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One Wife Reports in 30 Days into Her Journey

This wife is SO VERY PRECIOUS to me!  We have spent a lot of time hashing through questions, issues, confusion and troubling emotions the past few weeks together.  And I can see God at work so powerfully in her.  I appreciate her willingness to share her story.  I think her perspective might be extremely helpful […]

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The Value of Feelings

Today’s blog is a guest post by a great couple at {double hockey sticks}.  They’re all about delighting in conflict done well.  Check them out at I was lying in bed crying.  My husband was sound asleep next to me.  And all I could think about was how unloved I felt. My pillow was […]

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Fighting Fair

When your blood starts boiling and the steam starts escaping, resort to FIGHT. Getting into the ring Today’s guest post is from We have all been there I am sure. Fighting. Despite your best intentions or highest commitment to maintain a healthy happy relationship, it inevitably happens that we end up disagreeing with our […]

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The Snare of People-Pleasing

We are continuing our series about ways that controlling people try to control others.  You can check out the posts about control and boundaries, the trying to manipulate others with guilt, and playing the martyr from earlier in the week.  Today’s topic is how we sometimes try to manipulate others and maintain control by being  people-pleasers. Is “peace” […]

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