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Happy 2020—and a Quick Update from Me!

Hello, sweet friends!!! I’ve missed you!!!

I hope you and your families are doing well and that the new decade is off to a glorious start for each of you.

We have had a lot going on here and it has been a joy to get to focus on the Lord, my family, my job, and friends over the past 7 weeks. Here’s a quick rundown:


We were able to visit family out of town for Thanksgiving, which was a huge blessing. And we got to see all of my family in SC, as well.

Our daughter turned 13 and our son turned 18 after Christmas. So we have been doing a lot of celebrating birthdays and just lots of time playing family games with the kids and making memories. With our son graduating from high school in a few months, time is quickly fleeting!

We have been investing and pouring into our children doing fun things, spiritual training, and just loving on them. We started working through a book to help them become very familiar with the Bible and how to study it. We are focusing more on praying together and on hashing through lies and skewed thinking together.

Greg is taking on new ministry roles and I am in full support of him in every way. I will also probably be helping him, at times, with his new calling. So thankful to the Lord that Greg and I have been doing great! All credit to Him!

This whole Christmas season was a lot better for all of us than last year was, with both of his parents passing away suddenly toward the end of 2018. God has been healing us all in many ways and we are very thankful.


Then I had the incredible opportunity to go to StoryBrand Guide Certification training in Nashville, TN in the middle of December for a week. I had actually prayed and asked God to help me better understand story and marketing. So this was an amazing answer to my prayers.

I am so thankful to be able to work for my family business. It is extremely evident that this is where the Lord desires me to be at this time for a multitude of reasons. The time I am getting to spend with my parents and my brother is priceless. And I am enjoying writing very much!


Over the past few weeks, I have been focusing more than ever on being still before the Lord, seeking Him, inviting Him to lead our family and me in any direction He wants us to go. My goal is to be completely yielded to His leading. I have a much greater sense of the direction I believe He has for me after this time, and am super thankful for that.


And we have also made a more concentrated effort in prayer and in practice than ever to build a greater Christian community around our family by inviting old and new friends (and their kids) to our home as often as possible. They need this. We all need this! It has been a major answer to prayer to see what God has been doing through these get-togethers.

What an incredible blessing to get to spend New Year’s Eve with three other families and to be able to pray over our children together for 2020 while the kids were laughing and having a great time together in the other room!


Things are ramping up in the world, following right along with all that Scripture told us to expect as the rapture and Great Tribulation draw near . I expect this year to be tumultuous in the world. My prayer is that we might all be alert, prayerful, and focus on being right with God and with people. I believe time is short. May we live with no regrets!

I pray we will be open to all the opportunities we have to share the Gospel and to make disciples through the power of the Holy Spirit and sharing the truth of the Bible with others freely. May God use us all to help bring many precious souls into His kingdom!



Draw each of our hearts more and more to Yourself. Help us to love You far above anyone or anything else in this world. Cleanse us of all sin, messed up thinking, and unbelief. Conform us to the image of Christ. Lead us in Your perfect will and please empower us to love You and to love others with Your love. Help us be extremely sensitive to Your leading and fully yielded to the Lordship of Christ. Please use us, our marriages, and our families for Your glory in 2020.



How about you? <3 I’d love to hear what is going on in your world!

What have you been learning recently? How was your holiday season with your family and the Lord? Is there something on your heart you’d like to share?

Much love to each of you!

May you be richly blessed by the Lord with great faith, peace, joy, and fruitfulness in His kingdom in 2020!

13 thoughts to “Happy 2020—and a Quick Update from Me!”

  1. April, it is so nice to read one of your posts. I’ve missed you. But I am so happy to hear about all the Lord has been doing in your life. I pray you and your family have a healthy, happy, and blessed 2020.

    1. Bridget A. Thomas,

      It’s wonderful to hear from you! I hope you are doing well. <3 Thank you for the encouragment and prayers. Whatever happens, what a joy that the Lord will be with us. He is good and He is faithful!

