Last Day for Early Bird Pricing for the Online Women’s Conference That Starts Tomorrow!

We all want to make 2019 our best year, ever. There is an amazing women’s conference, with topics of interest for ALL women, that starts tomorrow – January 4th and goes through January 9th, 2019.

Get lifetime access to over 90 expert speakers’ videos and over 170 video sessions!

The first day of the conference, there will be about 25 videos just about marriage. Each day has a unique topic:

  • marriage
  • parenting
  • finances
  • home-making/home organization
  • meal-planning
  • goal-setting
  • Christian faith
  • self-care
  • health/fitness
  • simplification/minimalism
  • family life


Early bird pricing is $15. Once the conference starts on January 4th, pricing is $20 per ticket.

Check out over 90 expert speakers and over 170 videos on a wide range of topics of interest to all women.

Each day will have a theme.

January 4th, there will be over 25 videos available about marriage. Including an exclusive video of mine, called, “Becoming a Peaceful Wife.”

With your ticket, you also get access to about $800 worth of online discounts and freebies! Like…

  • free booklets with prayers for your children
  • free “cheat sheets” with ways to teach your children about biblical financial principles
  • free booklets with scriptures to pray when you are worried and overwhelmed
  • free decluttering your home planners
  • free downloadable devotionals
  • free printable scripture wall art
  • free guide on preparing your teen for college
  • 75% discounts on a time management course
  • a deeply discounted price on one of my Kindle books (more details if you sign up)!

It only takes a minute, or less, to register for the conference.

A New Year, Your Best Year: 2019 Conference for Moms

Let me know if you have any questions.


Here is a helpful list of all of the marriage videos that will be offered for the conference January 4th:

Living out your Faith in your Marriage and Parenting by Bridget Childress: Daily we have the chance to impact those in our lives with our faith. In this workshop we will cover ways to keep our spiritual cups filled with practical applications for our marriage and our motherhood journey.

Five Ways to Avoid An Argument by Cheryl Carter: In this session participants will learn five ways to avoid an argument by enhancing their communication skills with their spouse. Come and learn how to express your deepest thoughts to your partner and have a meaningful dialogue. Even those who have been married for a long time will enjoy this practical session.

Bridging the Money and Marriage Gap by Danielle Tate: Are you trying to figure out how to keep your family on track financially but struggling to get your spouse on board? Maybe they are uninterested, passive, or just plain don’t care, but it could be more than that. Learn strategies for stress-free money conversations with your spouse plus ways they can get involved without overwhelming them.

Romance for the Exhausted by Hal & Melanie Young: How do you find time for romance when you have kids? And work? And everything else? The littles get up at the crack of dawn and the older kids won’t go to sleep at a decent hour. Even if you had time, how can you find the energy? Don’t let the busy-ness of this stage of life turn the two of you into co-workers and roommates instead of best friends and lovers. In this session, Hal and Melanie, parents of eight, will share ideas that will help you find romance in the midst of the exhaustion!

Your Marriage and Your Kids by Hal & Melanie Young: Does your marriage affect your kids? You bet. It affects them profoundly. It impacts their security, their identity, and their sense of worth. Beyond that, our marriage toolkit will be the one our kids reach for in their own marriages. Come get some new tools for your box and learn five ways to tune up your marriage to make it even better for you and your children.

Marriage Secrets From 40 Years by Kathie Morrissey: Marriage is God’s design, but the devil is out to destroy marriages, so we have to be purposeful and intentional about working on our marriage. Learn secrets to make your marriage not only last through the years, but also thrive.

Laughing Again in Your Marriage: How to Communicate with Your Spouse When It Feels Like You’re Speaking Different Languages by Micah Klug: When was the last time you really laughed with your husband? (I’m talking belly aching laughing)! With so much stress and pressure trying to balance your work, kids, the house (just to name a few things), the last thing you want to do is put your relationship with your husband on the back burner. Micah wants to share with you the same method she and her husband use to communicate together to eliminate misunderstandings, avoid arguments and contention, and really laugh together (and sometimes at each other) so you can rekindle your marriage and prioritize the relationship you have with your husband.

How to Help Your Spouse When You Have No Idea What to Do by Michelle Huddleston: Do I speak, or should I remain silent? Surely I can fix my husband, right? I expect him to… and the list goes on. If you find yourself in a spot where your spouse needs help but you have no idea what to do, Michelle wants to share four proven ways to keep your helping from hurting.

Marriage Goals: The Why and How by Mike & Carlie Kercheval:  Don’t let another day go by without setting goals for your marriage. In our workshop we will show you: why goal setting should be at the top of your priority list as a married couple, what goals you should be setting, how to get started, and how to stay motivated when you don’t meet your goals.

Meaningful Talk – How True Connection Can Transform Your Communication in Less Than a Second by Keith Dorscht: Every marriage and family experiences communication problems. There is a scientific solution that begins working in less than a second. As a psychotherapist Keith Dorscht has successfully used this technique 1000’s of times to re-open, repair and strengthen lines of communication. When this approach is practiced the brain is able to travel through a three-step process that ultimately ends in compassionate responses and interactions.

Becoming a Peaceful Wife by April Cassidy: April thought her husband was the one causing all the problems for over fourteen years of marriage. If only he would change like she wanted him to, everything would be great! Was she ever shocked to discover that there were things on her end of the relationship she needed to work on, too. In this workshop, April will share a bit of her story with you and some easy, practical tips she’s learned that you can begin to apply today to strengthen your own marriage. Once you begin to learn this new “language,” you may be amazed at how much more peace you both have.

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