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Taking Spring Break Off :)


I am planning to take the next week and a half off from blogging and social media to spend extra time with my family while our children are out of school.

I will not be available to answer comments during the next week and a half, thanks for your patience and understanding. 🙂 Don’t worry, I plan to return when spring break is over, God-willing, of course. If you see someone comment who needs help and you have been on this journey for a while and believe God wants you to reach out to offer encouragement, love, and prayer, you are welcome to respond to others.

As this ministry continues to grow, which it has been doing exponentially the past two months, I will be depending more and more on other Titus 2 women to help me shoulder the load. My prayer is that God might greatly increase and I might decrease. That this place would be all about exalting Christ, not about me. That He would bring whomever He will here to minister and also to find hope and healing. Pray that God will empower me to be faithful and obedient to do exactly what He has called me to do, all of what He has called me to do, and that I would not try to do more than He has called me to do.

Each of you are such a blessing to me. I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for you!

Happy Easter to everyone! I praise God for His unspeakable gift to us in Christ!


Please join with me in praying for God to send a massive movement of His Spirit to bring a fresh great awakening around the world. We all desperately need Jesus. He is the only solution to the trials and problems we face today. I long for each of us to experience the abundant life available to us through the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Much love,



43 thoughts on “Taking Spring Break Off :)

  1. I pray that you enjoy your time off with your family. May it be everything that you expect it to be. Peace and blessings to you and your family in Jesus Mighty Name. Happy Resurrection Day to you and yours. 🙂

  2. April my dear sister, please enjoy your holiday. You need that, after such heavy labor of carrying many of us in your shoulders . I pray that the Father will grant you and your family the most wonderful, blessed, restful, and enjoyable holiday ever. We will surely miss you, but we are happy that you are spending time with your loved one. In case you will be traveling, I pray for traveling mercies.

    Much love for you and your family.

  3. Happy Easter, dear sister,
    Enjoy your time with your family and I will definitely pray that all the world look at the mighty sacrifice of Our Savor, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!!! Our Lord is the only solution.

  4. New to the blog and love it! Especially like it that you ask for help! Enjoy your family!

  5. Happy, happy Easter April! Enjoy your break, if I see anyone on facebook in need, I try to answer if I think I can offer godly advice, but don’t really stop by the blog! I feel im well on this journey but still finding it difficult and painful!! I know what I have to do, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak!! Xx

  6. April – Have a blessed vacation!

    I am going to selfishly admit.. now I can get caught up on this wonderful wonderful blog, and I can fill my heart and head with always-needed wisdom from you (that you got from HIM).

    Praying for peace, protection, and joy unspeakable for you and your loved ones during this spring break.

  7. Thank you all, kindly, for the encouragement, prayers, and well-wishes. We spent a few days with our children in Washington, DC (along with about 1 million other visitors Easter weekend). We got to see so many amazing things about how our nation was founded, the cherry blossoms in full bloom, Arlington National Cemetery, and we became pros at riding the subway.

    We had a little more excitement than we hoped for when we were leaving the Capitol building Monday afternoon.The shooting incident happened behind us just as we left the Capitol building. We didn’t hear the shots. But we heard a police officer behind us (whom we had just spoken to) yelling, “Get down” and then we heard police yelling to everyone, “Run!! Run!!”

    We ran for two blocks, not knowing what had happened or how widespread the incident was, whether it was terrorism, and whether there were more “bad guys” coming from other directions. I didn’t bring my asthma inhaler that day because the Capitol Building has gotten very strict about people not bringing in liquids. With the heavy pollen and so much running, I had my first asthma attack in years.

    We saw police streaming into the area within 30 seconds from everywhere. Barricades went up on First St. To keep cars out except for police vehicles. Suddenly, the police that had been on shift all had machine guns and were directing everyone away from the Capitol.

    We made it to the Supreme Court building and sat down. A female officer there asked if she could help us. We told her what happened. She didn’t have details yet, but said the last time something like this happened was 1998. She helped lighten the mood for our children and offered to call for medical help if I needed it (because I was struggling to breathe for 10-15 minutes) while a police helicopter swooped overhead.

