Devotional Give Away by Our Daily Bread!

Share this video on any social media account and leave me a comment about where you shared in order to be entered into a drawing to win one of 10 of Our Daily Bread’s new devotional books, “God Hears Her.” This is a new devotional for women by women to help us grow in our faith in the Lord.
I will announce winners in the comment section on Friday, July 20th, 2018.

15 thoughts to “Devotional Give Away by Our Daily Bread!”

  1. Hey April, I shared this video on facebook today. Hope this video not only introduces others to Our Daily Bread, but that new people will also be introduced to your books and your blog. Have a great day!

  2. I’ve seen unscriptural things in devotions by “Our Daily Bread” like “God wants to know your heart” even though the Bible says “God sees into the hearts of men”. My pastor has warned me about “Our Daily Bread”. Please read through the book in detail to see if it is scripturally sound.

    1. Nikki,
      We do always have to check everything against God’s Word. Also, sometimes just the way we read things can make a big difference. Obviously, God does know our hearts. He isn’t waiting for us to share our hearts as if He doesn’t know what is going on. But I think what they are saying is that God wants us to be in fellowship and to share intimacy with Him.

      I have read almost every devotion. That is why I feel comfortable recommending this resource. I know that the authors’ goals are to handle scripture rightly.

      But no devotional (or book by any human author) takes the place of scripture, and we definitely need to test what we read here or anywhere else.

      Much love! Thanks for the comment!

      1. PS, Nikki,
        I did find one devotional that had the wrong number of years that Israel was in captivity in Babylon. I mentioned it to my contact and they are going to correct that for the next edition. If I see any other issues, I will definitely let y’all know and let them know. <3

      2. Hi April,
        Thanks for your response. You are correct. We need to judge everything we read against scripture and nothing can take the place of scripture in our lives.

        When I first came to Christ, I was facing a lot of painful family trials. I read tons of prayer books and I got so off-track that I lost my faith entirely for 9 years. The prayer books I read had loads of “novena prayers” – prayers that you say for 9 days – and most of the footnotes said things like “This is a very powerful prayer. It has never been known to fail”. I prayed them hopefully expecting instant and positive results and got disappointed time and time again. Eventually, I gave up on Christ entirely because I thought that I was saying these “powerful” prayers with “guaranteed” results and still not getting what I want.

        When I came back to Christ, I was so wary of prayer books and devotionals that I basically only read direct scripture. I’m terrified to get led down the wrong path again and losing my faith entirely for a second time.

        My testimony is proof that prayer books and devotionals can be spiritually dangerous. We need to be very careful and choose devotionals wisely.

        Lots of love,

        1. Nikki,

          Yes, devotional books, marriage books, and prayers can be dangerous – particularly if we are looking to those things rather than to God. A prayer is not a magic spell. It is critical that we approach God with proper reverence and that our faith is in Jesus and all that He did rather than in a particular writer or a person’s words.

          I actually have a post about how marriage books can be dangerous for similar reasons. We must always seek the Lord above all else and invite His Spirit to illuminate our hearts, motives, minds, and understanding.

          Thank you so much for sharing!

          We need to keep devotional books in their proper place, if we use them. They can never supersede scripture, time with God, prayer, or the Holy Spirit in our lives.

          Much love!

  3. Hi April!! I just shared the video on facebook. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I really enjoy your videos there is a lot in them that I can apply to my own life.

  4. Hi April,
    I do not use social media, but i will share information about this book and recommend your website to my daughter and any other women i talk to…would that qualify me to be entered in having a chance to win this devotional book? I hope so! I enjoy your blog so much and you have been a great help to me. Thank you for all you do!

    1. Kay Walker,
      That sounds like a great plan. Of course I will be glad to enter you into the giveaway. 🙂
      I’m so thankful God has used the blog to be a blessing to you. What a wonderful answer to my prayers!
      Much love!

  5. Ladies, after doing a random drawing, I have 3 winners to announce here on this blog, the other 7 winners are from my two FB pages, my other blog, Peaceful Single Girl, and my Youtube channel.

    Carol Whitaker
    Kay Walker
    Stephanie Royer

    Y’all have won! Congratulations!!!!

    Please go to my contact page and send me your mailing address so I can give it to Our Daily Bread and they can mail you your devotional. <3

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