I'm Working on Book #2!


My publisher, Kregel Publications, asked me to write a second book, tentatively titled, “The Peaceful Mom”!

How amazing is that?!?!

God continues to open so many doors, I am completely overwhelmed and in awe. My goal has been, “Lord, I am fully Yours. Use me however and wherever You will. Just show me the way. Whatever assignment you have for me – I want to be in the very center of Your will. I want all of Your perfect will and nothing but Your perfect will.”

Greg and I have two children – a 14 year old son and a 9 year old daughter. We are still in the middle of the whole thing and have a long way to go, ourselves. The second isn’t going to be a book about parenting, but rather, a continuation of “The Peaceful Wife – Living in Submission to Christ As Lord” where we delve even deeper into living fully for Christ and how that impacts our attitudes and mindsets toward our children. Many wives have commented to me how what they have learned about respect and about living for Christ as Lord has dramatically affected the way they approach their children, too. Of course, when Christ is Lord of all in our lives – He will empower us in all of our relationships and change the way we treat everyone!

God-willing, I am planning to discuss things like:

  • God’s design for families
  • Purifying our thought lives
  • Being responsible for ourselves spiritually and our own emotions
  • Honoring our husbands as fathers
  • Modeling to our children how to respect those in authority
  • Not allowing our children to become idols in our hearts
  • Releasing our dreams for our families and children to God and seeking His will and His greatest glory instead
  • Counting trials as joy
  • Overcoming perfectionism and people pleasing
  • Avoiding destructive attempts to motivate our children like: playing the martyr, loving with strings attached, control, and guilt
  • Living out forgiveness, mercy, and grace in front of our children

The biblical concepts we will talk about in book 2 would apply for women who don’t have children, too – even to many single women. We will be delving more deeply into discipleship and following Christ. Those things apply to us all! Then we will focus especially on how these concepts relate to us as moms.


I would like to collect stories from my amazing readers about these topics that I may be able to use in the book. Be on the lookout in your life. 🙂 If you think of something God has shown you about how you relate to your children in one of these areas that you believe He would like you to share, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Examples – some moms have realized (when reading about becoming a peaceful wife) that:

  • their teenage sons respond well to respect rather than control
  • they had made their children into idols that they desired above Christ in various ways
  • perfectionism has been killing the joy in their home
  • as they learn to take their own thoughts captive, they are better able to help their children take their thoughts captive and address any unbiblical thinking and lies their children are believing
  • when they are full of the joy and peace of Jesus instead of being very worried and upset a lot, their children blossom
  • children respond well to encouragement, vulnerability, direct communication, genuine praise, respect, honor, and unconditional love
  • parenting is much more productive and easier when moms close ranks with their husbands and the parents present a united front
  • their children’s behavior improves when they begin treating their husbands with respect and that the children begin to speak more respectfully to both parents and maybe to other authorities in their lives

Maybe you have a similar story you would like to share about things God has shown you on this journey regarding your children and the way you think as a mother. Or maybe you would like to share a godly or unhealthy example you experienced and how that impacted you later as a wife and mom. Stories will be shared anonymously. I don’t want to throw anyone “under the bus” or dishonor any of our parents. We can remove identifying details, if necessary. The main goal is to pray about if there is something in your experiences that you believe God may want to use to bless others to help them learn without having to repeat mistakes or to help them learn from beautiful examples you have seen.

I can’t guarantee that every story can be used. But I love to hear your stories and can’t wait to see all that you want to share.


Thank you all for being on this journey with me! What an honor to get to walk this road together! 🙂

Much love to each of you,






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