  2. I’ve missed you! I checked daily to see if there was a notification that I might have missed. I am so glad to hear that God is totally working new stuff in you and your family. I pray that you and your husband stay close to Him during this new adventure your husband is involved in! I’m so excited to hear that you are reaching out to other families too and having them over more, we have the same sense of direction. Thankfully my husband can smoke meat and I just pray, we make a good team. I pray that us opening up our doors to these folks that He will shine in us, our relationship as a marriage, and children (or dog and kitty in my case). God is totally doing so much work in me and it is evident as you will see. God truly is moving swiftly already this year and I’m following as close to Him as I possibly can. I can’t wait to read what He has next brewing in your cup! God bless you precious April! – Angie

    1. angbam,

      I’m so glad that you are following the Lord closely. That is the best place ot be in all the world! May the Lord richly bless you and your husband and may He shine much light on the path He has for you.

      Much love!

  3. Hi April!

    So refreshing to hear from you! We too had a blessed holiday. I myself have spent extended time in quiet reflection over the past weeks. Sometimes with the Word before me, sometimes in prayer, and sometimes just in silence. Amazing how invigorating being still can be!

    Blessings to you and your family, sister. May we do great things in the name of our Father this year!
    Marcie May

  4. Wow. your kids are getting up there! So glad you are all consistent. As a man on this forum, I still read your web page; we are doing foster care again. 2 babies right now in addition to 2 adults with special needs in the house and one of my 16 yr old twins is driving. My security/police career reboot failed and I am now training with a great school bus company (at 57 yrs old). My oldest (of 10 kids) is married and had a baby and is an LA sheriff deputy! If I explained all my life this would be 2 pages.
    I always read your stuff. my wife and I butt heads on respect issues constantly but I’ve learned to just continue to serve her best I can…though we have come to an agreement on intimate stuff and kids stuff.
    April, keep up the good work work.


    1. Jeff,

      It’s great to hear from you. What an incredible ministry of God’s love it is to care for so many precious children and adult children with special needs.

      I’m really glad to hear that you are seeking to serve and love your wife well. Marriage is hard! And having children, especially with special needs, is super challenging. I’m glad that the two of you have come to a mutual agreement on important issues. That sounds like a lot of progress. May the Lord richly bless you, your wife, and your family.

  5. Hey April,

    I was just thinking about you the other day. We were mentioning at church books that inspired us this past year and even though I read your books before 2019, I keep going back to them. I mentioned that your YouTube videos really helped save my marriage and I was wondering how you were doing.

    Now I keep going back to your videos to help with my parenting. You are awesome, glad you are doing well, hope to see new videos from you soon.

    1. Brittany,

      It’s wonderful to hear from you! I’m so thankful that the Lord has used the books and videos to bless you. What an answer to my prayers!

      Thanks for the encouragement. <3

  6. Hi April,
    I’m happy to hear from you and it’s wonderful to hear how God has been working in your life. Your deep faith in Christ will bless your family richly. Your kids are blessed to have you as a mother and your husband is blessed to have you as a wife…and we are all blessed to have you as a friend.

    The past few weeks have been tumultuous. My father has cancer and has been getting sicker and weaker. He hasn’t been able to get chemotherapy for 2 months because the doctors think he’s too weak. In addition, my husband lost his job and soon after crashed his van into a wall so he now won’t be able to start a business to work on his own and we may have to go into debt to fix the wall.

    It’s been tough. Through it all, I’m staying close to Christ and deepening my prayer life. Because of that, I have greater peace than ever before and I’m hanging onto the promise that God will work all these trials for my good (Romans 8:28). I also started to increase my contributions to my church, to show God that I trust Him to see me through.

    Also, my husband (who grew up in a communist country and doesn’t know Christ) has started reading the Bible and listening to Psalms while he sleeps. My greatest prayer is that both my husband and father experience deep conversions through these trials.

    May God continue to bless you richly.

    1. Nikki,

      Oh, no!

      What a tough couple of weeks!

      I wish I could give you a big hug!
      But what a beautiful attitude and how amazing to see God working through the trials for good.

      Praying for God’s glory and great blessings to come through the trials.


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