husband.  We must look to God to meet our needs primarily.  Husbands can’t be Christ to us.  If I try to put my husband in the place where God should be, I am committing idolatry (which I used to do, BIG TIME!) and it makes a big, awful MESS.  Only Jesus can be God to me.  When my husband fails me, I can be unshaken because my heart is set on Christ as my King and Lord, not my husband.  God can and will give me supernatural strength, wisdom, peace and even joy to handle difficulties when I am abiding in Him and seeking Him first with all my heart, mind, soul and strength.

– We can make our home a pleasant, cheerful, welcoming, orderly, loving, happy place.  The wife sets the emotional climate of the home – she has immeasurable power over her family in this area.  I pray we will determine to have homes that our husbands WANT to come home to – where they feel accepted, appreciated, admired and wanted.

– We can develop more of a sense of humor and we can work on doing things that make us happy.  This sounds weird to most women – especially Christian women, I think.  How does doing things that make me happy serve my husband?  It sounds SELFISH!  But our husbands LOVE more than anything to see us happy and joyful.  When we take care of ourselves, our husbands benefit from our great mood and beautiful smile immensely!  If I need a nap, or need time with God, or need to go for a walk or run, or need time with girlfriends, or need to eat better – I am the only one who can do those things for myself.  And when I am filled up, I am much easier for everyone to live with!

– We can flirt with our own husbands and be playful, fun and full of wonderful, creative surprises to keep our men captivated by our love.

– We can acknowledge our husband’s spiritual authority and show him honor and respect as the head of the home (even if he isn’t leading by doing all the things we think he should be doing) and talk to our children about respecting their daddy and model respect for our children (even if our husbands are not believers, there are still ways to honor his God-given authority as the head of the home – I Peter 3:1-6).

We can get involved in our husbands’ interests and hobbies and be his buddy.  Men bond by doing recreational things shoulder to shoulder and most husbands would LOVE for their wives to try going fishing, or to the race, or to sporting events, or to sit and watch them work on their project in the shop and just be there, smiling and savoring being together.

– We can put our husbands squarely above our children and other priorities.  Only God should be above our husbands in our lives!

– We can do what our husbands ask of us (as long as they are not asking us to sin or do something illegal).  It speaks volumes of respect to a husband when a wife does the things he asks her to do.

– We can listen to our husband’s ideas, suggestions and solutions and let him be our hero by taking his advice sometimes and letting him know we think he has a wealth of wisdom and insight.

– We can go to him for protection when we are feeling vulnerable or threatened by harm physically/emotionally/spiritually.

– We can make meals he really loves to eat.  We can keep the snacks he likes and drinks he likes in the house.

– We can honor his choices and preferences – and not tell him he’s wrong to like or not like certain things. We can accept him exactly the way he is without trying to change him one lick!

– We can rest in his love and relax knowing he is making wise choices for our family and that he has things under control and doesn’t need us to micromanage him.  Men feel trusted most when we are able to be calm and relaxed and show that we have faith in them to handle things with competence.  Most men see their love as a constant thing that barely changes.  How amazing is that?  I think this is because they are to represent Christ in the marriage and the wife is to represent the church – and God’s love is always constant – His love never fails and never changes.  Of course, husbands aren’t God, but they do tend to have a very constant, unchanging love.  I like that!  Most men don’t understand a woman’s need for reassurance of their love.  Most of the time, even if he is not saying it or writing it with words – he is SHOWING you his love by his actions: he is THERE, he is providing financially, he cares for the cars/yard/house, he gives you the nicer car, he tries to protect you from harm, he gets what you need when you are sick, he comes home every night after work, he tries to make you happy (if he believes it is still possible to please you) … These are some of the ways men tend to show their love by their actions.

– When he does make a mistake, he already knows he messed up.  He probably feels pretty horrible about it on his own. If a wife scolds, lectures, condemns, judges and treats her man with contempt and disdain – the mistake may become paralyzing and insurmountable sometimes.  If we are able, in that moment, to show that we have faith that he will fix the problem and do everything he can to make things right – he will often learn from his failures and become a better man.  There are times when we must confront sin (Matthew 18) – but even when we do that it is with a view towards reconciliation and forgiveness with ourselves and with God – and we MUST deal with any sin in our own lives first before we would attempt to confront our husbands (Luke 6).  But there are also many times to extend grace and mercy.  This takes careful listening to God’s Word and His Spirit on a daily basis.

– We can appreciate the visual temptations he has to face and be empathetic and supportive that his weaknesses are different from ours and that he needs and deserves our help, prayers and support not our condemnation in this area.

– We can pray diligently, faithfully and with great fervor for our husband’s wisdom to lead our family and for every aspect of his life.

– We can welcome him home like we are SUPER glad he is home and make him feel like a million bucks by our big smile and hug and kiss and by having the house calm in order as much as possible when he walks in the door.  We can have supper waiting on the table if that is what he likes.  Or we can give him 30 minutes of peace and quiet to unwind from the day before he has the children all over him.

– We can cuddle with him, show affection and be glad that he desires us.

– We can praise and thank him every time we see him doing something we like.

– We can smile and laugh often! 🙂


Please help us learn how to be the best helpmeets for our precious husbands.  Thank You for designing marriage and men and women the way You did.  Let us be more and more like Christ as we learn to be the wives You desire us to be!  Use us to bless our husbands and children mightily!


But He Needs My Help!


That’s what I used to think.  I am “helping” him!  That sounds noble and godly, right?  That is what I told myself.  Many women believe their husbands couldn’t survive in the world without them doing things for him and telling him what to do and critiquing him constantly and keeping a running account of all of the things he does “wrong” and constantly throwing his failures up in his face.  It’s super common these days for wives to tell their husbands how to run their business situations, to constantly give him helpful “advice” about decisions he needs to make and to tell him that she knows better than he does about parenting.  These women are sadly underestimating their men and are actually making the situation even worse by demoralizing their husbands and making him feel like a failure when they could be building up their men and creating a more wonderful atmosphere for the whole family.   Our culture and media constantly tell us that a wife being “smarter” and a better leader than her husband is normal now in marriage.  Or at the very least – men and women are “equal” now.  They can share leadership in marriage, right?  Split everything right down the middle- chores, childcare, working outside the home, finances, leadership- and it will be great! …  Or, that is what we hear.  It didn’t work out that way in my experience or in the marriages of other women I have seen try to take control over their husbands.

Men and women ARE of equal value before God.  His Word about husbands being the head of the wife is NOT the statement of a woman-hater.  God is the designer of men and women, He loves us more than we can imagine!   He created masculinity and femininity and He knows what we as men and women need and what we are designed to do.  He knows the damage that will happen to marriages when the wives take over and the husbands unplug and things are all topsy-turvy.  He wants to spare us the pain of attempting to run a marriage into a ditch in a way that is contrary to His wise and beautiful design.

