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Should You Strive to Please or Keep Your Husband at ANY Cost?

This post is specifically for wives who are disrespecting themselves or disrespecting God in order to put their husband on the throne of their hearts ** (please note the disclaimer about severe issues at the bottom of the post) IDOLIZING A PERSON Our culture thrives on encouraging us to idolize our spouses and be enmeshed/codependent with […]

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A Two Minute Survey for My Readers

I would so appreciate as many ladies as possible answering these questions – especially those who are regular readers here. This would be such a gift to me! I would like to get a better gauge of the problems you are facing in your marriages and how many of you are dealing with issues specifically […]

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a pic I took of a "wedding cake topper at Wal-mart

"My Husband Can't Make Me Submit to Him or Respect Him!"

Oh how the picture above makes me cringe and breaks my heart! Sadly, this was me for the first 14+ years of our marriage. 🙁 Note: This post is not for wives whose husbands are violent, or who threaten violence, who are actively addicted to drugs/alcohol, who are living in major unrepentant sin, or who […]

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