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“Your Book Has the Wrong Title” – a Guest Post

From a dear reader: I will be honest. When April released her new book, The Peaceful Mom, I didn’t want ...
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What Does the Bible Say about the Role of a Husband?

Ladies, I laid the groundwork for this entire discussion in the posts, "Are Men and Women Equal?" and "What Does ...
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What Does the Bible Say about the Role of a Wife?

We humans have a tendency to err toward the extremes, veering to the left or to the right. 1. We ...
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Are Men and Women Equal?

People have a lot of different definitions of equality today. This makes it really confusing. So many times, we are ...
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Rest. Wait. Follow. Me?

It's great to do things for God. But it MUST be according to His will, His Spirit, His leading, and ...
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Have You Opened a Door to the Enemy?

Spiritual warfare is a strange concept to our Western minds. Satan has all but convinced us in America that there ...
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angry man yelling into a phone

Resources for Wives with Angry Husbands

Dear sisters, For dealing with an angry husband, I have several resources I would like to share that I hope ...
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How to Encourage Your Husband to Value Your Influence

Men, in general, don’t allow people to influence them who they feel disrespect them. They also tend not to allow ...
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4 Approaches When You Think Your Husband Doesn’t Care

In the last post, we talked about four primary reasons why your husband may seem to not care about you ...
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What If Your Husband Doesn’t Care about Your Feelings?

Recently, we talked about 6 Scenarios Where We May Need to Break Contact with Others. Then we talked about "What ...
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