Y’all… we entered a new world of high school activities in August with our youngest and I had no idea what I was in for. (Our oldest wasn’t involved in so many things our last time around.) It has been great!

Just wanted to let you know that my family and I are doing well. I know this high school season is short and I am thrilled that I get to be here for all of it.

I hope you’ll share an update and let me know how you are doing if you’d like to. Or you are welcome to share a prayer request.

I pray you are focusing on the Lord, receiving all of His love and truth, feasting on His Word, and allowing Him to help you grow like crazy in your faith and in your role as a woman, wife, (and mom – if you have kids).

Sending the BIGGEST hug to each of you. I miss you dearly!


4 thoughts on “The Latest on My Life and Family

  1. I am sorry about your knee! I pray for a speedy recovery. I am glad you and your family are well, although busy. What a blessing that you and your family have this special time together. You are in my prayers.. My 2021 has been stressful at work and at home. I am clinging to God through it all and seeing where He leads. I know He has a special plan and a purpose. ♥️

  2. Hi April,
    All your readers are more concerned with you and your family being well and in a good place spiritually than we are that you post frequently. You have posted so much for many years – that there’s plenty for most of us to catch up on – like I’m doing – and essential topics covered already – so you have given us all enough to study without you feeling under pressure to keep posting more often. Maybe those who have followed you for years will have read all or most of your posts but sometimes I read them again as I need reminding of certain issues. I wonder too – as seasons change for us women – and we enter menopause (a big change) if we especially need to learn how to transition well from the child bearing and rearing years – to the overseeing teens and young adults – to them becoming more independent – plus growing older challenges for women – our insecurities, values, priorities. We can feel obsolete, unattractive, not as fit and strong as we were, our sons may get girlfriends or marry and we can feel replaced – we worry our husband’s don’t find us attractive etc etc. Perhaps the devil’s lies are different in this season – and we need to cultivate that vibrant spirituality that keeps us positive and continuing on our journey. Just some thoughts that I have had – and I’m sure they’re common for this season I’m in. Hope your knee is better soon and remember we are all thankful for your example and all you have done for women already – even if you don’t post very much for a season. Much love, Martha. X

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement. I do hope the posts I have shared in the past might continue to be a blessing. And I love the ideas for new topics you have shared.

      My knee was well enough today to walk around at a sporting event. Very thankful!

      Blessings and much love in Christ!

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