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What Is the Best Way to Handle the Finances?

        ————– In my view, there isn’t a specific “one right way” to handle money issues in a godly marriage – as far as who is “in charge” of paying the bills. Of course, we will want to use scriptural principles. We need to manage our money wisely, realizing we are stewards […]

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Another Wife Shares about Finances and Trust

I think it is helpful to hear many different wives’ approaches to this issue!  Thanks to this wife for allowing me to share her comment from the post “How a Fellow Wife and Her Husband Decided to Handle the Finances.” I used to do the bills & budgeting, too. I am not a “finance’ person or […]

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How a Fellow Wife and Her Husband Decided to Handle their Finances

From a Fellow Wife.  There is no specific “right way” for a godly couple to handle money issues. I love to give lots of different couple’s approaches so that wives can prayerfully consider different options and seek God’s wisdom for their own marriage and maybe have some ideas about how to respectfully approach the issue with their […]

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I handed over the finances – Update!!

From my friend, Kayla, at I promised when I started this blog that I was going to be real.  If I am going to write “Practical Applications” that are really attainable, instead of leaving Christians with a desire to change, but no real way to get the new results, then I have to be […]

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Contentment on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up, ladies! With all the pressure and expectations that come along with it. Sometimes, we may be tempted to judge our husband’s love for us or the strength of our marriage based on if we get just the right gift. Special, costly gifts and things our husbands give us can be fun. […]

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The Purpose of Marriage

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash God intended marriage to be a living picture of the relationship between Jesus and His Bride, the Church. We think of a “church” as a building today. But when Jesus talks about His Church, He is talking about His chosen people, the ones He has chosen out of this […]

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