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Prayer for All of Us for 2016



Only God knows what 2016 holds for each of us.

It appears that it will be a year of many new things for me and for my ministry. My book will officially release January 27th. Some of you who ordered on Amazon have already received it! I am also hopeful that in the coming weeks, I will have the chance to finally completely redo this site and make it better, more beautiful, and easier to use.

Of course, none of us know what will happen in 5 minutes much less what the entire year will bring. None of us know the future or have control over it. God is sovereign. He is outside of time and space. He knows the future. He knows the narrow path He desires each of us to take with Him. What comfort God’s sovereignty brings to our hearts in this time of great turmoil in our world!

Let’s begin the new year together as the Body of Christ by praying together, my dear sisters (and brothers) 🙂


You alone are God. There is no other. You are the Creator of all things. You are the Sustainer of life. You designed the galaxies and You designed the subatomic particles with incredible precision and wisdom. Your infinite wisdom and power are evident when we look to the stars at night and when we observe the changing of the seasons, the beauty of the sunset, the intricacy of the biology of every species of plant and animal. We see Your goodness and wisdom at work in the way the weather unfolds, in the rain, in the heat, and in the snow. We see Your infinite wisdom when we see the way the various animals migrate, the way the moon affects the tides, and in Your good plans for marriage, families, churches, and society. We see Your holiness and intelligence in the Bible and marvel at Your Words of Life to us.

You reign in splendor and majesty from Your throne room in the highest heavens. You are sovereign. You are good. You are just. You are holy. You are love. You are grace. You are Father. You are the Good Shepherd. You are the Wonderful Counselor. You are the Prince of Peace.

Help us to be still in the midst of all of the craziness going on around us in this world and help us just to soak in Your presence and know that You are God.

Align our hearts with Yours. Let us love what You love and hate what You hate. Help us to see with Your eyes and hear with Your ears. Let the things of this world become “strangely dim in the light of Your glory and grace.” Help us to take up our cross daily and follow you wherever You may lead us. Help us to shun worldliness, sin, temptation, evil, and all ungodliness. Help us to grow by leaps and bounds in our faith. Take us much deeper with You this year than any of us have ever been! Let us long for You far above anything or anyone else!

Let us be willing to grant You alone full control over our lives, our souls, our minds, and our hearts. Let us be willing to allow You to shine the holy Light of Your Word into the darkest recesses of our thoughts, motives, and fixed beliefs. Help us to be willing to tear out anything that is not of You in our lives on a daily basis and to intentionally replace those worldly, sinful things with Your thoughts, Your wisdom, and Your ways – even if it is very painful. We know it will be more than worth it to renounce human wisdom and understanding for God’s wisdom and understanding!

Help each of us to commit to carve out serious time for You on a daily basis to feast on Your Word and to seek You in prayer. Let our greatest desire be to know You more and to live in Your presence! Let us praise You, thank You, repent of any known sin, pray for our daily needs, and lift up the needs of others to You in our lives, in the world, and in the Body of Christ around the world. Cause us to rise up to become a godly, holy, Spirit-filled generation, Lord! Do not pass us by! We have seen the wonders You have done in generations past – the Great Awakenings and Revivals of long ago. We long to see You do even greater things in our midst and in our time!

We know You are creating intense revival in many parts of the world among the persecuted believers. We pray for Your protection for them and for Your Spirit to empower them to be faithful. We pray for the Gospel to be spread in mighty power. We pray that You might set our souls on fire for You, as well. Use us to shine for Christ in ways we can’t begin to fathom! Let each of us yield to You. Let’s see what happens when the Body of Christ is fully submitted to Jesus as Lord and when the people of God are devoted to prayer, to the reading of God’s Word, and to abiding in the Spirit of Christ.