    More police cars kept coming and coming. We were so grateful the situation was quickly handled and there was no loss of life. The crowds were massive this past week. We want to extend our thanks to all of the police and security officers for being so vigilant and well-prepared. And we want to extend our thanks to y’all for praying for our family!

    Much love!

    1. April,

      So sorry all of you had to go through all of that! But relieved you are safe and hopefully breathing normally, again.

      Nice to have you back on the blog. Welcome “home”!

      1. J,

        Ha! Thank you for the welcome! 🙂 I’m glad to be back, but I am also glad I was able to take the time away and focus more on my family and on God for a bit. 🙂 And very glad we are all safe and in one piece!!!

        Much love, my sweet sister!

  8. Dear Sister In the Lord,
    Yikes! That sounds like a lot too much excitement.
    I am finishing my Easter blog soon and would love to hear what you think.
    I know it is a lot to ask but it would be wonderful if you would be willing to follow my blog.
    Thank you,
    Your brother in Jesus

  9. Hi April,
    I’m wondering if you can consider doing a blog post about the idol of wanting to be desired (not just physically, but in every way) by other men. If you already have something like this, I’d like to read it!

    1. Jenny,

      Hmm… that would be an interesting post.

      Would you have any general inner thoughts about this struggle that you might be willing to share with me to use as a framework?

      What are some of the motives or ideas a woman might find herself thinking? Maybe things like:

      – I want other men to notice me and be attracted to me.
      – I want other men to lust for me.
      – I want to know that other men find me irresistible?
      – I want other men to think I am really interesting and fun to be around.
      – I like for other men to flirt with me to prove that I am a good catch.

      Am I on the right track?

      Much love!

      1. Thanks for your reply, April.
        Yes, you’re one the right track with those, and it goes deeper as well, like a woman’s sense of self-worth or validation coming from her ability to attract a man and have him love her.
        I thought as a girl that the “proof” that I was lovable or valuable was having a guy fall in love with me. Operating in this belief not only left several broken hearts behind me as I selfishly looked for the next “project” to build my confidence up, but even now that I’m saved and married, I still feel the desire to know that I still have enough attraction/interest to attract a mate creep up (especially when I feel unappreciated by my husband). God has revealed to me that this is adultery of the heart and idolatry. I’m ashamed to admit this about myself, and would normally try to ignore this ugly truth, but it seems right to reach out about this and I suspect the idol of having the “capacity” to have men fall in love with me isn’t totally uncommon.

        As you can see, I’m not in a good place with the state of my heart before God. I’d appreciate your thoughts,


        1. Jenny,

          This is a really important topic! I am so glad you are seeking to honor Christ and that you don’t want to continue doing these things and you see the spirit behind these actions.

          Are there any other things you can remember you are tempted to think or thought patterns you wrestle with this? To me, the deepest root would probably be pride – wanting to be seen as attractive and wanting attention and validation. But I feel like I am still missing part of the mindset or temptations I need to address, maybe.

          Does it give you a “hit” or a rush when guys flirt or stare? Or if they proposition you or ask the out? For example?

          1. Hi April,
            I prayed about it and wrote out some notes. What I can make of it is this.
            My Dad left us when I was 10, and I took it very personally. I began to long for the love of a man for personal validation, and developed the idea that perfect happiness would be a marriage where I’m 100% satisfying to my man, and he’s 100% satisfying to me, a sort of mutual worship.
            I got saved after being married, and though I see the idolatry of this, I still struggle hugely with wrapping my self-worth and happiness in how I’m loved my by husband. When my husband has an outburst of anger (never violent, but he has a temper), I take it very personally, as though he’s saying I’m unlovable or he hates me (even though he’s never said these words, but that’s how it feels). If I can get “looks” or hints of interest from another man, especially one that seems reasonable and in good standing, it reassures me that my husband is wrong- I am still lovable, and a man out there might be happy to have me as his wife even if my husband isn’t.
            There’s a lot of pain and confusion in trying to write that out, but what stands out to me is the issue of trying to find my satisfaction outside of Christ and my self-worth outside of Christ, as well idolizing romantic love and adultery of the heart.
            If you feel led to explore this topic, I’d be happy to answer any more questions if it can be of help.


