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Join Me in Celebrating 8 Years of Blogging!

God opened my eyes to a lot of things I was unwittingly doing that sabotaged my relationship with Him and my marriage in December of 2008. I spent the next 3.5 years studying, praying, and reading over 30 books about what it meant to be a godly wife and woman.

I stopped demanding that God change Greg and began to humbly beg God to change me for the first time in my life.

I was serious about learning all I could and spent a good 20-30 hours per week begging God to change me, to show me, to help me understand, and to give me the ability to be the woman He called me to be.

I prayed for Him to transform me into the image of Christ. I pleaded with Him to help me make up for the 14+ years of our marriage when I was not the wonderful Christian wife I always thought I had been.

I just wanted the chance to try to make things up to Greg in whatever time we may have left on earth together.

It was an excruciatingly slow healing process. I had no mentor in person. It was just God, my journals, the books, and me. I learned to depend on God completely and to continue to persevere and seek after Him no matter how long it took, no matter what obstacles got in my way, and no matter if anyone else went with me or not. And the hardest part… whether Greg changed or not.

My only goal back then was for God to change me and heal my marriage on my end. And I wanted to be able to provide a godly example for my children.

In April of 2011, Greg told me two life-changing things.

  1. I feel safe with you again.
  2. I think you should share some of the things God has shown you with other wives.

I couldn’t believe it! God had healed my marriage! And more than that, He might even use my painful experiences and what I had learned to bless others. I never thought to ask for that!

I started writing things I was learning and sending them out by email to our Sunday School class that fall. And then on my personal FaceBook page.

In January 2012, two friends suggested that maybe I should start a blog.

The Blog Was Born

I had never blogged before. I had no idea how to start one. One friend suggested WordPress.

Greg helped me get started. He has been my faithful IT guy, my counselor, my sounding board, my primary masculine perspective source, and my biggest fan over all of these 8 years. I couldn’t have done it without him.

Even more importantly, God has been with me the whole way. He has been very patient with me as I had so much to learn the hard way.

In the first few years, I blogged just about every day. I was working part-time, just 12.5 hours per week. The kids were in school all day during the school year, so I had a lot of time to devote to my new ministry.

I met some amazing women and got to watch God work powerfully in quite a few lives and marriages. It was the greatest joy and blessing to walk beside women on this journey of spiritual healing and transformation!

The Lord Blessed Beyond Measure

That first year, I just wrote what I believed God desired me to write. Greg connected me with some other bloggers and we would often do guest posts for each other.

That year there were about 40,000 views, which blew my mind.

At first, I also emailed any women who wanted to email me. In addition to writing a blog every day. Eventually, it would have taken me about 12 hours per day to respond to emails, and I had to let go of that part, even though I didn’t want to stop!

The next year, this site had about a million views. For several years, the blog had over a million views, or even 1.5 million. Greg and I were in total awe of all that the Lord was doing. My extended family was also very supportive. Praying with me and helping me with the website maintenance.

I love the community we have here. Many of you became some of my dearest friends!

Some posts had a few hundred comments on them. It got to the point I could hardly keep up even though I really wanted to respond to every comment.

I eventually transitioned to one or two posts per week. I loved writing about things God had shown me in my own life and sharing other wives’ testimonies about what the Lord was doing in their lives. That just never gets old!

What started as just my own repentance and my desire to humble myself before God and allow Him to teach, transform, and heal me and my marriage became something infinitely bigger in His hands.

What an incredible blessing to get to see God open women’s eyes (and men’s, too) around the world and to watch him heal women, men, children, marriages, and families by His love, goodness, truth, and power!

My High School Dream

When I was in high school, I longed to be a “foreign missionary.” That meant a missionary who went to other countries to share the Gospel and make disciples for Jesus Christ.

Of course, back then, there was no internet. I could never have wrapped my head around the idea that one day I would sit in my living room in South Carolina and type something that could be seen around the world in moments.

