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I’m Starting a New Career This Week!

Photo by Andrea Reiman on Unsplash

A year ago this past week, my second book, “The Peaceful Mom,” released. I had visions of maybe being able to start doing full-time or part-time vocational ministry: blogging, speaking at women’s conferences, and doing YouTube videos.

That didn’t happen.

I mean, I did continue to blog and do videos. But after one conference in April of last year, nothing else came to fruition. And my ministry didn’t take off and soar to new heights, numerically or financially, at least.

Instead, our family has faced a very difficult year of one death after another and many trials. My online and speaking ministry seemed to almost dry up, at times. But it was a good thing that I wasn’t scheduled for a bunch of speaking engagements or writing another book. In God’s mercy, He provided a way for me to be much more available to minister to my own family – and to spend more time with Him – during our time of greatest need. I am grateful! I’m also very thankful to you all for the way you have prayed, encouraged, and loved us during so many trials over the past 9 months.

I am not where I expected or wanted to be in my life, family, or ministry.

However, my faith is stronger than ever and I continue to seek God with all my heart!

My Deepest Prayer

Last spring, during the time I spent 6 weeks away from ministry and communing with the Lord, more than me praying that I might get to do vocational ministry, I prayed for God’s will. I asked Him to transform me and make me holy and allow me to experience much more of Himself. I asked that if I was not ready for an increase in online women’s ministry, that He would shut the doors. I prayed that He might make me as fruitful as possible for His kingdom and cleanse and refine me.

I prayed for His will far above my will.

The path I thought would be mine is not mine. That is okay! As long as I am close to Jesus and on the path He has for me, I am exactly where I need and want to be. His plans are much better than mine could ever be. I trust Him! His wisdom is infinitely greater than mine. And He knows the future. I do not! I believe He is preparing me for good things.

God revealed to me, even last March, that Greg would need my support, respect, and love more than ever soon. And wow, was He right! I knew that online ministry may have to take a backseat, at times. How thankful I am that God gave me that time with Him and that closeness and some warning.

As long as I know I am with Jesus and He is with me. I am content. Peaceful. Joyful.

I have seen God do amazing things in our family spiritually, even in the midst of the painful trials we have experienced. Even in our sadness and grief. He has been answering so many of my prayers for my children and my husband. Things I have prayed for years — I am seeing them blossom. God is still good. I still trust Him completely and praise Him!

Lord, bring Yourself the most possible glory through my life. Whatever path that may be!

A New Season

God gently let me know in October of last year that I was entering a new season. I wasn’t sure what all that would mean. And then in January, He whispered to me that there were going to be new horizons opening up for Greg and me in the near future.

I have been a pharmacist for almost 24 years and was a pharmacy student/intern/technician for 3 years before I became a pharmacist. There are parts of pharmacy I really love — especially taking care of patients, getting to know them, counseling them, and trying to help find solutions that may have been missed. I care very much about each of them and long to be a blessing in every way to them. I want to always have a friendly smile for each of them and treat them with the utmost professionalism, courtesy, and respect.

But there are some parts of pharmacy that I don’t love so much. I have actually been praying about the possibility of leaving pharmacy for about 17 years.

Now, an amazing opportunity has presented itself. I have done much wrestling — even agonizing — in prayer over this during the past few weeks. I have received many confirmations to my prayers. And, of course, Greg has given his full leadership, support, and blessing.

I have decided to take a job with my parents’ and brother’s company.

They do bulk mailing, website design, printing, fulfillment, book printing, and graphic design. They have about 30 employees now and I have known many of them for ten-fifteen years or more. My dad stepped down from the position of president in January and my younger brother is now the president. My mom and dad are still there working full-time.

I sit at the reception desk to interact with people who come in and direct phone calls — which I love. I will spend the bulk of my time using my writing skills to help write website content, work with customers, and do some editing for the company’s website and for customers. I am also helping with some of the book work and financial things. I will be gaining more and more responsibilities over the coming months. There is a lot of room for me to grow my skill set and spread my wings with new opportunities.

