What Topics Are on Your Heart This Year?

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What are some topics you’d like to see me cover in the coming year? I’d love to hear your suggestions and thoughts.

Some areas we have covered in the past:


You may have some other general topics on your mind that we haven’t covered. Or maybe you’d like us to revisit an older topic with a new spin? Let me know what you would like to see us discuss in the comments! And also, if you have a story you’d like to share as a possible post about how the Lord has worked in your life and/or marriage, I’d love to hear about that, as well. You can either share this in the comments or on my Contact page.


Much love to each of you!


36 thoughts to “What Topics Are on Your Heart This Year?”

  1. I would love to see some info on resources for wives who are married to bi-polar husbands or a husband with mental illness. What does biblical submission look like in those circumstances?

  2. Hi April, id like to see a post about listening to other men/ pastors over your husband. Especially YouTube pastors. I’ve struggled with this… being gone listening to sermons all day and then telling… almost teaching… my husband what I learned. When he gives his perspective I may be critical of what he has to say in light of these other pastor(s). The Bible says if we have questions we should “ask our husbands at home”! I’d love to hear your perspective. Likewise id like to hear your perspective about “teaching” our husbands what we learned on our own during our own time with God in the Bible. Is it teaching or telling? When does it cross the line? I’m starting to lean towards journaling my spiritual thoughts and prayers instead of piling all my thoughts and learning on my husband everyday… not giving him a chance to teach me (he preps bible study for us weekly). Hope I’m being clear. Thanks!

    1. Amber W,
      What a great idea for a post! We definitely have to be careful about this. It is possible for us to put a pastor’s words above our husband’s and to try to submit to what the pastor says and override our husbands. We need wisdom and clear discernment about this issue.

      And, as far as sharing with our husbands what we have learned. I think it’s fine to share things IF a husband is interested. But then, we do want to be careful not to pressure, push, or make demands.

      I learned to journal most of my thoughts and pray through them with God in private a lot early in my journey. Now, my husband is up for me sharing some things. I just try to keep it fairly brief – and make sure he is interested before sharing.

      It can be helpful to have a trusted, godly girl friend we can share lots of things with, too, sometimes.

      Much love!

  3. Would like to hear more about finding God’s will for my life as a mom and in my vocation. I feel that I’m working all day and want to make sure I’m doing things that impact His kingdom. But I’m in the role as wife and mother so cannot do much “ministry”.

    1. Min Story,

      Love this idea! Obviously, as you stay close to the Lord, you will be ministering to your family and at your job. I view home, work, neighborhood, kids’ friends, social media, and church as ministry opportunities, myself.

      One of my favorite resources for this issue is Shaunti Feldhahn’s book, “The Life Ready Woman.”

      I will also prayerfully consider this topic as a post, as well. <3

    2. Hi Min Story,
      The vocation to be a wife and a mother is an incredibly sacred and important ministry. Every dish that you wash and every meal that you cook should be viewed as a loving act of sacrifice that brings glory to God.

      I’m a working wife and mother myself. My day starts at 4:45am and I usually go to bed around 11pm or even later. As far as I’m concerned, I’m serving the Lord passionately for almost 20 hours a day. The only ministry I serve outside of the home is teaching Sunday school one day a month. As my kids gets older, I will get them involved in charitable work at least once a month so we can serve the Lord together.

  4. Mental health with teens and keeping them on God’s perspective not only spiritually but sexually as well. There’s been a growing acceptance of bisexuality and homosexuality and it has hit our small town very hard.

    1. Heather,
      This is such a big issue today. And you are right, in your FB comment, that it is starting in middle school now. We have an 11th grade son and a 6th grade daughter. The changes that have happened in 6th grade over the past 5 years are insane. So many kids are extremely confused. And there is great darkness.

      CharismaNews sometimes has helpful resources on this subject.



      Walt Heyer is a former transgender who now has reclaimed his masculinity and has a ministry to help people heal and discover the gift of their God-given gender identity.

      I struggled with hating being a girl in late elementary school, middle school, myself. I wanted to be a boy. Thankfully, back then, no one counseled me to be transgender. I can’t imagine what damage would have been done to me! I didn’t need to change genders. I needed to learn what godly femininity meant and what a gift it is and how to embrace the woman God created me to be. Here is my post about this.

      There are also a number of posts about homosexuality at CharismaNews. Some by former homosexuals who now minister to those who are ensnared by this dangerous trap that destroys countless lives.




      And, of course, preventing pornography exposure and dealing with pornography exposure is all very key in this battle, as well.

      Much love!

  5. Would love to hear your thoughts, as a pharmacist and a Christian, on marijuana use, pros and cons and how it can affect mental health. Especially as it relates to wives who may have family members that use it, what is a godly response?

  6. Hi April

    Not sure if this topic is truly a “meaty” topic to write about. For me, I would like to have some new & fresh ideas as to how I “Stay in Position” in order for God to work through me. Like, I know that joy & salvation is an “inside job” and so I believe that I need to “Be in Position” in order for God to work through me. I realize we are “works in progress” but sometimes I feel that I am not “growing enough” in order for me to become a better person, wife, friend. Not sure if this makes sense.

    It could be as simple as one of your awesome, well-written prayers that you have!!! Thank you KINDLY.