Almost all women, before they decide to really look at the issue of God giving leadership and authority in marriage to the husband think to themselves something like – “Ummm…. THAT wouldn’t work in MY situation!  You don’t understand MY husband.  He isn’t a leader.  He won’t do anything around the house.”   “I’m the only mature one around here,  if it is going to get done, I’m the only one who can do it.”  “I have to talk to him like he’s an idiot or he won’t do anything right.  He’s stupid.”  (Yes, I am actually quoting an ex-wife verbatim for that last one).  “My husband isn’t spiritually/emotionally mature or responsible enough to lead our family.”  “I can’t trust my husband’s decisions.  He’s too selfish.”  “My husband isn’t a Christian, so I don’t have to follow him.”  “My husband doesn’t read his Bible and I don’t see him praying, so that excuses me from God’s commands to wives.”  “My situation is unique and I am exempt from obeying God” – is basically what almost every wife thinks when confronted with God’s Word about how He designed marriage.  As Dr. Phil would say, “Well, how’s THAT workin’ for ya?”   Not too well, in my case!  That’s for sure!

I didn’t recognize myself as controlling for a REALLY long time.  I’m sure other people could immediately see it but  I just thought I was “helping” people by trying to get them to do what I thought was best for them.  “If only everyone would do as I say- they would be so much better off!”  Right?  Some other “recovering control freaks” and I were laughing about this today at church.  When you see the whole controlling issue in someone else’s life- IT LOOKS AWFUL!  Then when it dawned on me that I was being controlling- I was absolutely mortified.  Laura Doyle  (author of “The Surrendered Wife”) says that unfortunately what wives view as “helping” comes across as “controlling” to their husbands- and it offends them deeply.  My controlling behavior  – telling my husband what to do and how to do it and when – implied loudly to him that I didn’t trust him to handle things and I didn’t think he was capable.  What a TERRIBLE message to send to my man!  A wise wife sends messages to her husband that make him WANT to be with her and make him feel like he is a wonderful success, not a catastrophic failure as a man.  A husband is designed by God to need his wife’s affirmation, faith, respect and admiration to build him up to be the leader God designed him to be.  For me to deny him respect and to refuse to follow his leadership kept my husband from being able to lead properly and kept him demoralized, discouraged, and unplugged from me.  And I got what I wanted – I had just about all the weight of the family on my shoulders (or at least, it felt like it!), and I stumbled beneath the pressure and the load.  I wasn’t designed to take on that weight- my husband was.  God didn’t give me the job of leading in my marriage, he gave it squarely to my husband.  That leadership position is not  transferable to a wife.  God says, “The husband IS the head of the wife just as Christ is the head of the Church.” (Ephesians 5).  It doesn’t say the husband SHOULD be the head of the wife or COULD be.  He IS.  It wasn’t until I was willing to surrender control to God and to my husband that I began to experience REAL PEACE.  Now I am at peace almost all the time every day.  That’s God’s gift for my obedience to His Word.  It is the most wonderful feeling EVER!

I asked my husband lately if he was able to identify my behavior and my attitudes earlier in our marriage as disrespect at the time.  He said he never really thought of it in those terms.  But what he did recognize was that I was arrogant.  I thought I knew best.  I was always “right.”   And I really believed I was.  I can’t argue with his perspective of me back then at all.  He knew that I saw things in such an extreme black and white way and that my mind was so made up and I was so stubborn that many times it didn’t seem worth it to him to try to express his opinion or attempt to lead me.   Yikes!  My wise husband says, “It’s impossible to lead a woman who knows she is RIGHT all the time and who doesn’t want to be led.”  A lot of husbands will just back off in a situation like that and disengage and not even try to lead the family.  The ones who don’t back off and try to escape through hobbies/tv/sports become very angry or even depressed generally. God did designate husbands to lead, but if a wife won’t follow and give the gift of her own submission and surrender to her husband, a husband is largely paralyzed from being able to do what God has called him to do in his marriage and family.  A wife has THAT much destructive power in a marriage!  She can put a stop to what God and her husband want to do.  Or she can be a LIFE-GIVING force to encourage and empower her husband and have faith in God and her husband that they have things under control and she can be a huge channel of blessing to her husband, her children and even to herself.

What blessings did I miss out on for around 15 years in my marriage, in my Christian walk, in my parenting and in my level of joy and peace because I so stubbornly believed I knew better than my husband or anyone else?  What intimacy did I lose because of my prideful arrogance?  What sweet romantic moments could we have shared if I had clothed myself with humility and really sat with my husband and listened to his perspective and appreciated the wisdom and insights that he has that I don’t have?  How many nights could I have been laughing and enjoying our marriage and our relationship instead of feeling lonely and afraid?  Where could I be spiritually NOW if I had begun this journey into humility and learning to follow my husband and giving him respect 18 years ago?  Where would my husband be now if I hadn’t been standing in God’s way for so long and insisting on MY WAY and allowing my voice to be so strong in our marriage that my husband could barely hear his own thoughts or God’s still, soft voice for all my constant talking and controlling?

It makes me pretty sad to think of all of the blessings of God that I caused us to miss out on.  But I am trusting that God will use my mistakes and what He is teaching me to encourage other wives to find Him and find His path that leads to life so that other marriages will be strengthened and wives, husbands and children blessed.  Even my failures and mistakes are not wasted in God’s economy!  I THANK GOD FOR THAT!  So I am not ashamed to share where I have come from and where God has brought me and pray that something in my story might click with you and bring conviction to your heart if you are in a similar mindset to the one I clung to for so long.

I pray that you, precious wife, might be able to have the scales of disrespect fall off of your eyes like I did and see God’s perspective and your husband’s perspective clearly for the first time if you haven’t before.  I pray that you might be able to find the courage and faith to shovel out the mountains of pride that might be overflowing from your heart like God helped me to do.  I remember being astonished at how much pride there was in my life and how much confessing I had to do.  I felt like I needed multiple commercial dump trucks every day just to haul out all of my sinfulness, arrogance, pride, unforgiveness, resentfulness, and bitterness that I had been so blind to before.  It was overwhelming at first.  It was very humiliating and humbling.  The temptation for me was to go into such a deep grief that I wanted to just stay in bed and not talk to anyone at first.  I had messed things up SO much!  But only Satan would want me to stay down and wallow in self-pity.  God had amazing things for me to learn and incredible truths He wanted to teach me.  And I was so hungry for Him and His truth, I just drank it all in as much as I could each day.

I studied God’s Word a LOT.  I prayed and prayed.  I prayed mostly about my own sins and about God helping me to obey His commands for me. I thanked God for my husband.  I listed my husband’s strengths.  I thanked God that my husband wouldn’t change for me the way I had wanted him to before.  I studied every book I could get my hands on about respect and biblical submission.  God had to clean out almost everything that had been in my heart and completely rebuild a lot from the foundation up about my understanding of being a godly woman, being a godly wife, being a godly mom, about what it meant to be feminine in God’s design, God’s design for marriage, God’s design for masculinity, God’s design for authority over me…

Now I understand that I am designed by God to be my husband’s helpmeet.  But my husband actually feels like I help him now.  He shares his heart with me.  He smiles at me.  He asks me to do things and I gladly help him and cooperate with him.  He has ideas and I listen to them and get excited with him about them.  We are a team now.  But I am the follower – and he is such a wise, loving, humble, wonderful leader.  I strive to be as gracious and encouraging as possible to him and to make his load easier by not arguing and complaining and questioning him all the time.  God fills my heart with peace and joy every day and every day feels like such an amazing adventure with surprises right around the corner.  I can’t wait to see all that my husband and God have in store!


Help each wife here find Your design for her as a wife and Your design for her marriage.  Help her find her way, even if it is scary and painful at first, to the joy, peace and blessings that await her when she obeys Your Word and understands how You designed masculinity and femininity to bring glory to Yourself and to be a living parable of Christ and His Church for the world and our children to witness.  Let us shine brightly for You, Jesus!