I’m super thrilled that I am going to learn a lot about managing websites. Can’t wait to see what I get to learn! I believe God is going to equip me to be able to do a better job on my own ministry websites through what I learn on my new job. How amazing is that!?! This is an area where I don’t know much and where I really want to grow in my understanding.

Me at my new job!

I am working full-time this week at my new job and only have 3 hours left to work in pharmacy. My plan, at this time, is to essentially retire from pharmacy.

Change Is Hard

In some ways, it is sad to leave pharmacy. It’s hard to leave so many patients and coworkers I have grown close to. Some of them don’t want to see me go. Several patients cried when I told them goodbye last week. And I cried, too.

It’s also scary to make a big change and to face so many unknowns in a huge career switch like this. I definitely had some major fears to pray through and important questions to hash through with the Lord — especially the night after I turned in my two week notice in the pharmacy — until about 3 in the morning. I took my major anxiety to God and the fear that was overwhelming me. He calmed every fear and spoke so sweetly to my soul. He gently showed me His answer to every fear. I’m so thankful.

I am very grateful for the opportunities I have had in pharmacy.

I did much praying about what career to choose when I was in high school and I believe that God was leading me in the decision to choose pharmacy all those years ago. I have seen God use me in pharmacy to be a blessing to many people over these past few decades. I’m sure it may sound crazy to leave pharmacy for something else. Especially after so many years in this field. But I believe it is now time. The timing also worked out just right with what is going on with Greg and our kids and what my family’s business needs.

My new desk in the lobby area

I’m very excited to get to spend more time with my parents and brother — all of whom I love and respect greatly. I can’t wait to connect with all of my new customers and coworkers. I am thrilled to see all that God has in store in this “new season” for our family and for me. I want so much to be a blessing to everyone at my new job and to represent my family and their business well.

We have seen in recent months how short life is. I want to make the most of our time together as a family with my parents and brother and also with Greg and our children. I’m also excited to use my writing skills and to spread my wings a bit and do some challenging, new things. I’ve got four days at my new job under my belt and feel right at home there. I can’t wait to really get to dig into all of my new responsibilities.

I am at peace.

The biggest adjustment will be that I am increasing my work hours quite a bit from about 11 hours per week to 32 hours per week during the school year and 25 hours per week in the summer. So I need to carefully order my priorities as the Lord leads me and things may have to look different in several areas of my life with these changes. I’ll definitely need to be much more careful with time management. And our children will be taking on more responsibilities with chores and maybe even grocery shopping — which will help prepare them to be mature, responsible adults, as well.

Agreeable gray and white look really pretty!

Another Job Recently

I also have been painting almost the entire inside of Greg’s parents’ house — agreeable gray. I have almost finished 12 rooms. Just two rooms need to be trimmed and I will be done. Apparently, agreeable gray is one of the most popular colors in the housing market right now. It really does look beautiful. Greg is starting on replacing about 700 square feet of old carpet with new vinyl planking. I think it will be gorgeous! We hope to put the house on the market soon.

We have had several new waves of grief, all of us, as we have cleared Greg’s parents’ house out and as we get ready to put their house on the market. Some of this grief stuff is tough! I’m sure many of you are all too familiar with how hard it can be.

It is sad to be in Greg’s parents house. It doesn’t feel like their house anymore. Everything is empty and strange. Even so, I do love to see the house being transformed and ready for a future family to enjoy. There is something amazing about fixing up a house and getting it looking its best. We have spent years doing renovations on the three houses we have lived in since we got married – always with Greg’s dad helping us on almost every project. So we are used to this kind of thing. We learned from one of the best teachers! I am already praying that this house — and all of that agreeable gray — will be a huge blessing to the new buyers and that God will bring just the right family to live there.