            1. Jenny,

              I think this is really critical what you have shared about what happened with your dad and how you responded. Are you able to see now that him leaving had nothing to do with you? What kinds of things did you tell yourself when he left? Are you still replaying those same “tapes” in your mind now?

              It’s so good that you are able to see that what you began to expect from a man (or men) was something that was a mutual worship. We do this almost universally in our culture, it seems, and we don’t even realize it. But we tend to expect marriage, a spouse, and romance (the Hollywood kind, of course) to fulfill us, to complete us, to meet the deepest needs of our souls. But only Christ can meet those deepest needs. It is an exercise in futility to try to get a human to meet the needs that only Jesus can meet. Not only that, but when we idolize people, we destroy them and our relationships with them and ourselves.

              Whose approval do you really need?

              Check out these posts and see if they might be a blessing, my dear sister:

              The Snare of People Pleasing
              The Idol of Beauty
              Being a Trophy Wife Is Not the Goal, Dear Sisters
              – The Danger Zone of Guy Friends
              Roots of Jealousy, Insecurity
              The Surprising Root of All Marriage Problems
              Real Security Is Only Found in Christ
              Finding Victory over Feelings of Insecurity
              The Fantasy of Romance
              Breaking Romance Addiction

              I think some of these posts may address some of the issues you are facing. But I am not sure I have approached this exact topic before – so as you read these posts, please let me know what stands out to you or any lightbulb moments. I would love to do a post on this issue – but I just want to be sure I am digging all the way down and getting to the root of it. Thank you for helping me to do that!

              Much love!

              1. Thanks for this, I’ll give these a read and see what comes up. This is a topic that’s foggy for me too, so hopefully we can get to the root like you said.

              2. Jenny,

                Take all the time you need to really dig deep. It will be painful, yes! At first. But it is kind of like dealing with a wound that has gangrene in it. Deriding (cleaning out) the wound is awful, BUT, it is life-saving!

                I’m here if you need to talk about these issues more and we will hash through them together. As you see the thoughts you have struggled with, the more you can articulate them to me, the better I will be able to address them.

                Much love!

              3. No prob, it was hard to write a vulnerable comment and I took it as a bad sign that you didn’t respond. I guess I need thicker skin, but I’m also majorly pmsing right now.

              4. Jenny,

                I would have responded if I had seen the comment. It is hard to write about things like this. I totally agree. And I really appreciate your willingness to share – this is the kind of info that will help me as I examine what angle I should take to tackle this issue. 🙂

                If I don’t respond, please assume I missed the comment and just send me a reminder. Sometimes some comments slip through and I don’t catch them. I want to catch them all, though!

                You are precious to me!

                If you would like me to respond to you about your comment, I can. If not, I will just privately read it and consider it as I think about writing a post. 🙂

                I LOVE the insights you shared! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Much love to you!

              5. Thanks April,
                If you’re able to retrieve the comment, I would love to hear your thoughts.
                God bless,

              6. Jenny,

                I think you had some interesting light bulb moments as you read those posts. That is awesome! I love the insights God is giving you. 🙂

                Right, we cannot be worshipped by our husbands. A pedestal (upon which we are idolized) is not the proper place for us in their hearts. Only Christ can meet their deepest needs. And yes, if we are expecting that we can be enough for them or we can fill them up and meet all of their needs, we do have some pride that needs to be addressed.

                It can be very flattering to be idolized – at first – but eventually, when others idolize us or we idolize them – we destroy people and we destroy ourselves.

                I love that you see that your husband should not idolize you. He should love you with godly love, yes. But he should not put you above Christ in his heart. And I love that you see that you are not justified in looking elsewhere for someone else to idolize you if your husband won’t. That is AWESOME!

                I LOVE what you are seeing about humility. SO POWERFUL!

                I hope you might allow me to quote you anonymously in the post I write – if that is okay?

                Do you feel like we are getting to the core of the issue, or do we need to still go deeper?

                Much love!