For many years earlier in our marriage, I thought Greg was holding me back from all the big things God wanted me to do for His kingdom. I thought he needed to be a better leader. It turns out, it was my sin and disobedience to the Lord that was holding me back.

When I was willing to repent and humble myself before the Lord, He was able to lead me through Greg into lots of incredible ministry opportunities! Things I couldn’t have even imagined to pray for.

Quite a few people have come to Christ here and on my other sites, although I don’t have records or numbers of them. How I praise God! What an incredible answer to my prayers! And I have been overjoyed to watch so many women grow in Christlikeness, discipleship, and in their marriages.

I can’t wait to get to meet everyone in heaven that God brought here and see all that He did in their lives. What a day that will be!


When you are seeking to be in the center of God’s will and you are sharing the gospel and the power of Christ to heal and transform lives and marriages, trials and spiritual warfare come with the territory. It has been humbling!

But God is so very good and faithful!

He has been with us through it all and our marriage is stronger than ever thanks to His work in us. The Lord led me (through Greg and by His Spirit) through a lot of difficult situations over the past 8 years. And He has turned so many of those trials into opportunities for us to grow in our faith and to learn things we needed to learn. He has also used many of our trials to bless others, which is amazing!

He actually used all the years of me studying on my own and then me writing blogs and books on the topic of being a godly woman, wife, and mom to help prepare our family for the past year and a half, which has been the most difficult time of our lives.

And yet, He has answered more prayers and provided more miracles in the past year and a half than ever before!

I have shared about the deaths in our family, but there have been numerous other trials, too. Things that I can’t publicly write about. But I am so thankful! God has stood beside us in each of these difficulties, as well. And He will continue to be with us through everything that is to come.

I have had the incredible opportunity to put into practice the principles God had been teaching me over the past 11 years—more than ever—and to see the blessing that comes with doing things His way. There are no words! I am forever grateful.

Jesus Is the Main Thing

I don’t have all the answers for everyone. I don’t know what each wife should do in every possible situation. But I do know this…

Jesus does have the answers we need.

Not always the answers we want. But the answers we need and in the best timeframe. If only we will turn to Him in faith and trust!

When you put Jesus first in your life and you allow Him to be Lord and to have full control, He can give you divine power, wisdom, and abilities that you just can’t have on your own. And He can provide in ways you can’t imagine.

When you choose to do things His way, the only power you lose is the power to destroy others and yourself. You gain the power of heaven to pour His life, healing, wisdom, truth, and blessing into your relationships.

Thank You!

I’m so grateful that you have been part of this 8-year journey. What a blessing that we could visit together. So many of you have become dear friends to me. And the ones I don’t know yet, I’m sure we will get to be dear friends sometime in this life or in heaven, and I can’t wait!

May the Lord richly bless you and keep you and make His face to shine upon you.

Much love to each of you!


If you’d like to share how God used this blog in your life or what He has been doing in your life, we’d love to hear about it. <3

34 thoughts to “Join Me in Celebrating 8 Years of Blogging!”

  1. I am very thankful that the Lord prompted you to pursue this ministry and that you chose to open it up to the public to get to glean from, as well. In 2013 you and I began a personal friendship that has continued to grow throughout the years….including several visits with each other.

    It has been a delight to be a support to you as you walked through all the challenges thus far. We all need to have someone we know is always there for us.

    I love you sweet sister and support the new direction the Lord is leading you and am thankful to know you and I will always be “family”.


    1. Susan Bates,

      What a blessing to get to know you and to have the honor of praying with you over the years and to have your friendship. You are a joy! I thank God for you.

      Thanks for sharing, sweet sister!

      Much love!

  2. God has used you and your ministry to help bring me through the lowest part of my life and marriage. Praise God for leading me to you through google searches:). You helped me have the courage to look at my own ugly sin in my life to bring me where I am today.
    Jesus is on the throne of my life now…not my husband. I am so grateful for you. You kept pointing me to Jesus as I was faced with my husband seeking divorce. Five years later, we are still married! Not where I want our marriage to be, but sooooo much better. Yes, Jesus is the answer ladies—seek Him with your whole heart like April and I did and He will show up in your circumstances!!! Psalm 34:18. The Lord is near the broken hearted…..