We will be selling his parents’ rent house, too, soon. But I don’t plan to paint that house! I think I’ll let someone else handle that job. We’ve also been dealing with quite a lot of illness with one of our children over the past 2 months that has kept us on our toes and on our knees.

So things have been a tad bit crazy lately!

Counting Trials As Joy

I’m so thankful God is with us and working in and through us and all of the circumstances for His glory. What a blessing to know this and to be able to hold onto all of His Word and promises.

It’s a priceless gift to know that we, as believers in Christ, can count every trial as joy (James 1:2-4) as we invite God to use each one to help us grow and to bring about fruit in His kingdom. This doesn’t mean we don’t grieve and feel sad. We do. We have to allow ourselves the time and space to feel and express our grief. We can’t stuff it or ignore it. We feel it. We hash through it. We take it to God and invite Him to heal, carry, and comfort us in the midst of our sorrows and trials. He is with us. He never leaves us or forsakes us. And He is able to use all things — good and bad — for His ultimate glory and our ultimate good to conform us to the image of Christ. (Rom. 8:28-29)

The comfort God gives us is comfort we can then extend to others who are hurting.

I have had many opportunities — especially in the past year — to practice the principles God has been teaching me over the last 10 years that I have compiled in the books, “The Peaceful Wife,” and in, “The Peaceful Mom.” If nothing else, His wisdom has greatly blessed my family and me during our times of suffering over the past year. I am thankful beyond words for all that God has done for us — and for the chance to write those books and this blog to share the treasures of Jesus with y’all.

Please Pray for Me!

As I adjust to the new schedule over the next few weeks, I will continue, as always, to invite God to show me what direction He would like me to take with ministry. If you would also pray for God’s wisdom and leading for me about ministry things, it would be such a gift! I still have a huge heart for women and long to be useful to the Lord to make an impact for His kingdom in His way and through His power. Also, if you would also please pray for God’s continued healing for all of us in our grief, that would be amazing.

More than anything, I want to be where God wants me to be — close to His heart. I want to be faithful and obedient to His calling on my life. I want Him to make me more and more like Jesus. I want to see His will be done and His kingdom come in my life, family, and ministry — whatever that means in God’s eyes and whatever it may cost me. I want more of Him!

Thank you all for your encouragement, love, and support!

Much love!



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41 thoughts to “I’m Starting a New Career This Week!”

  1. Thank you April for sharing, I think the new job will be good for you, its always scary and exciting all at the same time when God takes you through a new season. I feel God is taking us through a new season too, but dunno when and what it will look like yet, just have to keep praying..

    I will keep you in my prayers and everything else that needs to be covered in prayer also.

    1. Bec Dean,

      I think it will be awesome. It is a whole different vibe there. And what a treat to get to eat lunch with my brother and parents almost every day.

      Yes, there are many emotions to work through during a change like this, aren’t there? Praying for God’s wisdom and leading for you and your family, as well, my precious sister.

      Thank you for your prayers and love! <3

  2. Wow, April! I’m so excited for you with your new job and to be closer to your family as you even get to work alongside them. I love your desk and your view! It’s so awesome that you can use your writing gift at new new job.

    My husband and I recently had our kitchen and bathroom redone. It was so hard to decide on a color we both agreed on in the kitchen. We tried several samples of color on the wall. He wanted white at first and I wanted a darker color. We tried many shades from whitish to darker. We finally decided on “Agreeable Gray” by Sherwin Williams and we both love it! We painted it last month. It sounds like that is the same color you are painting Greg’s parents house. 🙂

    I will be praying for you for wisdom and guidance with the new job and ministry, and for the Lord to comfort and bring more healing in you and your family’s grief. I would love to share my testimony to see if you could use it, but my testimony has so many ups and downs I don’t know. I recently went to a women’s conference where women shared their testimonies and it was the most powerful women’s conference I’ve been to. It revived me and I began writing again just recently. Praise God for His powerful work in all of our lives. All glory to Him!