What Does Jesus Want Me to Do in My Marriage?

marriage blah

Marriage is HARD.

Really – I would even say it is impossible – in human strength and effort alone.

Men and women are SO different.  We think and feel entirely differently.  We have different priorities and needs many times.  We approach things from completely opposite perspectives.  We have very different strengths and weaknesses.  Marriage is practically a recipe for torture – apart from Christ.

That is the key.  If we look to our husbands or to ourselves – we will destroy our marriage.  I must keep my eyes on Christ!  He is the only source of power that will enable our marriage to be what He designed it to be.  I must daily live for Him and abide in Him!


God designed people.  And God designed marriage.  He designed marriage for several purposes:

  • to be a living parable of the intimate spiritual relationship and the oneness of Christ and His church
  • to provide a stable, loving, nurturing, secure, safe, healthy place for children to be born and raised to know God and love Him and to learn how to love others and be prepared to be responsible, faithful, fruitful servants of Christ.
  • to form us more and more into the image of Christ – to make us holy (NOT primarily to make us happy!)
  • to teach children how to have a healthy, vibrant and flourishing marriage and how to be godly parents themselves
  • to provide a solid foundation and building block for healthy, secure, productive and godly societies.
  • to provide companionship and unity in the most intimate human relationship.
  • to provide a safe, loving, perfect place for sex and procreation
  • as a classroom to learn to love and forgive
  • because it is not good for man to  be alone – God designed a helpmeet suitable for him

This list is not exhaustive – but it provides a good glimpse into some of the biggest reasons why God chose to design and institute marriage.


The problem with two sinners being married is – they WILL sin against each other and they WILL hurt each other.  There is no perfect marriage partner (except Jesus).  So it is our job to learn to be great forgivers and to tap into God’s power to be able to do this.  When I am putting Christ first and setting my heart on Him, His will, His Word and His glory, He will empower me to deal with anything my husband might do – and I can trust that He will use even my husband’s sin and mistakes ultimately for my good and His glory.

What would Jesus tell me to do when my husband is unkind, verbally abusive, arrogant, demeaning, mean, belittling, disrespectful, unloving, selfish, hateful, prideful, refusing to be intimate with me, trying to force me to be intimate with him, flirting with other women, lying, being irresponsible with money, not taking the best care of our children (in my view), not praying with me, not abiding in Christ, not reading his Bible, being materialistic, putting other things ahead of Christ or ahead of our marriage that are inappropriate…?


(I am going to alter the words a bit to fit to our marriages)

Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God.

Blessed are you who hunger now, for you will be satisfied.

Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh.

Blessed are you when your husband/extended family members/coworkers/neighbors/others hate you, when they exclude you and insult  you and reject your name as evil because of the Son of Man.

Rejoice in that day and leap for joy, because great is your reward in heaven.  For that is how (people) treated the prophets.

But woe to you who are rich, for you have already received your comfort.

Woe to you who are well fed now, for you will go hungry.

Woe to you who laugh now, for you will mourn and weep.

Woe to you when (everyone in your life) speaks well of you, for that is how (people) treated the false prophets.  (People pleasing does not please God!)

But I tell you who hear Me:

  • Love your husband when he acts like he is your enemy
  • do good to him if he hates you
  • bless him if he curses you
  • pray for him when he mistreats you.  
  • If your husband strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also.  (I would add, get some godly, wise, experienced help ASAP!)
  • If he takes your (coat), do not stop him from taking your (shirt/dress).  
  • Give to him when he asks you
  • if your husband takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back.
  • Do to your husband as you would have him do to you (meet his needs and be a godly wife, just like you want him to meet your needs and be a godly husband)
  • if you love him only when he loves you, what credit is that to you? Even (unbelievers) love those who love them. 
  • If you do good to him only when he is good to you, what credit is that to you?  Even (unbelievers) do that.
  • If you lend to him (give something to him or do something for him) and expect repayment, what credit is that to you?  Even (unbelievers) lend to (unbelievers), expecting to be repaid in full.
  • love your husband when it feels like he is your enemy, do good to him, and lend to him (do kind, respectful things for him) without expecting to get anything back.  Then your reward will be great, and you will be (daughters) of the Most High, because He is kind to the ungrateful and the wicked. 
  • Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.
  • Do not judge your husband, and you will not be judged.  
  • Do not condemn your husband, and you will not be condemned.
  • Forgive your husband, and you will be forgiven.
  • Give to your husband, and it will be given to you.  A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap.  For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

Can a blind wife lead a blind husband?  Will they not both fall into a pit?  A student is not above his Teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his Teacher.

Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your husband’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?  How can you tell your husband, “Husband, let me take the speck out of your eye,” when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye?  You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your husband’s eye.

No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit.  Each tree is recognized by its own fruit… The good wife brings good things out of the good stored up in her heart (her husband doesn’t MAKE her act good, the Spirit of God inside of her causes her to act good!), and the evil wife brings evil things out of the evil stored up in her heart (her husband doesn’t MAKE her act bad, her own sin and fleshly nature cause her to react in sin).  For out of the overflow of her heart, her mouth speaks.

Why do you call me, “Lord, Lord,” and do not do what I say to do for your husband?

I will show you what she is like who who comes to Me and hears My words and puts them into practice.  She is like a man building a house (a life, a marriage, a family), who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock  When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, for it was well  built.

But the wife who hears My words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house (a life, a marriage, a family) on the ground without a foundation.  The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete


Give us ears to hear and hearts that are willing to obey.  Tear down any strongholds of the enemy in our souls.  Give us Your power to humble ourselves and submit to You and honor You in our marriages!

In the Name and power of Christ,



Ephesians 5 – God’s design for marriage

I Corinthians 11:2-13  –  God’s authority structure for marriage

I Corinthians 13:4-7  – God’s definition of love in marriage

Galatians 5:19-22 – a comparison of a life powered by self vs. a life powered by God’s Spirit