    1. Carla,

      Thank you so much for an update! And your testimony for Jesus! It is wonderful to hear from you. And it was (and is) and honor to walk beside you on this road.

      Praising and thanking God that He who began a good work in you (and each of us) will be faithful to complete it! How wonderful to think about all of the blessings and miracles He has in store for us all as we trust and follow Him in faith and love.

      Much love!

  3. Happy Eight Year Anniversary April!! Your blogs were LIFE-saving for me! Always bringing Jesus to the forefront and focusing my attention on the Spirit and not the Flesh. Your book, The Peaceful Wife and the prayers you put in there are a BIG part of my life and my “renewed” heart. It has been an awesome journey and one that I hope never ends. May God continue to bless you and continue to heal you & your family. Thank you VERY much for your time, talents and God-led blogs and books.

    1. Jennife Thomas,
      What an enormous answer to my prayers to see how God used the blog posts and books to bless you. I’m thrilled to hear about what God is doing in your life and can’t wait to see all He has in store for you!

      Thanks for sharing! <3

      Much love!

  4. Now I’m going to get emotional! What an incredible journey this has been for you, and for me!! I can’t thank you enough for all the help you’ve brought me these past few years, always pointing me to Jesus, never letting me be discouraged. You’ve changed my life in so many ways that there will always be a special place for you in my heart. Thank you for your patience and kindness with me. I wish you the best and there will be many blessings for you along the way. Love you my dear sister.

    1. Laura,

      Aw! I’m thankful the Lord brought us together. How amazing that we can talk from across the ocean! I know that if you can lift up your eyes to Jesus, even when things are really tough, He can make a way that is more than any of us could ask for or imagine, that will bring about good in the end and glory to His Name.

      I’m thankful that God promises to finish the good work He began in you. Praying you will continue to grow in faith and in trusting Him.

      Thank you so much for sharing! It’s great to hear from you!

      Much love,

  5. I thoroughly enjoy your blog as I crawl along through my journey of becoming the kind of wife God would have me become. I have failed miserably not just in being a godly wife by a godly mother. You mentioned that you read 30 books on marriage and I was wondering if you happen to have a list posted somewhere of their titles. I have a few books already but would love to get more. Thank you.

    1. Kimberly,

      I can totally relate! This is a lifelong journey of discipleship in Christ. And sometimes it goes a lot more slowly than we would like.

      It is hard to swallow the fact that on my own, I can’t do anything good. I am totally in need of the power, Spirit, and love of Jesus every moment of every day.

      Yes! I happen to have a post about that. Here’s the link.

      And here is another post, “Books Were My Mentors When I Began This Journey.”

      Much love!

  6. Oh April, how God totally has you in this moment right now in my life and how you are the prime example of what I need to see and be and to become as a woman for God. Your story just brought me to tears because a LOT of what you just talked about (emailing your lessons to your bible study friends and posting on FB (I don’t have FB but!) and then getting a blog) is EXACTLY what I’m doing right now! (Not the blog yet, waiting on Him).

    You see my emails of what He is doing and I’m so blessed to know that you are an example of His unending faithfulness to guide and protect. Thank you so much for being so obedient. I can’t wait to see what He has next for me and I hope that you can see my journey, too. Thank you for being so faithful to Him!

    1. angbam,

      I do see how God is working in you and it is beautiful!

      I hate the waiting part, too! But I do have to say, when God has had me wait, it is as much of a gift as the green lights. So many times, He knows I’m not yet ready for what I want. And He has a way of slowing me down. (Speaking from a lot of experience, here!)

      I know He is leading you and teaching you and He will open just the right doors at just the right time and He will thoroughly equip you for His calling for you.

      I am excited to see all that He has in store for you, too!