    1. Amber,
      Thanks so much! I am really happy to get to use my writing skills, too. I love to write!

      How neat that you used Agreeable Gray, too! My brother and his wife did, and our neighbor. And, apparently, lots and lots of people. <3

      Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement. If you want to share and you feel led, just let me know.

      How I praise and thank God for all He has done, is doing, and will do in each of our lives for His glory and our good.
      Much love!

  3. I am so excited for you, April! What a gift to work with your family whom you love so much. I see a peaceful future for you in that lovely reception area. 🙂 I pray for God’s will to be done in your life, but I selfishly pray that he still wants you in ministry!! I know I sure do! Big hugs. Enjoy this new chapter to the fullest.

    1. Jodi,
      It’s so great to hear from many friends. You are precious to me. So are all of the other ladies who are sharing. I think He is going to show me a lot about online sites and ministry, so I hope I get to keep posting and sharing. Much love, my dear sister!

  4. April, so glad to hear about your new change! So much to look forward to. It’s funny how God has His plans for us. We may not know why or how, but just trusting Him to show the light, one step at a time.

    I, too, will be going through major change. After 4.5 years of trying to restore my marriage, I had to physically open my hands and finish giving it all to God. My marriage, kids. Job, everything. I prayed for direction, wisdom, discernment. I trusted God with it all. Now, I will be going through a divorce and moving from my home of 23 years.

    The funny thing is, I’m so at peace. I don’t know why. And my husband and I are getting along better than ever. I “released” him from our vows and agreed to the divorce if he still wanted it. I know I did everything I could in my power to try to save my marriage. But in the end, I was only 1 of 2. And it takes 2. I pray my kids come through this ok. They know things are not good. They want 2 happy parents, even if they are not together anymore. I have God with me. I know He will guide me where He wants me to be. Only God knows my future, and I trust Him.

    April, stumbling across your blog 4.5 years ago was amazing. You and God helped set me on a narrow path to life. Although this has been the worst struggle of my life, I know I have grown and learned and found, in God, a much richer life. I will be forever grateful for your ministry. I have taken a long break, but I still talk to Bel. I read most of your posts and cherish the copies of your 2 books. There is so much life to be lived. I know that things wont be easy, and tough challenges ahead, but I know who I am, and who’s child I am, and I am facing the future with a newfound strength.

    I pray for you to grow and learn and find joy in this new chapter of your life. Yours- LMS daily 115.

    1. LMSdaily115,
      It’s great to hear from you! I know that you did all you could on your end. And I know how much you have grown in your faith. I’m so proud of you!

      We know why you are at peace. You have Jesus. And you are seeking to live for Him. That is the most peaceful place to be in all the world.

      How I pray that your husband will come to Christ, too, in time. And that your children will find healing in Jesus. I’m glad you are able to release your husband to God. You can’t change him or fix him. You can’t heal him or open his eyes. But you can be a beautiful, godly example to him through the power of the Holy Spirit living in you and transforming you.

      I can’t wait to see all that the Lord has in store for you and I pray for His greatest glory in your life and in your husband’s and children’s lives.

      Much love!

  5. April,

    I just want to say thank you and let you know that your ministry has been a great blessing to me and continues to challenge me in my daily walk with the Lord, my husband and my children. Thank you. As I was reading your post and praying for you this is the scripture that came to mind- “Truly I tell you, unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains by itself. But if it dies, it produces much fruit.” John 12:24

    In your obedience and willingness to step out, embrace peace, and fully trust Him, I believe our will see an abundance of fruit spring forth out of this season. Thank you again for encouraging us on and being an example to all. Blessings and Shalom to you dear friend (I know we’ve never met but that’s what I consider you ❤️)…and maybe someday, we really can meet 😊

    1. Rebecca,

      Aw! Thank you for this. Yes, dying to self. That is what brings life and fruit. That is beautiful!