I John

A New Leader is Born

When a wife has been trying to control the marriage and making most of the decisions and the husband has been unplugged for many months, years or decades – it takes TIME and practice for her to step down and learn to be a great follower and it takes TIME and practice for him to learn to become a great leader.  Men do not generally enter marriage as the most godly, wise, perfect leaders.  It takes trial and error. (Guess what, women often do not enter marriage as the best of followers, either!  I sure didn’t!)  It takes failing sometimes and learning from failure.  Honestly, our response to their failure is way more important, usually, than the fact that they failed!
This is going to require that wives demonstrate more patience, humility, trust in another person and trust and faith in God than we have EVER had in our lives!  We will need God’s Spirit to empower us.  And we will need to be sure we are putting Christ first in our hearts, not our husbands, our being in control, our feelings, our desires, our “rights,” our needs, etc.   It requires that we die to ourselves and live for Christ. But, if we can show that we will support our husbands and trust them to fix things and make things right, if we don’t make a huge deal out of their mistakes  – we will help our men climb to a kind of greatness in their leadership that we can hardly begin to fathom at first.
Of course some times our husbands’ decisions are purely selfish and not from God.  Yep.  Actually, some of my decisions are that way, too.  We are all wretched sinners in desperate need of Christ every moment! That is how it works when there is a human in a position of God-given authority – they will make mistakes and sin sometimes.  That is where I learn to trust that my God is “sovereign enough”  to lead me through my sinful husband – even if he is not Spirit-filled, even if he has idols/sin in his life, even if he is not seeking Him above everything else, even if he is not praying with me.
Yes.  My God is THAT big.
And yes, I can have total peace when my husband leads me even when I believe what he is doing is selfish, materialistic, etc.  God’s promise to me will not fail.  He WILL use all things for my ultimate good and His glory because I love Him and am called according to His purpose.  Romans 8:28-29
My husband cannot keep me from God’s will.  When I trust and obey God and live in His Spirit’s power – I AM in the center of God’s will!  A huge part of that is that I respect and cooperate with my husband’s leadership – unless he is asking me to sin.
Your husband may have almost no experience making decisions for himself and leading on his own at this point – in the marriage and family, at least.  He may be a baby leader.  And maybe he is not as close to God as he could or should be right now.
Actually, if a wife has usurped the husband’s authority in the marriage – a husband is almost guaranteed to be in an ungodly state – unless he is extremely Spirit-filled.  But a Spirit-filled man rarely has trouble getting his wife to submit to him and respect him.  A man whose wife doesn’t respect him and won’t follow him will tend to wander from God.  He will be full of anger, resentment, bitterness and woundedness.  He feels disrespected and castrated as a man.  He often either reacts in anger (which does not bring honor to God), or he withdraws from his God-given responsibilities and unplugs from the family.  When anyone lives in disobedience to God’s Word and His commands – ungodliness results.
I can tell you this – the more you lecture or preach or nag or feel compelled to try to make him do things – the less he will hear God’s voice.  Your voice will drown out God’s voice in his soul.  That is what my husband was able to articulate to me long after I learned about respect and submission.  And the more you find good things in him to build him up about and praise him about (actual good things that you genuinely admire) – that will amplify God’s voice.  So does your silence about the things of God – it amplifies God’s voice for your husband when he is not close to God.
As you take off the weight of responsibility and authority in the marriage and respectfully lay it on your husband’s shoulders, or at his feet, he may balk at first.  But he was designed to carry this weight – not you!  He will actually thrive when he learns to lead.  And if you can channel your leadership abilities to support, affirm, cheer on and encourage his efforts to lead – I believe you will see God do miracles in your marriage!
What he can “hear” from you early on in this journey  is your respect for him as your husband and your respect for him handling things as he thinks is best and your support of him as the God-given leader of your family.
I think your willingness to support your husband even when you disagree with him is going to bond him to you in ways you can’t imagine.  And I think it will force him to begin to feel the weight of his leadership like never before and will make him want to start making the best possible and most selfless and godly decisions.  It might take seeing you suffer because of his poor choices.  But if you suffer for doing what is right – you are blessed!  Your goal must be to cling to Christ and not respond with evil or out of sinful motives.  If you are firm in Christ through all of this, he will clearly see the consequences of his decisions and your faith and trust in him – and he will want to do better.
No one starts out being able to perfectly love and respect in a way that honors Christ – it is a process of learning and a process of discovering.  Marriage is a tool God uses to make us more holy and to see things about our relationship with Him we wouldn’t be able to see otherwise.  Sanctification takes a life time!  There will be varying degrees of hypocrisy as people are learning and growing and maturing.  That is inevitable.  We are never going to do this stuff perfectly.  But with God’s Spirit in us, we can have victory more and more.

Who Is Really Being Affected?


WOW!  God is working so much in Kayla’s life this week!  I LOVE IT!  Thanks, Kayla, for sharing this.  I think that MANY, MANY women will benefit from this post.  I can’t wait to see what God plans to do!  (You can find Kayla’s blog at www.lessonsofmercy.wordpress.com)

We all know that men are visual.  While that is often expressed among Christians as being a “problem” or “evil temptation”, I actually think it’s a pretty awesome blessing.

We really must admit women, that we feel wonderful that our men are attracted to our beauty, and feel incredible fulfillment when they comment on that attraction.  Few words feel as wonderful as hearing “You’re so beautiful.”

I’m not dismissing the obvious battle.  It is hard for a man to keep himself pure, especially with so much visual temptation flaunting itself around.  Every where you look AND click, visual images are getting racier and down right embarrassing. Men have to address and deal with this issue – but believe it or not, it might actually be an even BIGGER issue for most women.

When something is on TV that shouldn’t be, on a magazine cover in the check-out line, walks herself into a room, *I* notice BEFORE my husband even has the chance to.  My eyes are like radars.  And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.

I’ve always known that visual images affect women.  I mean, there is a race for beauty and it isn’t coming from some imaginary image that magically appeared in the mind of every woman to walk this earth.

However, the dirtier the images get…. the MORE I believe women are actually affected in greater ways than men.  This battle for men has always been the same battle.  Yes – it is getting harder to keep from looking and to take your thoughts captive the more “naked” is acceptable in public;  But what about what is happening to women?

We face depression. We feel deflated that we will never look like that. In all our best efforts, we will never be able to follow some silly exercise routine and come out looking like the girl in the picture…or more popular “pin” on pinterest.  Because let’s face it, if we could get her abs, we’ll never get her acne free skin, white teeth, perfectly proportioned nose, gorgeous long hair and so on.

We live in fear.  We’re constantly pelted with the reality that men are visual, and with so much temptation out there….we’re positive our husband can’t be faithful.  We doubt. We question.  We assume.  We don’t believe.  We sabotage our marriage and steal from it trust and confidence.

We feel insecure.  If the click of a mouse can bring up some wonderful image, how could what I have to offer really even turn my husband on?  Why would I take off my clothes, let the lights be on, take a risk when 15 minutes earlier we were watching the television and viewed this other girl do these previously mentioned things, who is so beautiful it even made me blush!

We resent.  We start to hate pretty girls.  We find reasons to tear them down or point out all their flaws.

We get INCREDIBLY jealous.  We can’t handle the thought of our husband even working at a place where women are present.  We get grumpy when they share stories with women in them. And sometimes we even get mad that our husband is a gentleman and holds open doors like he should for another woman.

We compare ourselves. Somehow we start to believe that our worth is comparable to the number on the scale, the size of clothes we wear, the color of our hair, the length/style of our hair, and on and on and on. (Women have been known to compare elbows for crying out loud!)

Do you know what I think?  I think these images and racy clothes are not hurting men as badly as they are hurting women.  And the more the women hurt, the harder the man’s battle to stay pure, and the more challenges the marriage faces to stay faithful and joyful.

Men know about their issue.  And many of them put boundaries in place to protect themselves.  Women however don’t even realize how these images and dress are affecting them, and so they crash and fall. Miserably.

The more miserable they are, the less they trust their spouse, accept his compliments, believe his statements, and the more they doubt, resent, accuse and wreck the unity that honestly might have existed otherwise.

Practical Application:

Women – are the images everywhere affecting you?  May you have accused your husband wrongfully because of the effects on your own life? Might you be trapped in some of these above situations and sins as a result of what you’re letting your eyes notice?

Name it. Own it. Confess it. Repent of it!

Men- this is really big…. so hear me on this. As weird as this might sound to you… it is YOUR responsibility to protect your wife from these images, just as much as she  needs to help protect you.  It’s team work to keep the level of purity at the standard God calls us to keep it, so we can remain healthy, happy, faithful, and loving in our marriages.

