Urgent Call to Prayer and Fasting!

We must pray like never before for our world, our nation, and our culture. There is a great spiritual battle going on and time may be very short. God is calling to us to wake up!

As followers of Christ, we must stand in the gap for our nations, our government leaders, our communities, our churches, our businesses, our schools, our friends, our neighbors, our families, our marriages, and our children. Everything that is precious to us is hanging in the balance!

Our battle is not against flesh and blood – but against demonic forces. People look and act like enemies, but they are merely pawns in the real enemy’s hands. They are imprisoned and blinded and don’t know what they are doing. They need Jesus like we all do.

Satan has plans to steal, kill, and destroy us all. He wants to destroy our culture and our nation with evil lies and all manner of ungodly delusions. He especially wants to take our children captive and derail their God-given, glorious destiny.

Our weapons are spiritual weapons. Not earthly weapons. We don’t lash out with hatred. We don’t slander. We don’t gossip. We don’t use violence. We don’t lie. We don’t deceive. We don’t wrongly accuse.

We get on our knees before the sovereign Almighty God and pray with humility, urgency, grief, fervency, and passion. We plead for the salvation of so many who are deceived, miserable, and lost. We pray God’s blessings on those who hate us. We pray God’s mercy on those who don’t deserve it. We pray God’s grace on those who attack us (and our brothers and sisters), that He might open their eyes and woo them to Himself. We pray for His new spiritual Life to awaken them. We pray for God’s kingdom and good to triumph over evil. We speak the truth in love. We stand for holiness and righteousness. We protect life and innocence.

We hate evil of all kinds. We entreat God to rid every area of our culture of evil, corruption, and sin. We ask for righteous, faithful, godly, just leaders in government, churches, businesses, the media, and families.

We invite God’s Spirit of Light into the vast darkness. We invite His glory into His church and into every arena of influence in our land. We invite His Gospel to move forward powerfully and pray in a great harvest into the Kingdom.

We invite the Bible into the closed, dark places of our society. We prepare ourselves to be sent by God to reach those whom He loves so dearly. We prepare to make great sacrifices to accomplish God’s will, if necessary, like many of our brothers and sisters are doing around the world even now.

You have us here in this place in this time for such a time as this. Cleanse us of any sin in our own lives. Purify us and set us apart for Your purposes. Prepare, equip, and empower us to be salt and light for You in this raging spiritual battle. Use us to share Your love, Your Gospel, and Your healing with countless people. Use us to rescue the dying and recover Your loved ones who are lost.

Increase our faith greatly! Help us to receive all of Your Spirit that we can hold. Help us to grow by leaps and bounds in spiritual maturity so that we might pray powerfully and effectively in the strength of Your Spirit.

We need Your intervention more desperately than we can possibly say.

In the Name and power of Jesus Christ and for His will,



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8 thoughts to “Urgent Call to Prayer and Fasting!”

  1. My younger kids just went to opening day of scouting where the older children had organized it. The theme was Alice in Wonderland and the skit was that black magic attacked white magic, so they were to bandage the white magic person. Then I heard that my older child was invited to the older scouting group on Sunday, the theme being Harry Potter… Our local library puts out 60% black books (which is what I call them, they are indeed dark in color and themes being magic, horror, death etc), on the table to propose for children to read, this is the effect. Their parents are believers but dont realize what culture can do to children who read the entire library. I pray we can open up a Christian scouting group in our town.

    1. Veronica,

      It is very difficult to avoid things like this, isn’t it? I definitely understand your concerns and pray for God’s wisdom for us all as moms. Thanks for sharing.

    2. We are in American Heritage Girls and it is wonderful! Try to find one near you. Trail Life for boys. And we don’t go to libraries after they started having drag queen story hour and reading Heather Has Two Mommies to toddlers.

  2. Thanks so much sister for being used of God to bring us this reminder to pray. My sisters’ group are aware of this call and we’re taking off in prayers with you. May the Lord honor our prayers.

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