      Much love!

  7. It’ll be five years in April since you came into my life. I never could have imagined that day just how my life would change. I was about to find out my then husband of 22 years was being unfaithful. I walked thru 3 years of that, with your loving help, until it ended in our divorce.

    I had no idea the Godly man my Lord had waiting for me though! My new husband is my rock and he daily points me to Jesus and loves me like my first husband was unable to do. And I don’t blame my ex for that. God gave me compassion for him.

    My ex is a hurt man who needs God but is denying that. So now I pray for him and the woman he had an affair with as they are still together. I chose to meet her recently and we talked things out. I give her credit she let me ask all the hard questions and she took her “lumps”. We ended it with talking about her faith journey and I was able to speak into her life. She expressed how shocked she was that I didn’t want to harm her but rather was kind to her. She said it made her feel even worse for hurting me like she did. She offered an apology and asked if she could hug me. I allowed it. It was with the hug I felt all the baggage of her leave me.

    God was there with us and by letting Him lead He gave me peace.

    Why do I mention all this? I do because without you coming into my life at the exact time you did I never would have handled all this with the grace and compassion I did. I was a different woman before your teaching me to be a peaceful woman. I would have been vindictive and bitter. It would have been an ugly, nasty divorce. I never would have forgiven them and neither would my children. But because you taught me another way, taught me to keep my focus on Jesus always, I live in peace. My children live in peace. They both have forgiven their father and girlfriend and we all live life amicably now. We have put the past behind us. We are there for each other. All of us.
    Yes, I’m even there for the girlfriend if she needs. And she for me.

    NONE of this would have been possible before. God had a plan though and He is glorified abundantly thru our testimony. Anytime someone says, “wait you talk to your ex? you talk to her?! kindly?!” and I say yes…it opens the door to explain compassion and forgiveness. It opens the door to explain how BIG our God is. How His plans are always greater than ours. And when my ex shares, when she shares, when family and friends share, when my children and husband share…it expands our reach. That is a lot of people telling others “a story you’ll never believe” and for many to come to hear of God’s goodness for the first time.

    It came from your obedience first April. I never could begin to thank you for what you have done in my life. We all live such a calm, loving and peaceful life now. God be praised!! I pray God continues to bless you, your family and ministry always. More people need to know what you teach. It changes lives.

    1. Quinn,

      My goodness, sister! I am so thankful God allowed our paths to cross, too. I could never have imagined how dark the road would get—several times in your life. Whew! But in spite of your husband’s choices, you sought the Lord and wanted to honor Him. What God did in you was—and is—so very beautiful.

      What an incredible thing that you are able to not have bitterness, resentment, and vitriol against your ex-husband and the woman he had an affair with. That is a total Jesus thing! Not a human strength kind of thing.

      How I pray that your husband and the other woman might come to know the salvation, healing, and abundant life available to them through Jesus.

      And I am so thankful that things are not ugly and nasty and that you didn’t hold onto all the toxic stuff that would have been so easy to let build up in your heart and mind.

      What an incredible blessing that your children were able to forgive their dad, too.

      It blew my mind the way you were able to hear God so clearly in the midst of such pain and turmoil years ago. I know it wasn’t easy. At all. And yet, God was so obviously right there with you. It was an honor to get to walk beside you. You have been a blessing and a joy!

      May the Lord continue His work in you to completion and may you continue to seek Him wholeheartedly, that He might be greatly glorified in your story!

      How I pray God will reach many, many more women (and men and children) with the power of His gospel and the wisdom of His Word. May He raise up many, many others to live it and to share it.

      Much love!

    2. Hi Quinn,

      It was interesting to read your update and to see the similarities between our paths. You see, my own path has taken a similar route; after nearly 4 years of being a single father, I met a young lady with whom I found a strong connection with and a deep attraction to, and after a few months of prayerful consideration, we have chosen to start dating, with the intent of exploring a marriage relationship as the desired outcome.