We ask for Your healing for Your people – for marriages, families, and individuals. We ask for divorces to stop – for marriages to be mended and to become vibrant, whole, and God-honoring. We ask for the bonds of sin to be thrown away from Your men and women. We ask for healing for Your men and women from pornography addiction, adultery, worldliness, vanity, pride, greed, idolatry, selfishness, self-righteousness, bitterness, resentment, unforgiveness, gossip, addictions of every kind, idolatry, unbelief, worry, fear, and every sin that entangles and ensnares us. We look around at the Body of Christ in our culture, and it is weak, comatose, and dying. Cleanse us from our sin and worldliness, Lord! We have absorbed the world’s ways and wisdom. Help us to purge ourselves of all of that poison and help us to turn to You alone.

Let us be repulsed by the world, sin, and self. Let us understand that we are dead to sin, to our old self, and to this world (Romans 6). Let us live in the power You have given to us as children of God! Give us an insatiable hunger and thirst for Yourself and for Your Word. Let us truly grasp what we have in You and let us learn to live in Your promises in every day life. Let us live by faith (Hebrews 12). We have no good in us on our own. We are totally dependent on You to work in us to will and to act according to Your good pleasure. Flood us with Your Spirit. We invite You and entreat You to fill us! Open our eyes to anything that is a stumbling block that needs to go from our lives. Cause us to desire You alone! Make us faithful. Empower us to be obedient and holy in Your sight. Use us to bring millions into Your kingdom. Let Your Gospel reach every people group and nation. Show us what You desire us to do and equip and empower us to do those things.

But most of all, let us abide in Christ in 2016 every moment. Let us rest in You. Let us love You wholeheartedly! Let us seek You with all our hearts. Let us love You with all of our minds, hearts, souls, and strength. Let Your love pour through us into the lives of those around us. Make us wide open pipes through which Your Holy Spirit can blast into the world full strength.

We love You, Lord! We are fully Yours!

In the Name and power of Christ,



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31 thoughts on “Prayer for All of Us for 2016

    1. Thank you for praying with me, Andy Berry! 🙂 I want to really focus on prayer this year – that God’s Spirit might rain down on us all in powerful, life-changing, Christ-exalting ways!

  1. Thank you April, for this lovely prayer and great example of how to pray. My prayers are far too hurried.

    Welcome back and Happy 2016. I’ve missed you!

    1. Becca,

      One thing I have learned – rushing never creates intimacy. Not with people and not with God. Intimacy takes time. Lots of time. It is so worth it! 🙂

      Happy 2016 to you, my precious sister! I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in your heart this year. I have been praying for you. It is wonderful to hear from you, my friend.

      Much love to you!

  2. Amen! Thank you April, a beautiful prayer.
    In many areas of my life I too often feel helpless, and yet here is the perfect weapon freely available to us! Prayer! And the word of God. So that’s TWO weapons God has given all of us!!
    I often think that I do NOT want God saying to me in heaven “why didn’t you pray more?”
    I am also so guilty of giving up on praying if nothing appears to be happening or changing… I need to remember God is faithful and He is unchanging. My feelings and moods do not affect Him or His will, or His work in my life. I have been reading “Lies Women Believe” that you recommended, and it is really helping me to combat those lies I’ve believed and stand on what I know about God and His Truth.
    Much love to you April, and Happy New Year to everyone on here 🙂

    1. Sunshine,
      I am so excited about what God is showing you and all that you are learning. Love this!!! Thanks so much for sharing. How I pray God might raise all of us up to be fervent prayer warriors filled with great faith in Him!

  3. Beautiful prayer – and so appropriate for the times we live in. So many horrible things happening and so many things attempting to consume the time and devotion we should be giving to our Lord. I’m looking forward to checking into your book!!!

    1. Megan,
      So true! This is a time when prayer is much needed!

      Thank you for praying with me. 🙂

      I pray God might use the book to richly bless your walk with Christ.

      Much love!