              7. I appreciate your thoughts, April. Yes feel free to quote me anonymously in the post you write.
                I feel like we’re getting to the core of the sin, pride and desiring to be idolized by my husband or others.
                I think the deeper part is that I’m really putting myself before God in my heart. It can be confusing, because sometimes I think my motives for seeking God or trying to become a godly wife are tinged by pride as well, trying to impress others or God by my “godliness”. Sometimes I feel I can’t even discern to true motives of my heart, and feel stuck in the deceptiveness of my own pride.
                I’ve been feeling God drawing me to His word daily. I need to renewing of my mind and to trust that He will do it. I can’t get unstuck in the tangles of my pride and sin on my own. I need to truly come to God for this work and stop trying to do it on my own.

              8. Jenny,

                Thank you for this.. I am so glad that you are getting to the core of the issue. You know, I have a post about the biggest problem in our marriage – but it is really the biggest problem we have spiritually period – and that is PRIDE. It is the source of all other sins. From it flow all of our arrogance that we know better than God, that we can use God as a means to an end, that we can get people to think highly of us, that we can justify our sin, etc…

                Pride is blinding and very deceptive, yes!

                I got to read a book last month by Andrew Murray called “Humility.” It was POWERFUL. I would encourage you to check it out for free!

                You are right that we do have to watch our motives about seeking God or trying to become a godly wife. We do have to watch for pride and guard against it. All of us. Myself included. We can’t do this on our own. We are in total and desperate need of Jesus and His work on our behalf every moment of every day.

                Oh, I’m so glad that that video was a blessing. Yes, we tend to want to take over and not wait patiently on God – but look what happened when Sarah and Abraham did that. We are still reaping the consequences every day from that sin of presumption and lack of faith on their part.

                Much love!

              9. Thanks for this April. We’re in the process of moving as a family across the country. Definitely lots of opportunity already for learning to trust in God and allow Him to teach me in the ways He sees fit. Pride must go, and God is faithful to walk us through this bit by bit.

              10. Jenny,

                Praying for you to allow God to fill you up and to allow Him to use this to grow your faith more and more. Let us know how you are doing when you get settled. I love your desire to get rid of pride and to submit to Christ. So beautiful!

              11. Thanks for your prayers, April! We have arrived and settled pretty well now. My husband’s family is all in this small town and it’s already clear God is calling us to share the gospel with them. God has been putting it on my heart that one of the most powerful ways I can be a witness to His truth, grace, mercy and love is by exhibiting a reverence for Him that would lovingly respect my husband. Please pray that God would be glorified in our stay here and that I learn obedience to Him and laying down my own will. Thanks for all of your encouragement! Your ministry is such a blessing!!

              12. Jenny,

                YAY! Welcome to your new home! I am excited about the vision God is giving you. I pray He will empower you to be obedient to Him and that y’all might display the glory of the Gospel of Christ to his family and those around you for God’s glory! 🙂

            2. Jenny,

              I am hoping to run a post on this on Monday or Thursday next week. Not using your name, of course.

              How are you doing now? Is there anything that has really stood out to you that has been helpful as you seek to tear out these old ways of thinking and this idol?

              Much love!

              1. Hi April,
                I have many setbacks, but I believe God is at work in my heart. The main thing thats been coming clear is that Christ must be my number one. That there’s no substitute for Him in my life, and seeking anything above Him is bound to fail.
                When my husband has a temper, I feel God nudging me to look at the big picture rather than get so hurt and emotionally wrapped up in the pain, and then look for validation from other men.
                If Christ is in the place that is rightfully His in my heart, I can take the pain to Him and keep from sinning when I am sinned against. As He told me the other day, my husband’s sin against me is not justification for my sin against God. Even my husband’s sins against me is ultimately sin against God, and that should lead me to pray for him and not be so selfishly wrapped up in being so offended.
                I still slip up, but the awareness of another way is coming clearer, where Christ is the big picture.
                I pray God blesses your efforts to take any part of my story so far and speak the truth to His glory.

              2. Jenny,

                I LOVE what God is doing in your heart!!!!! WOOHOO!

                If you are okay with it, I may share a bit of this comment in the post, too. 🙂

                I’m here if you need to talk some more, my precious sister.

                Much love!

  10. ps- Your youtube video today about the trenches gave such encouragement on the patience part of it. The waiting for God to work, and not saying, “God, you’re taking too long, so I’m going to try to make things happen faster.”- this is what has set me back so much further!

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