      But I’ve hesitated to post any update on here, because I am firmly convinced that a marriage should be a lifetime commitment, and I do not want to undermine that in the minds of anyone reading this blog who is in a struggling relationship! I don’t want to paint a picture that leaving a struggling marriage and entering a relationship with another person somehow solves all of the problems that were there in the first one. Because it doesn’t.

      The reality is, that whilst I enjoy her company a great deal and I believe that God is in support of this relationship, I also believe that He has a great deal of sorrow over the divorce that has occurred, and has permitted this new relationship in His grace and mercy. Additionally, there are a great many things that require careful consideration as we explore this new relationship, that would not be present within a first marriage. One of the trickiest things is the children of the first marriage!! We are lucky in that they both have connected well with her, and have both even been asking God if He would please give her to them as a step-mum, but things like what church to attend, where to live, how to manage the influence of the ex-spouse on the children and so forth, all take on a deeper significance when another relationship is considered.

      I have chosen to take a path of complete transparency, even to the extent of giving my ex-wife’s phone number to my girlfriend and encouraging her to sit down and talk with her, and form her own views over why that marriage failed. I based this decision on Proverbs 18:17, which illustrates that it is easy to believe one person’s point of view, before we hear the other side. They have formed an amicable friendship, where they both hug each other and have a chat when they see each other. I have a similar friendship with my ex-wife’s boyfriend, I chat freely with him about their house plans, his life and so forth. It is good for my children to see this grace displayed, on both sides, and it is my hope that he and his family/friends are drawn to God through our difficult situation.

      I also carry deep hurt within me as an individual, as a result of the marriage breakdown, and whilst it is a healing thing to be loved so freely and deeply now by a Godly woman, I am conscious that it would be easy to fall into the same trap of relying on another fallible human being for my emotional security, rather than God. The same truths of finding my security and foundation in God still apply, now. I use the hashtag #loveisachoice all the time now; I appreciate the gift of time and love when I am given it, but I do not expect it. The cool thing is, because my girlfriend can feel the freedom that I give her, the love she gives to me is very warm and voluntary.

      And it is good to be able to live out a Christian relationship, where there are clear, unambiguous boundaries. The children can see two adults carefully relying on God’s leading, not living together in an unbiblical sexual relationship, and seeking advice and wisdom through all of the stages of getting to know each other. This is something that they would not have seen lived out, if I had of stayed single. It is my hope that they can see that a relationship based on God’s principles works, and desire this for themselves.

      But with all of these positives, there are a great deal of extra challenges that come with a second relationship. To those of you reading this blog, please know that divorce hurts, that God’s way of “one man and one woman for life” truly is the best way, and that whilst in His grace He can and does provide companionship for those who have had to experience the trauma of divorce, there are many extra challenges that a second relationship brings with it, particularly when young children are present. Please don’t be disillusioned by the thought of ‘swapping your partner for someone else’.

      I have written a great deal, haven’t I! Quinn, I hope and pray that your relationship goes well, and that you continually seek God’s wisdom upon it, for all of you.

      In Christ, HF

      1. HF,

        Thanks for sharing your update!

        The healing the Lord has brought into this situation is miraculous!

        Praying for God’s leading and continued healing for you all. And for God to be glorified in mighty ways.

        Thank you for not encouraging people to take divorce lightly and for talking about the difficulties and pain it brings. It is certainly not God’s ideal for us.

        But I am thankful that He is with us even in the worst case scenarios and that He can bring beauty from ashes and joy from mourning. Even if we must endure an unwanted divorce.

        And thank you for wanting to honor Christ more than anything else.

        Not all of you know HF’s story, but he certainly had biblical justification for divorcing his first wife, and yet he did not pursue divorce.

    3. Hi Quinn,
      Thanks so much for sharing your testimony. It’s a wonderful reminder of the miracles that God can perform in a human heart.