      Thank you for your prayers and your encouragement. I appreciate your friendship and love very much. Can’t wait to see all that God has in store for us all.

      Everyone who is in Christ is a friend to me – and a sister or brother.

      Much love and the biggest hug to you! We will meet one day — either here or in heaven!

  6. April, I am so excited for you and the new path you are taking! It is not crazy at all. Many people wind up switiching careers at some point. In my current job I work with many people who were nurses but are now in the hospital’s IT department.

    I am praying for you and your family as you continue to go through many changes. I know some are difficult and some are exciting too. Maybe I am selfish (lol) but I do truly hope that the Lord’s will is for you to continue your ministry as well.

    I cannot tell you how much you have been a blessing to me over these past few years. And you continue to speak to my heart with every post. You not only helped me in my marriage, but you also were an inspiration when I decided to start my own ministry. It has not always been easy and I continue to wrestle out different things in my walk, but God has been faithful. And you and your ministry have been a godsend! I literally feel more peaceful when I am reading your words!! So I just wanted to say thank you for all you do! And I pray that God is by your side in your new journey!

    1. Bridget A. Thomas,

      Hello, sweet sister! Thank you for taking time to share with me. You are such a joy! I appreciate your wisdom and love. You are an inspiration to me every time I hear from you or read something you have written.

      God will put me exactly where He wants me to be when He wants me to be there. I still have such a heart for women and want to be a Titus 2:3-5 woman. I know God is equipping and preparing me. I will definitely let y’all know when I know the direction He has for me in this season with ministry.

      May God richly bless you and how I thank and praise Him for all that He has done and will do in your life!

      Much love!

  7. God lines us us with our gifts! I have a testimony about praying through a time, asking God to use my gifts and to help me figure out what I should be doing. It was amazing how it all went down through praying and fasting. April I’m so glad you arr lining up with God’s will and not doing your own thing. God will bless that!

    1. Sharon,

      Ooh! I would love to hear about it if you think you may like to share.

      Praying and fasting — that is an awesome way to seek the Lord and His will.

      Thank you for pouring out love into my life and for your prayers.

      Much love!

  8. Congrats April, you should be proud o yourself for gifting so many of us with your time and wisdom. I like your attitude towards change and willingness to obey God. It will all work together for your good bcos you love the Lord. Stay blessed.

    1. Matilda,

      For about 7 years, I spent about 30-35 hours per week or more writing posts and doing online ministry or writing books. Such a joy!

      Thank you for your insights and godly wisdom.

      Thank you for sharing God’s love and truth with me. What a blessing!

      Much love!

  9. Dear April, Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us and letting us step into your life a little bit. You have been a true example to me of a “peaceful wife”…..Your deep trust in the Lord, through everything you’ve been facing, is like a beacon that lights the way for others, because I know that it is only in a deep, intimate, relationship with Christ, that we can have that amazing peace that you exemplify. I started on this journey with you quite a few years ago and I have been so blessed and encouraged by you to stay the course. We conversed a little at the beginning and even though I have been mostly quiet since, I most always read your post and gain many nuggets of truth that I can glean and be encouraged from. I still want to blow up the television, LOL, but God is good and I have a new perspective on what my responsibilities are as a wife. My husband and I now have a peaceful relationship and I can honestly say that I am content and truly love and admire my husband. It hasn’t always been easy, but letting him be him by trusting the Lord with him and taking responsibility for myself has really made the difference. I will continue to pray for you as you embark on this new chapter in your life. Thank you, April, for the many hours you have spent speaking into our lives!! You are a true blessing and being a part of your life, here on this blog, I feel like I know you and love you dearly!!

    1. SavedbyGrace,
      I always want to be as transparent as possible with y’all. I believe that the comfort the Lord gives to our family will comfort and bless many others. Yes, God’s peace is very much a God thing, not a me thing. Without Him, I would be a total wreck!