Both men and women need to guard their hearts.

Mrs. B.'s Story

This is an email from a precious wife.  I am really happy to get to share her story with you.  I think the more stories we can hear about what God has done in other women and marriages, the better!  Thank you, Mrs. B!
Let me start by saying, Mr. B and I were not raised in Christian homes. Neither one of us knew anything about the Bible or anything about marriage. If that was not enough, we had several other strikes against us…….
Strike 1~Divorce was rampant in our families. We had some in our family that got new spouses like some get new cars!
Strike 2~When we married, I was 16, Mr B was 18
Strike 3~ We were both the oldest children in our families, and since our parents were divorced and the dads out of the pictures, we were the Alphas of our homes.
BUT……we had a determination we were going to break the divorce cycle!
We both came to know the Lord 5 years into our marriage.
We have served the Lord for 37 yrs now. Even though a miracle had taken place in our lives, we had a lot of baggage to work thru and throw out. I thank God for Grace & Mercy, and for having the patience to help me realize my biblical role in our marriage.
I thought I was a great “help-meet” through all of those years.
  • I never let him go out of the house not matching
  • I always checked his hair for him
  • I always directed him in the finances so we would do well
  • I told him even when he said things wrong while he was preaching (on the way home) so he wouldn’t look bad the next time
  • I always told him when the speed limit changed, so he wouldn’t get a ticket.
  • I thought I was “helping” by telling him how he should pray, telling him how to do devotions, you name it and I probably told him “how to”.

Anything I thought he did wrong I corrected him on. Because after all, I knew how things should be and was here to help him.

I have always been a very high drive wife, married to what I thought was a low drive husband. I had many a let-down over lack of sex in that many years. And there were times in prayer I asked the Lord to take this high drive away from me. But God knows best!
THEN ~ 2 yrs ago ~ I came to understand how to truly Respect & Submit. And realized, he did not need another mother, he needed a wife! He did not WANT to make love to his second momma…….I shake my head as I write this.
NOW ~ that he has a wife that truly respects and submits, and I understands that he is a grown man that is capable of making mistakes and we both can live through them, that he makes right decisions without my help, that I was not as smart as I thought I was…….HE is a HIGH DRIVE Husband!!!!
Sure I continually find things that need tweaked about myself. But I have realized that to be in “control” is not my duty. The only thing I need to be in control of is Obeying the Lord, Respecting Mr B, and Submitting to him as the head of our household & marriage.
And you know what ~ we both smile a lot now!!!
And I even have a new nickname that he calls me……..
His Ravishing Ruby.
I don’t mean for it to sound like “one, two, buckle my shoe” and all is well. It was not that simple. There were many years of pain in our family ~ it took and is still taking time to heal. But by the grace of God, we are doing it. One of the hardest things, but one of the most important things that helped me change our marriage was accountability. WHEN I told Mr B what I had learned about myself and the changes I knew I needed to do…..well it was a WOW moment. He then “knew” and could “help” me when I slipped into old habits.
I say all this to let you know, if any of you here are in the same boat ~ share with your husband! Even if it takes sharing my testimony, then admitting. I do not mind at all if you use my testimony as a starter step.
Mrs. B.
I have had some wives watch my youtube videos lately and find a lot of help from them.  Some people learn better by hearing instead of reading, so these videos are for you!  One wife told me that she watched some WITH her husband and that it actually was really helpful for him, too, to see that many wives struggle with these issues and that his wife wasn’t unusual.
Here is a link to my channel. 🙂

Each Wife's Journey is a One-of-a-Kind

Dirt Road with Maple Trees in Winter SunriseOne reason I write this blog is because I had a HARD time finding resources to learn about respect, godly femininity and biblical submission when I began my own journey 4 years ago.  And when I did find resources, they often didn’t have many practical examples, or they had practical examples, but they weren’t from a Christian perspective.   I was SOOOOO clueless about all of this stuff, that I needed “Respect for Dummies” or “Being a Godly Wife 101.”  I didn’t have a mentor and I was unbelievably confused.

I would ask my husband constantly, “Is this respectful?”  “Is that disrespectful?”  I had NO idea.  And, sadly, he wasn’t sure those first few months what he thought was respectful or not.  I needed HELP!

I needed SOMEWHERE to start.  A place to plant my feet and then I might be able to see more clearly  where to go from there.


I give practical examples and suggestions because I needed something like that so desperately 4 years ago.  Does that mean that the exact words I say and the exact things I do are the only way to be a respectful and submissive wife?  NOPE!

I try to give many wives’ stories because I hope to expose wives to a variety of women and the different styles they have as they respect and submit to their unique husbands.

Submission and respect are not one-size-fits-all.  Not for husbands and not for wives!

That is one reason I love the post about what husbands find to be disrespectful so interesting.  It is a compilation from about 7 different men.  They each have their own unique take on what disrespect and respect is.  Some things are fairly universal, but then there are some idiosyncrasies that are wholly their own.   I think it is FASCINATING to learn what it is to look at life from a masculine perspective and then to discover all the tiny nuances that are particular to each husband – it is like examining each beautiful snowflake under a microscope and learning to admire each one.


My hope is that I will give you a place to start and point you towards Christ and His Word.  Then you can think about things, pray about the examples, tune in to God’s Spirit,  talk with your husband if it’s appropriate – and find your OWN brand of how to make this work.  God’s commands are the same for all of us, but we are each unique individuals and all of our husbands are different and have different preferences and needs and each wife has her own personality.  So the practical application of obeying God’s Word will look different in each marriage.  It will be up to you to hash out the details for your marriage!

If you don’t like the way I word things, do it in a way that you like better!    If you try something and your husband doesn’t like it – that is not a fit for him – and that’s ok.  It will give you a chance to talk with him and get to know what he would prefer and what would speak respect best to him.  That is the important thing!   This is ultimately about learning the broad concepts and then fitting them to your personality, your husband, your marriage and your life.


This journey will be a deeply personal one.  No two journeys will look exactly the same.  We each have unique personalities, perspectives, life histories,  husbands, backgrounds and mindsets that will impact us and stamp our own fingerprint on how we do this.

Each wife will need to work out her own salvation with fear and trembling – and by listening intently to God’s Spirit and His Word and her husband’s leadership.

God has YOU in THIS family, in THIS home, with THESE children in THIS town and THIS country with THESE friends and acquaintances for His divine purposes.  He has unique and wonderful  plans for you that will be different than His plans for me.  You have different gifts and talents than I do.  He has a very special ministry in mind for you in your family, to your husband and for others that will bring you incredible fulfillment.  I pray for you to abide in the center of God’s will for you – that He might accomplish His beautiful purposes in your life and might bring Himself the greatest glory through you, your faith, your marriage, your husband and your family!


If you would like to talk about what God has done in your life and your marriage – or how you and your husband work respect and submission, I would love to hear from you!  I especially love details – a specific situation, a certain beautiful ritual that you and your husband share that is meaningful to you, words you use to show respect, examples of how you cooperate with your husband’s leadership cheerfully and joyfully…  leave me a comment!


You’ll definitely want to check out Nina Roesner’s book, “The Respect Dare” and her FB page.  She has worked with thousands of women in The Daughters of Sara program and her book has many stories of unique ways that women learn and apply respect in their situations.

