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The Respect Dare, Day 3 – My Godly Wife Report Card

The Respect Dare, Day 3 – Nina Roesner poses some questions to wives to assess how they are doing in a number of areas of their lives.  They are GREAT questions!!! She asks some probing questions about how we are doing as disciples of Christ, as household managers,  as communicators, and as confident and assured […]

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Peri-menopause and Menopause – Part 1

This is an email from a dear sister in Christ who has been through peri-menopause and menopause.  I’m thankful for the wisdom she is willing to share with us! FATIQUE AND WEEPINESS I began to experience huge fatigue that had never been a problem for me at age 52.  It was getting more and more […]

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A Precious Example

Here is an email from a husband who has had an amazing marriage with his wife that spans many decades (40+ years, I believe).  He and his wife got the love and respect stuff right from the beginning.  This is how marriage is supposed to be.  They are such a beautiful example for us to […]

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One Couple Deals with the Issue of Body Image

Body image is a HUGE, HUGE topic that causes a great deal of stress, pressure and anxiety for many women.  Hundreds of thousands of my Christian sisters are paralyzed in their marriages by their feelings of inadequacy and by listening to the wrong voices about this issue.   I think that it is very easy […]

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