      Thank you for sharing a bit about what God has been doing in your life and marriage. HOW BEAUTIFUL! I praise God with you! I’m honored that I had the privilege of being a small part of God’s healing in your life.

      Thank you for your prayers. There is no greater gift of love.

      Much love, my precious sister! Sending you a big hug!

  10. April this sounds like a wonderful and positive change as well as having some creativity and even fun; I took an IT course years ago and my favorite part was the web design part. I hope this brings peace and joy to all of you and times of refreshing. We all need those spiritual oases in life or we would faint along the way.

    1. SevenTimes,
      Thank you for sharing your encouragement with me. You are a blessing. That class sounds like it was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see all I get to learn and I know it is part of God’s plan for my life, but even more importantly, for His kingdom.

      Much love!

  11. Best wishes to you, April, and thank you everlastingly for the huge blessing you have been, and will be, in all our lives. ❤️

    1. Elizabeth Collins,

      It has been my joy and honor to get to share the treasures of Christ with so many of my sisters and to watch God spiritually heal hundreds and hundreds of women.

      I’m glad we get to share this journey together and encourage one another.

      Much love to you!

  12. What a lovely post, thank you for sharing all this exciting news. Although sad to lose parents, it is all part of the cycle of life, yes you are In my thoughts and prayers, am looking forward to hearing future instalments…
    Your desk and view look lovely, all best wishes for a brilliant and successful career change.
    Having followed your blog for some years, I share your heart to be more like Jesus. May you grow daily in his grace.

    1. Angie,

      Yes, this happens to almost all of us at some point. I was blessed to know and love Greg’s parents for 30 years. I met them when I was 15!

      Thank you for your prayers, friendship, love, and encouragement. I always enjoy reading your fresh insights and comments. You help expand my perspective and I love that.

      May the Lord richly bless your walk with Him and your family for His glory!

      With much love!

  13. How awesome and exciting, April! Prayers for you and your entire family as you venture out and explore all that God has for you!!

  14. April,

    6 years ago, I was 6 months married when the Lord brought me to your blog site as Learning Wife. My heart immediately connected with the words you were saying. I knew they were truth and I knew God was calling me higher. Years of reading, commenting, struggling, reaching out, repenting, changing, “relapsing” as a disrespectful nagging wife, starting over, learning more, trying again, taking 2 steps forward and 10 steps back, with my husband and the Lord, It wasn’t until about 4 years into my marriage, I feel I truly began having radical heart and behavior change. During those years, there were good times, and many many hard times, and growth, still It took me so long to really change. I know I am not all the way there yet. BUT through the learning, your blog has been a constant for me. Your posts and words and spirit shine through your ministry. The ideas (truths) you presented always cut to my heart, and were ideas I had never been introduced to before, EVEN THOUGH I grew up in church and as a Christian! It is something I always tell my friends “saved my marriage” and changed my heart. I am always directing struggling wives to your site when I hear them struggling the same ways I did.
    I can confidently say, The Lord, in His goodness, directed me to your blog in specific all those years ago, and I can’t really say where I’d be without it. Probably divorced. I know that may sounds crazy, but that is where we we’re headed. Even early in our marriage. God radically changed me. He still is, and always will be.

    Today, I still follow your blog faithfully and love it so much. You have a gift for sure.
    Today, my marriage is the absolute best it’s ever been. My husband is a different man because of my influence.
    I know I couldn’t change him, but when I influenced him for the Lord, he became the man who was always inside, but could never come out or shine due to constantly needing the defend himself. I love love love to see the man he is now (who I believe he always was but I was blind)
    I LOVE the way my relationship with the Lord has grown. The peace I feel when I stopped all the idolization and striving in my marriage. (AHHH the PEACE thank YOU JESUS!!!)
    I could never live any other way now. I not have a HUGE heart for marriages, and am a mentor for many young women on these topics.

    It now feels weird to think about EVER resorting to some of the behavior I used to have. It feels like its not me…

    Anyway! I just wanted you to know how much you have impacted my life and marriage. And if this is my story, I cant imagine the countless others who feel the same way.