    1. Jennifer,

      This topic makes me think of a sermon our new pastor shared with us last year. He talked about the Gulf Stream current in the Atlantic Ocean. And he talked about how if a straw is at cross purposes with the Gulf Stream current, the current doesn’t flow through the straw. But if the straw aligns itself with the current, even though the current is huge and the straw is tiny, the current will pass through the straw. It is the same with us. As we align ourselves with God’s purposes and we invite His Spirit to live in us and flow through us, He will do just that! And He will accomplish His big purposes in and through us.

      Some posts that may be a blessing:
      8 Powerful Keys to Peace
      How to Stay Filled with the Holy Spirit

      I will keep this topic in mind. It is an important one! As we confess sin and get rid of sin and stay in the Word, in praise, in thanksgiving, and invite the Spirit to have control, we are in position for God to work through us.

      Much love!

  7. I would love to see you cover these topics:

    -Signs of the times/Christ’s return/being spiritually ready every day
    -Waiting on God and His timing for a godly spouse; recognizing when God is leading you towards or away from a potential spouse
    -Dealing with sin within the church (when/how to leave, set healthy boundaries with other believers or church leadership, recognizing abusive situations, etc.)
    -Overcoming sin
    -Spiritual warfare

  8. This may not have anything to do with being a wife, but I would love to read something on not allowing the cares of the world to cause us to become unfruitful. More than likely it’s because lately each time i open my bible the parable of the sower is showing.

    I also love what Amber W. Had to say.

    1. Happily Gave Up,

      The enemy would just love for us to be distracted, worried, smitten with the world, or paralyzed by worries. Anything to keep us from growing in our faith and being filled with the Spirit and allowing God to do all He wants to do in and through us. Great topic idea! Thanks!

  9. Hello April,

    I just started reading your blog and really enjoying it so far. If you have not written about it yet, could you please write about the sin of self pity? Also, what does it mean to you to live by the Spirit and raise kids not in your own strength? Thank you! Have a blessed 2019!

    1. Alyona,

      Welcome! I’m so glad you are here. 🙂

      I have written about this topic, but in slightly different words. I invite you to search my blog for things like:

      – gratitude
      – discontentment
      – contentment
      – insecurity
      – security
      – stay filled with the Spirit
      – 8 keys to peace

      I will definitely consider more on these topics. Thank you!

      Oh! And on the topic of raising children in the Spirit not in our own strength, I have a LOT about that in my book, The Peaceful Mom.

  10. Something else that might be really cool is if you could share some housekeeping tips and tricks with us that you’ve picked up over the years. Things like time-management techniques, cleaning techniques, cooking techniques/recipes, etc… I know this is a little outside of what we’re used to hearing from you, but I’d love to hear the tricks/tips you’ve picked up over the years to help your household run smoothly in a very practical way.

  11. I would love topics deep in forgiveness. You committed horrible sin against him, and he did the same to you. You both repented. How can you let go of the emotional pain and anger completely? I am currently struggling with that now with my fiancé.

    1. Sydney,

      This is a very important topic, too. You may search my blog for “forgiveness” for quite a few posts on this topic. But if you are engaged and have both sinned against each other terribly, I would encourage you both to seek wise, godly counsel together before getting married. Trust is going to have to be painstakingly rebuilt.

      I can recommend a counselor who can do Skype calls that I trust if you are interested. <3

      Also, I invite you to check out the post about how a wife can respect an unfaithful husband.

  12. April I just saw your comment about the sites! Thanks for getting that to me. Do you believe the Bride of Christ is to be raptured?

    I also thought you might do a topic on social media addiction. It is one of those things that does not come with a disclaimer and I can’t believe the negative impact it was having on my spiritual life. I feel so much healthier since coming off, but it’s been a tremendous battle. I want to share this article I found that encouraged me: https://michellederusha.com/2015/04/god-showed-me-my-social-media-addiction-and-he-showed-me-the-way-out/

    Also, a topic on men’s blindspots and how we can gently help them since the Proverbs 31 woman is known by her husband as *SAFELY TRUSTING* in her! Being a helper while remaining under their leadership- seems like a tricky balance? Just reflecting on Eve as a helper for Adam, and desiring to know more experientially what that is like because I have seen glimpses of the wonderful fruit that this brings. 🙂 I love you April!!

    1. Jaimie Mills,

      I absolutely do believe the Bride of Christ is to be raptured. I believe it will happen before the 7 years of the Tribulation times when the anti-Christ rules the world. That 7 year period begins when the anti-Christ makes a peace treaty with Israel. They believe he will be their savior. But 3.5 years into this treaty, he will demand that they worship him in the new temple in Jerusalem that they will build. And they realize at that moment that he is not their Messiah.

      Thanks for sharing this article about social media addiction. That sounds very interesting! And it is a wonderful topic, too.

      I have a number of posts on conflict on this blog. And I have posts on encouraging our husbands to lead. You can search “husband lead.”

      A godly wife can gently, respectfully share her concerns with her husband, as she is led by the Holy Spirit and God’s wisdom and discernment. First, of course, she will need to address any sin in her own life and invite God to purify her own motives.

      There are times when we need to speak up and times we need to pray and wait. There aren’t always hard and fast rules about this. It is mostly about following the Spirit’s leading and biblical principles. But I have some posts that may be helpful:

      To Speak or Not to Speak
      Am I Too Chatty with My Husband?
      Am I too Quiet with My Husband?
      The Pendulum Effect
      Approaching My Husband’s Sin Issues – by LMS
      Confronting Our Husbands about Their Sin
      Is My Husband, or Anyone Else, Bound by My Personal Convictions?
      Being Controlling VS Being Helpful to Your Guy

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