Are You Ready to Share What God Has Done in Your Life?

If you believe the Lord may be leading you to share something that you learned or something that has happened on your journey to become the woman and wife He calls you to be, I’d love to hear about it. Each of us glean special treasures from God as we walk this road that the Lord may want to use to bless others in the body of Christ. The more stories the better, in my view!

I’m looking for some posts or comments about topics like (choose the one that means the most to you):

  • light bulb moments
  • evaluating disrespect in your life
  • dealing with tendencies toward passivity or control
  • understanding your husband and his perspective better
  • yielding completely to the Lordship of Jesus
  • laying down your fears
  • giving up control
  • learning to respect your husband in God-honoring ways
  • taking your thoughts captive for Christ
  • real life examples of biblical submission
    • what you had to do
    • how you depended on the Lord
    • the challenges
    • the results
    • any blessings
  • obstacles along the way
  • how you have grown closer to the Lord and grown in your faith
  • how your husband responded when you began to allow God to change you
  • things you know now that you wish you had known at the beginning of this journey
  • specific posts that greatly impacted you and how they helped you

Thanks so much!

I’d love for the posts to be about 200-1200 words long.  They can be completely anonymous, if you would like. There is no specific deadline. You may leave me a comment that you have something you would like to share and I can contact you via email. Or you may leave your story in the comment section here on this post or on my contact page.

Much love to each of you! I am praying for you all. 🙂

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