Baby Steps

This is an email from a wife (with her permission) – I think it may be very encouraging to those of you who are beginning the journey to become a godly wife – to learn to submit to and respect your husband and most of all to ultimately learn to reverence and submit to Christ!
Thank you for asking….I think I am good…I continue to work on respecting my husband and being patient.  The respecting part really has been a pretty smooth transition for me…it is the patience and making sure that my prayers for my husband are not  intended for my own gain…(not for what I want him to change but) that I am actually praying for my husband’s leadership and growth.  This is the hardest part for me…
Some success stories from the past week:
1. We went to the local grocery store on Saturday morning…never would have been my choice but DH wanted to.…the place was a mad house to say the least…now in the past the trip very likely could have become stressful.
I held my tongue and allowed DH to choose things without my comments on the cost, brand or quantity.  As we went to checkout  DH chose the self-checkout…again not my first choice due to all the produce we had in the cart…not fun to enter all those individual codes. Typically I would have jumped in and took over…I am far the superior cashier:)  But instead I walked to the end of the lane and did not say a word besides helping to bag and contain our six year old. 
I was amazed to watch as my husband calmly went through the items in the cart, he actually figured it all out without my help:)  As we walked out of the store I complimented him on his check out skills…I swear I witnessed him almost stand taller…he smiled and laughed and said,  “I did well, didn’t I?”
Ok, so I know this is minor in the whole picture of things but the thing that stuck out in my mind is how this very minor incident set the tone for our whole dayDH walked away feeling good and it stayed with us all for hours.  Now in the past we would have not been in a full argument or anything but we both could have walked away feeling stressed and irritated with each other due to my need to try and take over the situation.
2. We live in a very small neighborhood and our neighbors are good friends.   DH and I try to do date night every couple of months but truthfully the cost of the babysitter can deter us from going out at times.  I started thinking last week – why do we all just keep sitting around on Saturday night in our separate houses attempting to entertain our children when we could pool our resources and give everyone a little break.  So I first asked DH if he was on board….typically I would have planned and then told him what I was up to….he agreed to my little plan.
I talked with the other wives in the neighborhood with small children and now we have scheduled date night for all couples for the next three months with free babysitting….here is how it works…we picked a Saturday in December that is free for all families…one family is designated as the stay home couple…the other two couples are free to spend a Saturday evening however they desire.  The stay home couple will provide dinner, entertainment (which truthfully with our kiddos is only supervision at this point they entertain each other), movie and snacks.  We picked numbers out of a hat….we picked the first night home.  DH comment when I told him, “You may just end up saving everyone’s marriage, this is one of your best ideas yet:)
3. I think the other thing that sticks out in my mind over the last couple of weeks is how many times in the past I have pressured and stressed about the time it was taking my husband to make a decision when truthfully he was just thinking it over in his own way.  I cannot tell you how many times I have asked my DH in the last few weeks a question, not a big decision ie, “What time do you want to leave for my parents on Thanksgiving.?”  My husband will respond, “I am not sure let me think about it.”  I have in the past gotten frustrated and impatient, really how hard is this.  Now I catch myself, remind myself that this is just how he is processes and let it go.  So much more peaceful on both of our ends…and the world has not even come to an end:)

“I Want to Follow my Husband. What if He Doesn’t Lead? How Can I Inspire His Leadership?”


It is a VERY tough position to be in to want to be close to God, to want to obey God and to feel like you can’t follow your husband.

  • You may long for him to lead a family devotion time, or prayer time.
  • You may want him to be the one to tell the children why it’s important to go to church or to plan out character lessons to teach each child.
  • You may want him to work with the kids on memory verses.
  • You may wish that your husband spent more time with the family and not so much time at work.
  • You may feel like you HAVE to take over the leadership role because it doesn’t seem like he wants it.
  • You might be praying every single day for God to change your husband and cause him to be more like Christ.
  • You may feel like your husband isn’t as close to God as he should be.
  • Maybe you don’t see him praying.
  • Maybe you are in charge of the finances and working full time and keeping the house and taking care of the children and it seems like an unfair majority of the burden is on your shoulders.
  • Maybe you ask your husband to help you, but he just ignores you and keeps watching tv.
  • Maybe you tell him how unhappy you are and what you need and it feels like you are talking to a wall.
  • Maybe you try to draw near to him and tell him about your pain so he will see how much you hurt and fix it, and he gets REALLY angry and lashes out at you and begins talking about your faults.
  • Maybe you ask for your husband’s input or decision-making and he just never answers or says the dreaded, “I don’t know” phrase or he ignores you, or just tells you to do whatever you want and you feel like he doesn’t care and isn’t plugged in to the family and the marriage.


If these things sound familiar to you – you are not alone! Many wives feel like this and struggle daily with these same issues. Yes, this situation is extremely discouraging and you may think that your husband just doesn’t love you anymore or that following your husband’s leadership just isn’t possible in your case. You might think he can’t lead the family. You might just write him off as not being able to ever “man-up” and take care of family responsibilities. You might be wondering why God isn’t answering your prayers? Why isn’t your husband changing? You are praying clearly for God’s will – a godly husband who is a strong, Christ-like leader for your family. Why on earth have your prayers gone unanswered for months or years or decades? Why doesn’t God hear?

Precious, beautiful wife, I obviously don’t know your situation. But God does! There is GREAT HOPE in Christ!!!!

There are several very central, CRITICAL truths I have learned as a Christian and as a wife that have changed my life and my marriage that I want to share (with my husband’s whole-hearted approval) with wives who might be in a similar place to where I was years ago:

  • God is sovereign – even over my husband, my marriage, and my life.
  • I cannot change my husband and make him more like Jesus. I can aggravate him, push him away from God, make him want to be far away from me and make us both miserable by trying to change him, make him dread being in the same room with me, but I cannot change him – not for the better! I am not the Holy Spirit!
  • I can influence and inspire him, with the help of the Holy Spirit. I can set a godly example. And I can pray. But God does the changing.
  • My job is to obey God on my end and to trust God to help me do my part.
  • When I do obey God as a wife, I open the floodgates of the powers of heaven to work in my marriage, my husband, our children, and myself.
  • My obedience can really speed up the process for God to change my husband, as He first begins to change and heal me.
  • My disobedience to God can make it much harder for my husband to hear God’s voice and can repel my husband away from God and from me.
  • I can do nothing good apart from Christ and His power working in me.
  • I need to live in humility with a very real awareness of the magnitude of my own sinful nature’s total inability to do anything good and how completely dependent I am on the goodness and power of Jesus for me to have any goodness in my own life.
  • I need to realize that all of us – my husband and myself included – stand on level ground at the foot of the cross. We all equally need Jesus desperately.
  • I also need to keep in mind how small and impotent I am and how huge, majestic, powerful, sovereign, all-knowing, wise, loving, merciful, holy, just, and forgiving God is.


