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Finding Her Voice

This is part of a conversation between myself and a sister in Christ who is struggling to articulate her emotions, thoughts and ideas in her marriage.   Her husband wants her to talk and to share her heart and mind with him – but that is very challenging for her.  This is an open dialogue. […]

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Dying to Self – by The Good Wife

This is a guest post by my precious sister in Christ at  She is documenting her journey to become a godly wife.  I am sure many wives are going to relate to her struggles and be blessed by what God is doing in her heart! —————— Slowly it’s getting easier. I noticed it while […]

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When He Suddenly Walks Out or Hangs Up

Ladies, Many of us have experienced something like this with our men – “Things seemed to be going great!  My husband was talking, calling or texting with me when, seemingly out of nowhere, he storms out of the room or hangs up on me.” WHAT ON EARTH JUST HAPPENED? WHAT WE USUALLY DO Most wives panic […]

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Navigating Social Media in Ways that Honor Christ and Our Husbands

***  It seems I had a technical glitch yesterday 🙁    If you are interested in reading, here’s the link to “The Wonder of New Life” Ladies, I would like to encourage you to keep private relationship stuff private and off of your public Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, etc… I personally believe it is […]

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Walking in Faith Instead of Control – an Update

From the wife who gave up on her dream for her marriage  and who decided to stop pursuing her husband (in the wrong ways) – an update! ———————————- HASHING THROUGH GIVING UP CONTROLLING MY HUSBAND I was thinking this morning that it is hard for me to believe that if I am trying to honor God, […]

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“Why Won’t He Protect Me from His/My Family?”

My hope is to point women to Christ and His Word. I don’t write for men because Scripture admonishes women not to teach or have authority over men. This does not mean that the Bible doesn’t apply to men or that they are off the hook with God. Husbands are more accountable to God for their love and […]

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