Check Out Our Trip to the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum!


Credit – Ken Ham’s Facebook page


Credit – Ken Ham’s Facebook page


Credit- Ken Ham’s Facebook page

Our family travelled to Kentucky in the USA this summer to visit the brand new Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. What an incredible experience! If you get a chance to go and to take your children, I would certainly encourage you to visit. Ken Ham is head of both of these attractions and head of which is a Christian apologetics ministry that defends the Christian faith and has answers for the questions believers and atheists may have – especially about the first 11 chapters of Genesis.


Over and over, in the Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum, we were challenged to compare and contrast God’s Word vs. man’s word. In our culture, we face the same temptation Adam and Eve did. The enemy still whispers, “Did God really say…?” And he tries to get us to replace God’s wisdom and His truth with man’s wisdom and his deceptive lies.

Ultimately, we must decide – will we believe our holy God or will we believe sinful man?

There is real geologic, biological, and genetic evidence for creation, for the worldwide flood of Noah, and for all people being descendants of Adam and Eve – if we are willing to set aside popular atheistic assumptions.

At the Creation Museum, they talk about the 7 C’s of God’s eternal plan:

  1. Creation
  2. Corruption (rejection of God’s Word > sin)
  3. Catastrophe (the flood)
  4. Confusion
  5. Christ
  6. Cross
  7. Consummation (heaven)

All of us, including our 9 and 14 year old children, were thankful to get to listen to the various speakers’ presentations at The Creation Museum and to see the films there. They explained the limitations of carbon dating and contrasted the assumptions that atheist evolutionists use vs. the assumptions creationists use to interpret scientific data. They emphasized that “your starting point determines your ending point” as far as how various scientists interpret the same information based on their belief systems. We read every exhibit and were challenged to think about things in new ways about creation and the flood in light of Scripture and scientific evidence. I’m so thankful that when science is handled well, it always confirms God’s Word – after all, God created all of the sciences, too!

The ark was massive – about the size and scales of our modern ocean-going freight ships! It was incredible to stand beside it. The content manager did a great job of explaining how Noah would have been able to fit all of the animals he needed to bring on the ark and explained various ways that Noah may have managed cages, water storage, food storage, and handling of waste.

We spent a day at the ark – which is built to handle 2 million visitors per year. It had a 1500 seat restaurant that was almost to capacity the day we were there. The staff were all very friendly and polite – and so were the other visitors. Then we spent 2 days at The Creation Museum. We all felt it was time well-spent. Our children even said as we left, “That was the BEST vacation we have ever had!”

You may also find resources at We invested in the Answers books and DVDs that address many common questions about creation vs. evolution and about the flood and listened to all 3 DVDs on the way home. I hope you might read some of the materials found on this site and carefully, prayerfully consider them in light of the Bible. Only believe what you believe the Bible confirms.

VIDEOS BY CREATIONISTS AND CREATIONIST SCIENTISTS from about creation, evolution, the flood, dinosaurs, etc…


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I am not going to be engaging in any debate about the age of the earth or about evolution right now. Thanks for understanding. 🙂 I have a lot on my plate these next few weeks. But, feel free to address any questions or concerns to Ken Ham’s site. Most questions have already been addressed by their posts and videos.



It is difficult to appreciate the size of this true-to-scale Noah’s ark replica in pictures


See the people below the ark in the above picture?


Inside the ark – examples of how oil lamps may have been used for light


The 200 year old trees that were used for the central supports in the middle of the ark


Examples of ways that Noah and his family may have stored food and water



The remaining pictures are from the gardens at The Creation Museum








inside the Creation Museum – a discussion of how creationists and evolutionists examine the same data but interpret it differently


depiction of Adam and Eve with the serpent above them


“Sin changed everything” so now the world is no longer a safe place – but, later in the museum, the gospel is clearly presented and the hope that is available in Jesus is shared so that we might all experience restored paradise with Christ in heaven!




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