Whew! This stuff is ugly. I don’t really enjoy this part, but unless we open up our own souls and allow God’s Word to shine in there to the darkest corners, we can’t move on to the great stuff.  This is where we learn to “die to self” and live for Christ. I would like for you to consider some things and whether or not these may be possibilities in your heart and in your marriage as we think about the issue of your husband’s leadership in your home. We are only going to look at ourselves as wives in this exercise and how we may be contributing to the success or failure of our husband’s leadership in our marriages. Please stop and pray and ask God to give you insight and wisdom into your own heart and life, as well as conviction wherever it is needed from His perspective. Please meditate and pray about how many of the following may apply to you and your marriage – many applied in mine, but not all –  (if you are dealing with an active addict, someone chronically unfaithful, a hardened criminal, someone with severe spiritual issues, or someone with an uncontrolled mental health disorder – please get godly, experienced help ASAP! Following a husband in these cases could be very dangerous. Safety for you and your children is the priority if you are in a physically abusive situation!!):

  • If I ask my husband to make a decision, and he doesn’t give me a “real” answer within 5-30 minutes, I get angry.
  • I yell at my husband, throw things at him, and call him horrible names.
  • I attack my husband’s character when we argue.
  • If my husband asks me to do something I don’t like or don’t agree with, I refuse to go along with him. I will only follow if he leads where I want to go.
  • If my husband comes up with an idea or plan, I find fault with his thinking and his solutions and tell him that his way won’t work, only my way will.
  • I criticize my husband’s opinions, preferences, tastes, wardrobe, hair style, hobbies, thoughts, suggestions, and plans.
  • I react negatively when my husband tries to help me. He just doesn’t load the dishwasher right, or change the baby’s diaper right, or fold the laundry right. He never hears me praise him and say, “Thank you SO much for the help!” He only hears me say, “I’m going to have to redo it all the RIGHT way!” Or “Why can’t you ever get it right?” or “That is C+ work, not A material.” Or “You’re not doing it right!”
  • If my husband tries to please me, what he does is never enough, I always want more than what he delivered.
  • I frown at my husband a lot.
  • I sound angry, frustrated, impatient, and like I am reprimanding and scolding a naughty little boy many times when I speak to my husband.
  • My facial expressions, my tone of voice, my words sound condemning of my husband often.
  • I act disrespectfully towards my husband to show him that he needs to pull his weight more and love me more and to show him how unhappy I am.
  • I withhold physical intimacy with my husband to punish him.
  • My husband often rejects me physically – it feels like I am pursuing him and it seems like he has lost his attraction for me.
  • My husband tends to ignore me a lot.
  • I feel very lonely, like the whole weight of the entire marriage and family is on my shoulders alone. I feel overwhelmed by all that has to be done.
  • I have to take over leadership because my husband won’t lead.
  • I have very specific ideas about what a husband’s leadership should be and my husband is not meeting my standards.
  • I am always “right” and I make sure my husband knows that he is always wrong. My way is best. I know best what our family and marriage needs.
  • I don’t trust my husband’s ideas.
  • If I let my husband be in charge, I think he’d destroy our lives (even if he isn’t sinning or mentally ill). He is actually a responsible man, but I am terrified to trust him.
  • I think my husband’s ideas are ridiculous.
  • I don’t think my husband can be an effective leader.
  • I think my husband is an overgrown boy.
  • I have to correct my husband when he is talking with other people or he gets things wrong.
  • I have to tell my husband what to do or he does nothing.
  • I’m very intelligent, strong-willed, perfectionistic, opinionated, and possibly some family members might say I could be “controlling.”
  • Thinking of yielding my control makes me have a panic attack. THE WORLD WILL FALL APART IF I AM NOT IN CHARGE!
  • I am exhausted from trying to take care of everything myself all the time. I don’t relax.
  • I resent my husband for relaxing and taking time for himself to recharge.
  • I cannot or will not forgive my husband for how he has hurt me in the past.


If some of these statements resonate with you – and you may or may not have been consciously aware that these are the things you have been thinking – I’d like for us to consider some things together. These may be kind of shocking to you. They may not all apply, but the ones that do apply to you definitely need to be dealt with between you and God.

  • Many of these ideas have a VERY prideful origin. “I know best.” “I know better than he does.” And it might even be, “I know better than God does.” THAT IS HUGE PRIDE! This is some of the most repulsive, nasty, cancerous sin from God’s perspective. I had to confess DUMP TRUCK LOADS of my own pride to God for a long, long time to begin to get my perspective straightened out and really see what God saw in me.
  • When the wife puts herself in charge (even if she thinks she “has” to – unless there is serious illness or an extended absence of the husband in the home), and takes over the husband’s God-given place of authority in the marriage, husbands usually either react with great anger or by unplugging completely and letting the wife be in control by herself. Husbands who feel steam-rolled by their wives are not going to sit there and take it. They go as far away physically and emotionally as they can or they fight and fight to the death for their honor.
  • Most of the sentiments above contain a large dose of DISRESPECT for our husbands. Disrespect isn’t really talked about much in our culture anymore. God commands wives to respect their husbands (I Peter 3 and Ephesians 5:22-33) and we may think that we are doing fine with that verse and easily gloss over one of the most critical components of a successful marriage – genuine respect for our husbands. I read that verse plenty of times and checked off, “Yep! I’m doing that!” and moved on through the rest of the chapter. I had no idea that there was an entire world of respect that I was totally unaware of. I had no idea how many seemingly insignificant comments and remarks I made, and the tone of my voice conveyed an almost constant disrespect to my husband. I HAD NO IDEA THAT I WAS WOUNDING MY HUSBAND AND BRINGING MISERY ON BOTH OF US! I always thought HE needed to change. I didn’t have a clue that my disrespect and my controlling attitudes were destroying our marriage. THAT WAS A BLOW THAT TOOK MY BREATH AWAY. It sent me reeling for days at first. Then I decided that I was going to study respect and submission and become the best wife I could possibly be! I was so thankful there was something I COULD CONTROL and do to make things better!
  • Is it possible that your husband may feel so beaten down, so criticized, so condemned, so hated and so much like a failure that he has given up even attempting to lead? Every time he tried to lead, my way was better. Whenever he suggested something, I had all the answers and he was wrong. When he had an idea, it wasn’t good enough. Eventually he realized that there was no point trying to lead someone who “is always right.” OUCH! He NEVER said anything. He never said he felt disrespected. He couldn’t verbalize the problem. I had a toxic, critical, judgmental, un-forgiving, ungodly, negative attitude that is poisoning our marriage.
  • Especially Christian women tend to have very high expectations of husbands as leaders. We often expect them to lead Bible studies and prayer sessions out loud in our families. We expect them to know more of the Bible than we do. We expect them to talk about spiritual things a lot. We expect to see them studying their Bibles and praying on their own for hours every week. We want them to initiate prayer time with us every night. Unless your husband had a lot of experience praying out loud, he may not be comfortable praying out loud even in front of you – ESPECIALLY if you come across as being more spiritually mature than he is and as being better with words and knowing the Bible more than he does. He may be intimidated by you. He may feel like a spiritual failure compared to you. Maybe our expectations are unrealistic? Maybe our husbands lead in a lot of ways that we don’t acknowledge or even notice. It takes many years, even decades for a lot of men to learn to be strong spiritual leaders. We can be extremely impatient with our men and destroy their ability and desire to grow as leaders. If I really am more mature, I will be patient and not try to pressure or force things. I will remember I Peter 3:1 – Wives, in the same way be submissive to your husbands so that, if any of them do not believe the word, they may be won over without words by the behavior of their wives.
  • Is it possible that my husband sees me as being “holier-than-thou?”