      My Dad had an affair and I was filled with anger, bitterness, self-righteous pride and revenge towards him and the other woman for years. I said terrible things to them and about them. It ruined years of my life. It took a long while for me to repent and submit to Christ and work on forgiving them and allowing my heart to heal. I now pray for both of them every day – that they will be filled with godly sorrow that leads to repentance. I now see myself as a wretched sinner in desperate need of God’s grace so I pray for continued transformation.

      Unforgiveness is the worst thing to allow into our hearts, regardless of the circumstances. Your kids are very blessed to have you as a mother. I pray that Christ will continue to reign supreme your heart.

  8. Peaceful Wife, what a lovely post! One thing I noticed though – why is it all so black and white? You said you felt like your husband was holding you back, but then you realized you were also being disrespectful to him in a lot of ways. It’s great that you realized it, but why couldn’t you just tell your husband how you were feeling, so that you guys could talk about it and see where each of you could improve?

    1. watermullllen,

      That would have been amazing if we could have figured out how to do that back then. Yep.

      I did talk to my husband constantly. Told him all the ways he needed to change and how he wasn’t a good enough husband or Christian or dad, etc… Unfortunately, I had no idea that I was making things a lot worse. He didn’t need me to try to control or change him.

      Also unfortunately, he never said anything to me about how obnoxious I was being, he just shut down and put up a big wall. I had no idea what he was thinking, even thought I asked him a lot. So I didn’t know that I was contributing to the problem. He didn’t feel safe with me emotionally or spiritually, because he really wasn’t. I steamrolled him.

      We were a bit of a mess! Honestly, I was in no position to do ministry for God at that point, anyway. I had a lot of maturing to do. I could quote scripture and only listened to Christian music, but my heart was not fully submitted to the Lordship of Jesus. I was disrespectful to God and demanding of Him, too. But I couldn’t see it.

      I’m so thankful God eventually showed me what I was doing and that He healed me, my husband, and our marriage.

      Turns out, when I was willing to look at my part of things and repent of my sin and put God first, God was able to use me just where I was. And He even led me through the husband I thought couldn’t lead me and couldn’t hear God. When I am not taking over and putting him down a lot, when I treat him with honor and respect, he is able to hear God and lead very well. Super blessed!

      Much love!

      1. This is excellent response, April. Thank you so much for your openness with all of us. “I was disrespectful to God and demanding of Him, too.” Wowzers. I relate!

        1. Growing Up Spiritually,

          Yep. My whole understanding of any God-given authority or God’s authority was super skewed. I tried to just run right over leaders and God. And didn’t even see it. Subconsciously, although I would never have said this out loud, I expected everyone to essentially bow to me and my will. Even God. I truly believed I knew best. Always!


          My pride was through the roof!

          And, as Andrew Murray says in the book, “Humility,” (paraphrasing here) Pride is the root of every evil. And humility is the root of every virtue.

          God, thankfully, revealed to me that my disrespect for Greg and my contemptous attitude toward him was a tangible indicator of my disrespect and poor attitude toward the Lord.

          The way we treat people reveals our heart to God. Whatever we do for “the least of these” brothers, we do to Jesus. The way I love people reveals my love for God. Or lack of love.

          My flagrant disregard for people in positions of God’s delegated authority was ultimately about my lack of submission to the Lordship of Christ and His authority.

          Not that Greg is God or any human leader is God. Not at all!

          But all it takes is a look at Scripture to see what happened to those who expressed disdain for God’s chosen authorities—like Korah’s rebellion against Moses— to realize that disrespect of people God sets in places of authority in our lives is disrespect for Him. Of course, we are never to follow human leaders into sin. There are times we cannot submit to people in positions of authority. But if they are not leading us into sin, we need to be sure that we are not fighting God and His will by fighting against those God has placed in our lives to care for us in servant-leader positions.

          God’s design for spiritual authority is extremely important for us to grasp.

          Thanks for sharing!

