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The Snare of People-Pleasing

We are continuing our series about ways that controlling people try to control others.  You can check out the posts about control and boundaries, the trying to manipulate others with guilt, and playing the martyr from earlier in the week.  Today’s topic is how we sometimes try to manipulate others and maintain control by being a people-pleaser. Is […]

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The Walls Are Beginning to Crack

An email from a wife – thank you for your willingness to allow me to share your story!!!  I know many wives will be SO VERY BLESSED by reading this post! It’s been about 8 or 9 months since I discovered and started truly respecting my husband, and there is much healing that still needs […]

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Time for a Pop Quiz

The phone rings. It’s unexpected bad news. What goes through your mind first? YESTERDAY: I got a call from my boss.  My hours are being cut from 12 guaranteed hours/week (sometimes I work up to 20-23 hours/week as a pharmacist) to 3 hours/week in 2 weeks. Totally unexpected. We are still waiting to hear if […]

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Building Up and Affirming Our Husbands and Children

God gave us as women an incredible verbal ability and gift.  I believe He did this so that we might greatly bless our families with words of life, inspiration, nurturing, edification, godly truth and encouragement! (Even if your husband is far from God – and you are focusing on I Peter 3:1-6 and desire to […]

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Victory over Perfectionism – VIDEO

An 8 minute Peacefulwife video.  (The volume issue should be resolved now! 🙂 You, my precious sister in Christ, are not going to be perfect.  Not until heaven! Your husband is not going to be perfect on this earth, either.  And neither are your children!   The sooner you can accept that, the sooner you […]

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Soul Mates

Today’s guest post is by Kayla Gulick, my dear friend and sister in Christ.  Check out her blog at  I think you are about to have your mind blown.  So be sure you are sitting down for this one, ladies!   Almost every little (and big) girl dreams of finding her “soul mate”. I […]

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