  • Men need encouragement, praise, admiration, a cheerleader, someone to say when they are doing things right! THEN they will have the courage to forge ahead into the unknown and intimidating world of leadership and try new things and grow stronger. He has to know he has my unwavering support and faith. He has to know that if he makes a mistake, I am not going to make a big deal of it. He has to know I trust him. THEN he will grow and become so much more the godly man that God desires him to be.
  • Sometimes husbands lead in subtle ways. They forgive easily. They don’t hold grudges. They are patient. They try to do what is best for the family. They continue to give of themselves even when their efforts are not appreciated. They have talks with the children about their attitudes and behavior. They try to help out when we are sick. They are generous. They are kind. They are faithful to us. They work hard to provide for the family financially – this is one of THE BIGGEST ways that most husbands try to show their love and leadership. They live with integrity. They try to do what is right. They show respect to others. I can learn to appreciate all that he does right and not try to put him in a little box of my specific expectations.
  • Maybe he DOES try to lead – or maybe he used to try. But whenever he would lead in a way that you didn’t agree with, you wouldn’t follow. That’s what I did, too! After a few years of leading and no one following, understandably, a lot of men give up.
  • If I am disrespecting the spiritual authority of my husband over me and trying to go around him to God to complain about my husband – God will not be pleased! My disobedience will grieve the heart of God more than my view on my husband’s lack of leadership abilities. My critical, judgmental, disrespectful attitude towards my husband means that I also have a critical, judgmental, disrespectful attitude towards the One that put my husband over our marriage. God does not hear my prayers when they are steeped in sin, pride, judgment and lack of respect for God-given authority!!!!
  • My faith in God is small. My understanding of God and picture of Him is small.
  • I may be committing idolatry by putting myself in God’s place and trying to be God in my life.


If your husband has given up trying to be the leader in the marriage – you can give him the beautiful gift of your submission to his leadership! You can make things right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are a few things you may want to do to begin to get back on track (pray and see if these might apply to you or if God might show you other ideas that fit your situation and marriage):

  • Confess to your husband what you did wrong and apologize. HUSBANDS ONLY REALLY NEED/WANT A SINCERE APOLOGY ONE TIME!!!!!!! “I realize now that I have taken over the leadership role of our marriage and I am WRONG for doing this! I have sinned against God and against you and our family. I apologize for not following your leadership. I’m so glad that God gave you the position of authority over me and over our family. I am stepping down and I want to support your decisions and trust you to do what is best for us from now on.”
  • Accept your husband for the man he is right now today even if he NEVER changes!!!
  • I am responsible to God for my own sanctification, growing in Christ. I don’t have to wait on my husband to help me grow or wait for him to “catch up.” If I am really growing in my relationship with Christ, I will be humble towards my husband and towards God and let them work out my husband’s spiritual growth. I will concentrate only on my own spiritual maturity and I WILL BE PRETTY QUIET ABOUT SPIRITUAL THINGS if this is a difficult area for my husband. I will let my husband see my joy in Christ, my humility before my husband, my respectful attitude and willingness to follow where he leads… THAT is what will help make my husband hunger for God!
  • Make decisions for yourself about things you are doing, eating, wearing, how you spend your time, but let him make his own decisions for himself and let him make decisions for the family.
  • Uphold his decisions in front of the children.
  • Speak and act respectfully towards him. Ask if you are in doubt, “Is this respectful?” “Was I just disrespectful?”
  • Listen when he talks to you – put down what you are doing and listen like you are interested.
  • Be encouraging about his ideas. Try not to squash his creativity, plans and ideas. Let him have room to think, dream and plan.
  • Don’t tell him what to do – if he asks, you can offer your perspective humbly.
  • Praise him whenever he leads the family, even in the smallest of ways, and does a good job!!!! THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT! You will help him build confidence in his abilities. If he hasn’t ever been the leader, be patient, it will be baby-steps but that’s fine!
  • If he makes a decision, back him (unless he’s asking you to sin) and support him graciously, joyfully, cheerfully. You may tell him your needs and desires and your feelings, but ultimately the decision is up to him. God gives him insight and wisdom he doesn’t give to you. This is about trusting God to lead you through your husband – it is about your faith in God!!!
  • Get rid of negativity!!!
  • Ideally, give him the finances – or at least give him the ultimate responsibility for the finances and think of yourself more as the secretary if you must pay the bills. It often works SO much better when I am not telling him what to do and how to spend money.
  • If he decides to give you something, take you out to eat, go on a spontaneous vacation, SMILE, accept graciously and don’t question if he should or should not give wonderful things to you. Say, “Thank you! You are SO generous! You’re such a wonderful husband!”
  • Even if you feel like he is “leading you nowhere” – that is ok! At one point, I prayed, “God, I am willing to sit RIGHT HERE spiritually and geographically and never move another inch if this is where you want me. I trust You to lead me through my husband. I am NOT going to run ahead anymore. I will patiently wait on You if I sit here until I am 80!” It’s funny, it wasn’t long after I adopted that attitude that things began to go full-throttle!
  • Thank God for your husband’s leadership and spiritual authority over you daily.
  • Thank your husband for his leadership and spiritual authority over you – even if he is not a believer! Even if he is an immature Christian! God said the husband IS the head of the wife in Ephesians 5:22 – take God at His Word and thank God for His provision for you. God can and will use even a non-believer or a very immature husband to lead a believing wife who trusts in Him!
  • Have a willing spirit to be led by your husband and by God.

Maybe none of these things apply to your marriage, if so, I pray that God will direct you to the resources you need to apply to your situation. But if some of these things have been eye-opening for you, I’d encourage you to repent and commit to seeking God’s face and His will in your life and your marriage starting today!

I believe it is God’s plan to teach husbands to be effective, humble, servant-leaders in the world by learning to be a leader at home first. I believe that God desires to use the respect, admiration and cooperation of godly wives to shape men and instruct them in leadership in marriage. God CAN use your willing spirit to help mold and influence your husband if your heart is right with God and you are respectful of the God-given position of authority God gave your husband. What a high calling! We will also be influencing our children and showing them how to have a godly marriage – AND our obedience to God will draw many others to Christ!!!!!! MUCH IS AT STAKE HERE! I pray we act wisely and in full obedience and surrender to God.


I know this is a very tough and very painful subject! You know how many tears I cried myself over these issues for so many years in my own marriage. My heart breaks with wives who are anxious, afraid, lonely, overwhelmed and scared to make these changes. I pray that You might show each wife how to take that step of faith and trust You to work through our husbands for our good and Your glory! Help us to see that You will catch us and that what seems so terrifying is actually a gateway to peace and the life we have always longed for. Give us girlfriends to encourage and sustain us! Give us prayer partners to pray with us. Help us desire to obey You even when we don’t completely want to and don’t understand Your wisdom. Help us trust You with all our hearts, minds, souls and strength! Open the floodgates of heaven on the women who have the courage to obey You in this area of following their husbands’ leadership! Let them see Your miracles! Let them find the beautiful place that this painful path brings us to – a place of joy, love, peace, hope, deep intimacy with You and with our husbands and abundant life! Don’t let Satan retain a stronghold in our hearts any longer! Let us sincerely repent of our sin! Let us turn to Your ways and begin the adventure of following You each day, anticipating all the wonderful things You will do to provide for us, protect us, and guide us through our husbands. Thank You for Your design for marriage! Help us to embrace Your wisdom and learn it and live it and then teach it to other wives! Use us to greatly bless our husbands, marriages and children. And use us to greatly bless the world with the fragrance, salt and light of Christ!