Update – Our Family Is Safe!


Sunday  in our neighborhood – just a normal rain shower

I am back online – our internet had gone down for awhile. We have power and the boil water advisory has been lifted. All of my family and extended family are safe. Our homes are safe so far with no damage to my knowledge. The rivers are still rising – there are still dams that may break on the other side of town. In fact, one large dam will probably break tonight and flood thousands of homes. 🙁 More flooding will be happening in some areas in the next few days. A bridge near our house just suddenly collapsed tonight. At this point, I don’t believe our homes will be impacted, but there are many whose homes will be. And there are many roads and bridges that need to be inspected that may not be safe.

Thank you for praying!!

Soon after I asked you to pray for us, the storms began to divert around our part of town and around my extended family member’s parts of the state. The forecast for us suddenly changed and the rain totals that were supposed to be up to 18 inches for us began to decrease. Storms that were coming straight for us suddenly split or veered another way. We received only about 10 inches of rain instead of the 19 inches other places received.

My brother had to be rushed to the hospital Sunday morning during the storm with appendicitis. The surgeon couldn’t get to the hospital for a long time because so many roads and bridges were closed. But he was persistent and found a way eventually – or more specifically – God provided a way. I am so thankful that my brother was able to have his appendix removed before it ruptured and is home and recovering well today. I am also extremely thankful that some of our family who live near the coast were spared severe flooding and are all safe and their home is intact.

I had left my family, our homes, and our possessions in God’s hands, trusting Him and clinging to Him and holding everything else loosely – resting in His peace. What an unspeakable blessing to get to experience God’s peace in the midst of the unknown and during our trials. How grateful I am that He has spared us so far. May we live our lives in a manner worthy of Christ and may we be a blessing in the midst of great distress.
Many, many of our neighbors in our city and state are suffering greatly. There are still hundreds of roads and bridges closed. So many homes and businesses and whole towns and neighborhoods destroyed. Please pray for God’s greatest glory among us. Pray for Him to use this disaster to draw our state to Himself and to bring many to Christ. Please pray for God to mobilize His church to meet the needs and to share the Gospel here and around the world.

His kingdom come. His will be done on earth as it is in heaven!!!!

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, let me walk upon the waters, wherever you would call me. Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger, in the Presence of my Savior.

Love this song! May God greatly increase our faith and our trust in Him to levels we can’t begin to imagine.  May He be greatly glorified in our lives even during our suffering. The video contains many pictures of the devastation that has happened in my area and around the state of South Carolina.

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