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Peaceful wife womens REVISED

Unveiling a New Facebook Prayer Group!

Peaceful wife womens REVISED


We are launching a new closed (private) Facebook prayer page today:

Peaceful Women!

Many of you have asked me for a closed forum where women can pray for and encourage one another.  This is a new kind of ministry for me! I have spent the past few months praying with and training some core leaders to help with ministering those who join the group.

A number of gifted women are joining me in this endeavor:

  1. Admin only  team – who will only handle approving or blocking comments based on the group guidelines and technical issues.
  2. Admin/ministry team – who will do both administrative work and reach out to minister to women.
  3. Ministry only team (the majority of the leadership group) – who are not “official admins” but who will surround the women who come to the group in prayer, love, and encouragement.
  4. The members – who will join the group and receive training along the way and will have many chances to surround the other members in prayer, love, and encouragement.

I plan to do a post once a week or so to the group to train the large group about ministering to each other,  prayer, and growing in Christ. But the majority of the ministry work will be done by the ministry team and members who will be reaching out to each woman to connect in prayer – much the way y’all do for each other here on the blog so beautifully.

Many of you have been learning and growing by leaps and bounds and have so much to offer to other women who are beginning this journey. I am thrilled to see how God will bring women together from all over the world to bless each other and to share all that God has done in their lives with others.

It’s time to allow some of my sisters in Christ to have more opportunities to minister to and care for one another.

God-willing, I will continue to be available primarily on:

  • my blogs – and
  • my public Facebook pages – Peaceful Single Girl, Peaceful Wife Blog
  • my Youtube channel, “April Cassidy”


The purpose of the Peaceful Women group is to be a community of women who seek wholeheartedly to follow Christ individually first – then we come together to encourage, pray for, support, exhort, and bless each other. We are stronger when we walk this road together and share the treasures God has given to each of us.

We are one Body of Christ across denomination lines, nationalities, and cultures who share one Spirit, one Lord, and one purpose – to know and love Jesus above all else and to do the work of loving others for His kingdom.

This is a place where the floodgates of heaven open and we experience the power of God in our midst as we seek Christ together – approaching God’s throne room in the highest heaven united in great faith, fervent prayer, reverent worship, godly repentance, humility, and love.

We will be adhering to a Christian view of the Bible, The Gospel Coalition Confessional Statement of Faith, as well as the Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood in this group.

Here is a link to join the Peaceful Women Facebook group – be sure to check out the Code of Conduct and familiarize yourself with the way we will be relating to one another as we seek to please Christ in our interactions.

Much love to each of you! 🙂


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April Cassidy


8 thoughts on “Unveiling a New Facebook Prayer Group!

  1. Great Idea, although I am amongst many women who do not have a Facebook account, and in submission to our husbands have no intention to join Facebook. My husband has told me that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE am I to join Facebook. I realise that it is impossible to cater to the needs of every single woman, Im afraid I will not be able to join this group. All the best for this new endeavour, however.
    God Bless,
    Anon M

    1. Anon M,

      I certainly understand that FB is not for everyone. There are some valid reasons not to participate in FB. I respect your husband’s stance on this.

      Thank you for sharing and for your encouragement. 🙂

      Much love!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I have had to move to a foreign country without my husband for work. Language is a huge barrier and yearn for Christian fellowship. I have been praying for something like this. Thank you. Please let me know how I can join.

  3. Love this! Amazing how God is using you. I dont have a fb account and like others do not plan to have one. It’s not for us but I hope you can reach many many sisters through this media. Very exciting. Bless you and praying for you April. Liz x

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