    I can’t wait to see all the Lord has in store for your new ventures!! YAY!!!! So happy for you. You’re so faithful.
    The way God takes our pain hurt and hard times and makes them a precious time we get to see his goodness and unfailing love is so beautiful.

    You and your family are always in my prayers. I look forward to being a PEACEFUL WIFE for good. Until Jesus takes me home. I look forward to seeing the ways he’ll use you and your ministry in the future.


    1. Learning Wife,

      It is awesome to hear from you, sweet friend! What a blessing to get a little update. I praise God for what He has done in your heart, life, and marriage! WOOHOO!

      Would you consider allowing me to anonymously share this? No pressure. But if you want to, I’d love to share a bit of your story.

      What a blessing!

      Much love!

  15. April,

    I am so happy that you have such exciting changes in your life! If you feel this is the right thing, then I can only be glad about it! Also good opportunity for the kids to become more independent that would help them in their adult life.

    Best of luck on your new path and be blessed!

  16. Hi April!

    Congratulations on the new job! It sounds amazing on so many levels (more time with family, writing/editing opportunities, working with people, etc.). This may sound strange coming from a stranger, but I had a spiritual sense that you were not meant to be working in pharmacy. It’s incredible to see how God arranged things for you to move into something new! I never mentioned this sense as I didn’t feel led to by the Lord (and because I know you said your husband wanted you to work part-time as a pharmacist, and I respect his authority).

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that I’m so excited for you! Also, I want to thank you for being a huge blessing in my life. I didn’t come across your channel until the last couple of years or so. I’m not sure in what way your ministry seemed to “dry up,” but I can assure you that your efforts have been so worth it. You’ve really blessed me—and I know I am among many!

    I too am in the process of a career change, and it can be pretty scary, but I’m doing my best to trust the Lord. My biggest hope is that I will be able to bless the people I encounter with the knowledge of Him.

    God bless you, sweet sister!

  17. April,
    Two and a half years ago, God led me to your blog. My (now ex) husband had dropped a bomb after 16+ years of marriage that he was not happy. My journey brought you and your blog into my life and reminded me of the strength and power of our loving God. It was an extremely painful journey but also eye-opening to my own responsibilities in life.

    I continue to battle giving up my children to God every day to heal them and guide them on their painful journey. I continue to battle a difficult ex-husband. I continue to battle my own desire to “control” my life. But God.

    He has shown me the beauty of his plan and has brought amazing people into my life–including you. I am sorry that your ministry has not flourished like you hoped, but I can tell you that you have made an enormous difference in my life, as well as in my family’s life. I am now a much more peaceful mom, friend and girlfriend.

    God has brought a man into my life that cherish’s the person that God made me to be and I cherish the man that God made him to be. It’s not always easy, nor will it be as we (hopefully) move forward with our lives together, but if we continue to keep God as the most important “person” in our relationship, I know it will be how it should be.

    Thank you for all of your inspiration and love! God bless you on your future endeavors!

  18. This sounds like an exciting new venture for you. I love how you opened up this blog post talking about how things didn’t numerically or financially soar to new heights… yet you’ve taught us all and pushed us to become better wives which I think has been your heart the whole time. I love that you are willing to let go of those things (numbers and finances concerning the online ministry) to do what God has called you to (your family) even if it is through pain. I’m sorry you’ve had such a difficult year, but please know that for me, you are an inspiration to follow. As you have shared your life with us, it is comforting to hear your heart on the issues and how you always seem to use it to give praises back to God. It’s what we should all strive for, to praise Him even in difficulties. Yet it’s one thing to say that, and it’s another to see someone go through it and still maintain that attitude (or strive towards it) in the midst of the situation. Thank you for your ministry, resources, your transparency, and your hard work throughout the years. I told my husband your the only lady I still follow from the very beginning of our marriage back in 2015. We’re very “picky” about who we follow because there seems to have been such a falling away in recent times. Even my husband will watch some of your videos with me. WOW! Thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom with us, April. God bless you in your new endeavors!