  9. When my marriage was on the brink and I started researching on what to do, this page showed up. I really had no idea what is was to be a Godly wife due to upbringing. It has been the saving grace ever since. I have learned so much and my marriage turned around 180! I am so very grateful for you and all that you have shared. I have learned so much and continue to do so. I hope to meet you one day. Thank you and God bless you always!

    1. Kat,

      Having a godly example is a huge blessing. But I am also thankful that God allows us all access to His best for us if we are willing to yield to Him fully, even if we had a terrible background. We all have equal access to His design and His goodness. He is able to restore the years the locusts have eaten! 🎉💕

      What a joy that we can share God’s treasures and wisdom here together.

      Won’t it be amazing to get to all meet one day and share all that God has done?

      Thank you for sharing!

      May God richly bless you and your family for His glory.


  10. I encountered your blog during a lonely time in which I was newly married and honestly terrified that my husband wasn’t leading us how God would want him to. I was so scared by what I interpreted as prayerlessness and a lack of devotion, when really my husband is just different from me and his relationship with God doesn’t look the same as mine. My relationship with my husband has become much more authentic and trusting over the years, but more than that, I’ve become more established in my identity in Christ, in great part because of my husband’s love and humility toward me. Honestly, I still ebb and flow sometimes when it comes to fully submitting to God and my husband from my heart, but I’m praying for consistency, and I’m humbler than I used to be. I’ve repented of spiritual pride and will continue to do so. Your blog has been one of ways God has helped me know I’m not alone and that I can trust Him with my dreams of ministry and children, dreams/plans I believe came from Him. It has served as a reminder that I don’t need to jump out in front of my husband or try to control him in subtle ways. I always go back to the fact that I am not the Holy Spirit and that while God commands and desires that I pray, he doesn’t need my unsolicited “help.” 🙂 Thank you for your ministry and humility and for taking the time to interact with all of us. Many blessings to you and your family.

    1. Growing Up Spiritually,

      I love the name you are calling yourself! Isn’t this God’s greatest desire for us all as His children? So sweet!

      I can definitely relate to your story, too.

      I often judged my husband’s heart, in those early years. I assumed he wasn’t praying. I assumed he didn’t love God as much as I did because he didn’t talk about spiritual things a lot.

      But some people are a lot more private about their spiritual walk. And even more so if they feel condemned or judged and held in contempt.

      It turns out, my husband did have faith in God and did pray and even read his Bible. But not around me. Not when I was watching.

      And, it turns out, he was perfectly capable of leading in godly ways if I was willing to stand down and stop grabbing the steering wheel from him while he was trying to drive the family car.

      I praise God that your relationship with your husband is healing and WOW! I am SUPER thankful to hear that you are becoming more and more established in your identity in Christ. That is awesome!

      What a huge answer to my prayers to hear that you are trusting God more and more and yielding to His leading.

      How I thank and praise God that He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. I can’t wait to see all that the Lord has in store. He cherishes our willingness to humble ourselves. It is only then that we can truly experience all of Him that He wants to give and all that He wants to do.

      Much love to you!

      1. Aww, thank you for writing back, April. My name is actually the title of a book that impacted me several years back. And yes, our “watching” isn’t really all that necessary/helpful, is it? 🙂 <3

        1. Growing Up Spiritually,

          That is so neat about the book!

          Sometimes I think I need to take the Holy Spirit’s place. But I make a horrible Holy Spirit! Watching and trying to convict my husband or make him do what I think he should do doesn’t work.
          Being his enemy and accuser doesn’t work either. He already has an Acuser. I don’t want to give Satan any assistance with that job either.

          Much love!

  11. Congratulations and Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! I discovered your blog in late January 2013, when I was at one of the lowest points in my marriage. You and your blog has change my life, brought healing to myself and my marriage, and changed my whole view on God’s design for a blessed and peaceful marriage. Thank you for your love and sacrifice and for pouring into us and loving us the way Jesus loves. Praise God for all that you do and for blessing us with YOU and your love for us and your desire to help other women find happiness and peace in our marriages, year after year. May God continue to bless you, your family, and all that you do!! xoxo

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