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The Treasures of God in the Midst of a Great Storm

From a wife whose husband threatened divorce a year ago and who wants to share with other wives who are in extremely painful situations similar to her own: I want others to know that I had many “turn the corner” moments over the last year. I am approaching 1 year since the bomb drop and have […]

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“Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

What a tough, painful, awful question for any wife (or husband) to have to think about. My heart grieves for the many people I hear from who are in this very situation every week. I don’t have God’s wisdom about every possible scenario – only God can show each wife whether He desires her to […]

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A Separated Wife Finally Begins to Experience the Peace of God in Her Life!

From Prayinglikehannah, THANKS for allowing me to share your beautiful story, my precious sister! PART 1 April, For years I have been praying for God to fix “my husband,” not seeing how much fixing I need myself. I read somewhere in one of your posts where you spoke about how God hardened Pharaoh’s heart, so […]

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