    1. Amber W.,

      Yes, my deepest desires the entire time have been:
      – to be as close to the Lord as possible and to continue to grow spiritually myself, first.
      – to be in the very center of God’s will for my life in every area.
      – to be the wife and mom God calls me to be and to minister well to my own husband and children.
      – to be a Titus 2:3-5 mentoring wife to point other women to salvation and to yielding themselves fully to the Lordship of Christ and to allow Him to transform their hearts, minds, and souls in relationship to Him, first. Then I want to see Him transform women in relationship to their husbands and children. I’m so thankful that we all have the ability, in Jesus, to become holy, godly, Spirit-filled, Spirit-led wives no matter what our husbands may do or not do.
      – that any ministry I do be entirely from the Spirit’s power and the power of the Word of God – not about my strength, my wisdom, my words, or my power.

      I want to see us all be faithful disciples of Christ. I want to see God conform us all to the image of His Son.

      No matter the personal cost.
      No matter how difficult the trials may be.

      I want each of us to get to hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant. Come enter into the joy of your Master.”

      May the Lord be greatly glorified in all that I think, say, and do. Here and everywhere else. And may He be greatly glorified in your life and marriage, as well, my precious sister.

      Thanks so much for sharing! I am honored to get to share these treasures with my sisters (and brothers).

      Much love!

  19. Congratulations, April, on your new adventure! May we all bloom in the new gardens that we are planted! In every new season there are always new challenges, but our Father never moves us one minute before we have learned all that we need to learn from the previous garden. One thing that I’m learning regarding the new gardens is that our Father always provides us with all that we will need–material provisions–always what He knows we need in order to help us to focus on the real issues at hand: the new relationships we will encounter and the present relationships in making them even better. He’s ever working on the issues within us in order that more fruit will be grown, and, therefore, more fruit sown.
    It sounds like an exciting and wonderful season ahead for you to be working with your dad and brother. May His Kingdom come in this new place as you take all of the tools and talents that you have gained throughout all of your journey thus far.
    If you are ever inclined to share some tips on starting a website such as Peacefulwife in order that your mentees would be able to continue to spread the things that we have gained, I would greatly appreciate it. There are so many many choices out there and it’d be nice to know what you’ve learned and are learning along the way.
    Blessings to you!

    1. mission61,

      Thank you so much for this encouragement! And for your prayers.

      I do have a lot of wisdom I have learned the hard way over the past 7.5 years or so of blogging. That is a great idea. I will definitely pray about this.

      Much love!

  20. Hi April, thank you for sharing this part of your life. Although your ministry visions did not work out as you imagined, God did definitely work through your videos and blogs! I’ve been following you for over 3 years now and your blogs at that time really helped me to hand over control to God when it came to dating. I asked him to choose my future husband and we’re getting married this summer. 🙂 I’ve also got wishes/dreams/visions for the future sometimes I’m scared they won’t happen. I’m quite homesick to a country I lived in for a while but now I’m going to marry we’ll stay in The Netherlands for at least 4 more years (I’m Dutch) and I’m not sure if God will call us to move. But sometimes it’s hard to feel homesick and to trust that God know best. Congratulations on your new job & your new season! Thank you for seeking Jesus & sharing your processes with us! Blessings from The Netherlands 🙂

    1. Lucha,

      It is so wonderful to hear from you! I’m thrilled for you about your upcoming marriage. How I pray that you might follow Christ with all your heart, and your husband-to-be, as well. And that God might be greatly glorified in your lives.

      The awesome news is that even if our dreams don’t happen, if we have Jesus with us, we have more than enough. He is the Greatest Treasure in all the world!

      Praying for you and for God’s wisdom and leading for you both.

      Much love!

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