  4. April,

    I missed you, too! Hope your holiday season was bright with love, family, and plenty of personal time. Thank you for this point-on prayer. Your site is an oasis in the middle of a crazy, ungodly world, and we appreciate you so much! Love always, Elizabeth

  5. You are a prayer Warrior for sure April! Missed your posts but so glad you had time off with family.
    I know others have mentioned it before, so forgive me if you already answered this but-have you seen War Room yet? I finally rented it over the holiday and it is a must-see for anyone who believes in the power of prayer to save marriages. It will give you a new venue to pull examples from for this blog as well.
    I thank God people supported it in the theaters so Hollywood will make more movies like it!

    1. blessed,
      I LOVED LOVED LOVED War Room! Praise God for inspiring the Kendrick brothers to make that movie! I never thought to pray for such a tool. I would encourage wives to see it. 🙂

  6. April I thoroughly enjoyed praying through this prayer. So beautiful and powerful. I love prewritten prayers and wonder if you know of any good books of prayers? (Actual prayers, not “how to” books). Also, your hair is just beautiful in this picture! 🙂

    1. Anon,

      I know that The Unveiled Wife has a book of prayers. And Stormie O’Martain has books of prayers. Those are for wives to pray for their husbands. I’m sure there are many others – maybe someone else knows some titles to share?

      Thank you! Had some new layers cut last week. 🙂 I love it!

      1. Oh, yes. I do have Power of a Praying Wife! Maybe I’ll check out The Unveiled Wife, too. I really like old-timey stuff like the Puritans. I did a search and found one called The Valley of Vision that I might like to check out. Thanks, April!

  7. Amen and Amen! Thank you April for the beautiful prayer. I felt a weight being lifted from my shoulder!
    “Hellp us to be still in the midst of all of the craziness going on around us in this world and help us just to soak in Your presence and know that You are God”. Amen again!

    1. Betty,

      Praising God and focusing on His sovereignty helps us remember that He carries the heavy weight and our job is to rest and allow Him to fight for us. So glad this was a blessing. 🙂 thanks for praying with me!

  8. Hi, I just found your blog today and I’ve been pouring through a lot of the posts from a few years ago. While reading, I found the respect dare you worked through and wrote about and I started mine today! My husband and I read ” Love&Respect ” last year…or the year before… and while it resonated with both of us, I have to say that I have not implemented any of it’s teachings in how I approach my husband or my marriage. I wouldn’t say we have a bad marriage. Many times it is wonderful! However, I still always come back to a place of discontent, feeling emotionally needy, and that he is distant from me. After reading many many posts on your blog today…I know now what I have to do. It starts with me. Regardless of the outcome, I still need to change my actions, attitude, and words towards ny husband to be respectful of him and of Christ who has blessed me beyond all measure. I know this is a long comment, I just wanted to say thank you for still being here! I’ll be reading along back in 2013 with the respect dare…as well as any new content too of course! Thank you for the work you do and the time and love you have put into this blog.

    1. risswood,

      This comment makes me smile with joy. Thank you so much for sharing. You “get it”!!!! WOOHOO! You are most welcome – I can’t keep the treasures of Christ to myself. I want all of my sisters (and brothers) to get to experience Him fully and to yield to His Lordship and watch Him transform their lives for His glory!

      I’m right here if you wan to talk about areas if you are getting stuck.

      Much love!

  9. HH, my computer has been down for 24 hours, but I had to try to respond quickly – I praise God for what He is doing in your heart! The truth of God sets us free!!! Woohoo!!!!! I am so thankful you are receiving God’s love, forgiveness, grace, and truth!!! Thank you so much for sharing! May all of us embrace this life-giving, healing truth of God!!!!

  10. HH,

    I will certainly pray that you might abide in Christ and be Spirit-filled to overflowing, living the abundant life God has provided for you in Christ and not allowing anyone to steal the gifts that are yours in Christ Jesus. I pray for God to bring truth to your wife’s heart and mind and to open her eyes to Himself and His design for marriage, femininity, and masculinity. I pray God will set her free from every snare that she might live in His glorious light!

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